Monday, April 30, 2012

Mod Thank You cards (a washi tape post)

Remember a while back I collected addresses for a "post card project" so I could send cards to all who responded?
Guess what?
I didn't make a single one!
I know!
So I'm starting it up again.
THIS time I WILL send the cards out!
Why? Because I will make it EASY.
Last time I was doing all this fussy cutting and layering and THINKING.
It was turning into this whole THING.
I hate "things".
They're stressful.
Now I have more of an idea of where I want to take this project.
Add some Gauche Alchemy washi tape and it's looking like I can bang these out in minutes.
A good thing for when you need to make 35 cards.
I'm starting with these two because they are for give away winners who've been waiting WEEKS to get their packages. Sorry ladies!
Carmen your's is next!
Ashli Oliver's (SoapHouseMama) card.
 5 minutes!!! I love it! I promise not to keep it!
Materials: Bazzil cardstock, Gauche Alchemy metallic and grid tape combos,
Recollections arrow tape (from LLS), Hello from a post card advertising a store.
Quick note- Gauche Alchemy has LOADS of fantastic theme pack washi tapes available including  fun ones including GRIDMETALLIC SOLIDSWhimsy (cupcakes and confetti) and mail art prints.
Scarlett's (Scarlettsscrapoirs) Card.
10 minutes and only because I was having a hard time letting go of that Ormolu arrow tag.
WHY? Is this photo fuzzy? The photo is perfectly crisp! DARN blogger!
Materials: Bazzil white cardstock, Ormolu "Go" negative tag, Gauche alchemy washi tape and punchinella,
"graffiti" washi tape from my local scrapbook store "Paper Presentation".
I don't want people thinking I'm some kind of flake.
Wait- it's too late for that!
Ok I want everyone to know I'm WORKING on ABOLISHING all signs of flake-tude.
Awesome photo taken by Instagram friend Aye'Shanti.
Who's beautiful Etsy you should visit- MangoPaperScissors.
Thanks lady!!!
MuChoS SmOoChEs!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ormolu Friday (so it's a DOUBLY GREAT day!)

I'm not even gonna front.
This is me hoping I can somehow land a spot on the Ormolu design team this summer.
I love Ormolu.
I love how versatile their products are.
How green the print process is.
Ormolu prints on recycled cardstock with soy inks.
They even use wind power for the process!
I love their clean and simple designs and their blog.

SO the question is- WHY haven't I submitted yet?

Here is a card I came up with last night:
ALL my current faves!!! Ormolu, Hambly, chevron and washi tape! WOOT!
Materials: Ormolu Fact or Fiction journaling spots, flair button and kraft letters from packaging
tags set, Hambly transparency, Stayz On Dove Grey ink, Studio Calico Chevron background
stamp, Orange/Yellow washi (from Target!), grey washi (from Gauche Alchemy),
Green washi (from Amy Tangerine's line),
I made this for a certain love of my life who's been especially awesome lately.
Thanks Dave!
Here's a quick close up of a fun trick I often do when encoutering an alphabetic bind:

I wanted the card to have an unusual message and I wanted to use the color palette set by the journaling spots from the Fact or Fiction line.
I had the kraft tags- these:
I. LOVE. the new Hispstamatic Loftus lens!!!
So I took and H from the "Happy" tag and a U from the "About" tag, layered them, cut the H down and boom- instant M.
Now the colors are consistent since I seem to have billions of Thickers but nothing in that Kraft color and COOL font.

Noemi was a year old lipsticked menace once.
(hee hee! She's gonna kill me!)
I wanted to let you know about a new FABULOUS company with incredibly exciting scrapbook products- it's Polish and it's AMAZING.

Swing by Sod^licious to check it out for yourself!
(I didn't want to step on any copy right toes by putting photo without permission here- sorry)

I just need to figure out how to import their entire catalog without robbing a bank first because their stuff is bright, modern and completely fresh.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

washi tape winners!

Quick post to announce SoapHouseMama and Carmen Wing are the winners of my chevron washi tape give away.
Ladies please send along your addys to:
I kinda feel awful about the others who didn't win so watch this space for another mini give away to come soon.
Thank you to those who joined up and to all who already follow this crazy blog.
I really appreciate your continued support.
So excited about this page!! It will be up on the Gauche blog on the 30th
and this detail right here is my favorite!!! TRIANGLES ROOOCK!
MuChOs SmOoChEs!

Happy Earth Day from Scrap FX

I had the DARNEDEST time with this page!
I knew I wanted to scrap an Earth Day page.
I promised myself I would make one every year.
Then I went on Pinterest (always a BAD thing when you are feeling lowly)
BOOM! thousands of fantastic DYI projects.
ACK! I'm a TOTE loser!
So I FORCED a page.
Then stared at what I made in sadness till this happened:
Scrap FX Flourish kraft tags and Dragon fly chipboard, Gauche Alchemy punchinella and corrugated board, American Crafts Neopolitan paper, Crafter's Workshop punchinella stencil, Studio Calico kraft border stickers and Mister Huey mists in gold and silver. Maya Road ledger transparencies, K and Co vellum, Prima canvas flowers and Earth stamp from Studio G. Stays On Dove Grey ink and staples from Making Memories
This year it was raining the entire weekend so no cute Lola running in the grass shots.
It's been a while since I made a no photo layout and the abstract nature of this really appeals to me right now.
Here's the first version:
The tree is beautiful but distracting- the page has too many focus points.
I also tried using some silver glitter Thickers... yeah, no. I'll save those for a cute kiddo page.
Some detail shots:
I LOVE the scroll patterns on this piece!! No finishing paint necessary.
I've had these Prima dried flowers for 2 years- it was time to let go.
The globe and brad are from Echo Park.
The layering here is so detailed I felt I didn't need journaling.
My favorite Scrap FX product at the moment:
Flourish tags in kraft- ask for them to be stocked at your nearest LSS!
So Earth Day was a wash (ha!) but we headed over to the High Line and celebrated two days later.
This water feature is Lola's favorite place in the entire city.

OH! Before I forget!
One of these washi tapes will go to a lucky follower later today! Follow this blog and/or Gauche Alchemy to get 2 chances to win. And leave a comment letting me know where you went!
Gauche has many gorgeous patterns to pick from- swing by
and check them out! Washi Combo Pack

MuChOs SmOoChEs!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Washi tape give away!!!

Hallo happy people!

It's monday! I'm half asleep from staying up all night making stuff.

Time for a GIVEAWAY!
FIRST- please swing by Gauche Alchemy and become a follower (or just leave a comment for those of you who've been reading along anyway).

THEN consider following THIS crazy chica via Tumblr, Facebook or or Networked blogs- there's a PLETHORA of options just look at the sidebar!

What do you get for your loyalty?
One of these!!!
1 washi for a new My Analog Life follower and 1 for a lucky Gauche Alchemy reader-
all you have to do is leave a comment over at Gauche or follow me here.

That's right I'm pulling an OPRAH!

Don'cha loooove me?
Went too far-
Don'cha LOOOVE washi??
(maniacal giggles)

Get some lovely washi tape combos of your own:
The deadline is this wednesday the 23rd at 6pm eastern time so tell all your scrappy friends ya hear? Oh and leave a comment letting me know what you did- it's hard to keep track!

MuChoS SmOoChEs!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Promise- a tone on tone experiment

Lately I've been REALLY awful at keeping up with my blog reading.
Thankfully I have Scrap FX and some photos I printed over 2 years ago to provide the inspiration for my latest scrapbook layout.

3 weeks ago I saw a post by Melissa Mann for Greenfrog Studios where she used her scoring board to make an embossed grid on her layout. 
So I tried it:
Those bright and fully alert eyes followed me everywhere.
Materials: Scrap FX The Promise wordlet 2012061, Flourish Kraft tag set 2012041 K, Kraft Lace tag set 2012040 K, Swallow embellishment pack 2010054, The Paper Source Kraft paper, buttons from American Crafts, My Mind's Eye and Basic Grey, Studio Calico Mister Huey in Calico Cream, EK Success score board (for embossed lines). Wax baking paper and cooking twine. Spools from Maya Road. Twine from The Twinery (via Scarlett- thanks girlie!!!)
I LOVE the subtle tone of tone effect this technique gives a layout. Melissa is a friggin' GENIUS!

Gotta use my button stash! 
At this time, 3 years ago, I was struggling through the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. 
I had JUST gotten the immensely exciting and joyful news that I was pregnant.
I had JUST started to shop for maternity clothes when a routine sonogram showed major problems with my baby's fetal nucal translucency
I was made to sit down as the doctor told me over the phone that this was a sign for fatal genetic defects and that further testing needed to be done right away.

And so the roller coaster began. 
Test after test showed very low probabilities for genetic disorders. 
So more exotic tests were given to ensure my baby didn't have some newly discovered syndrome. 
"Termination" was recommended several times each doctor's appointment even though no one would take a stand and tell me that they knew FOR SURE that my baby would not survive infancy.
All this cautious but terrifying probability talk really pissed me off.
A title meant for an engagement photo is given another meaning.
So I took a leap of faith.
I am strictly a rational person when it comes to this stuff but that's what it was.
I trusted that everything was going to be ok.
Not because I'm some wonderfully moral person but because I already loved my baby.
I loved her the second I found out she was there. 
And I made her a promise even if she was "only" a floating bean in a calm and dark sea. 
I would protect her at all costs. 
I would willingly and completely hand over all the love, all the affirmation and all the support one scared Brooklyn girl could give another. 
We would stick together and make it through this. 
Whatever "this" turned out to be.
Journaling written while Lola was in the NICU.
I told everyone to BACK OFF. 
I knew she was gonna be ok.
I got lots of flak from people I thought would be on our side.
They feared I would be "stuck" with a severely disabled child.
I ignored them too.
And I got support from unexpected corners.
People came out of the woodwork for Miss Thang!
My Mom most of all.
The outcome is a normal kid with an unnatural love of apple juice and Udon noodles.
She's had no health or developmental issues of any kind. 
She runs and jumps like a puppy on caffeine pills, makes random strangers answer her garbled questions, bosses everyone around (SIT! RIGHT THERE!!!) and generally acts like she's 5 not 2.
I love and am endlessly amused by my half-pint.

For her continued health I am unconditionally grateful.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NEVER wishy-washy for Japanese washi (TAPE)

Imagine my great sadness as I perused Japanese crafting sites and saw all the pretty patterned washi tape I could not have because it was from far far away and would require insane amounts of lucre to import.
Ah the agony.
The despair of unrequited material love!
BOO YAAAH! Green, turquoise and RED glorious RED grid tape!
Gauche Alchemy has got washi to satisfy even the most VORACIOUS tape appetite!
Some photos:
Look familiar? That's right! And it's TEN DOLLARS!!!!!
Numbers washi tape

Pink Combo Pack- look at that stripped one!! LOVE!

Red Combo Pack- my favorite!!!!

Yellow Combo Pack- this one wins the pleases everyone award- there is the
warning stripe for the Momma's of boys, the cute red dots for those who love candy
 and the NEON ONE for crazy folks like moi.
Now HAVE AT 'EM Crafty peeps!
Do not wait! A little birdy tells me they are selling so fast they are setting company records.
Don't miss out!
I have a post coming up on the Gauche blog showing THIS in full:
 That's Gauche Alchemy washi and punchinella!!!

Uses for washi- making this pattern on your latest project...
Laughing 2 year old not included.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pie charts RULE!!!! A Studio Calico challenge page

So I've always had a "thing" for graphics, pie charts and other office related graphics meant to keep you awake during snoozefest meetings.
I just never thought to use them in a layout!
TOTAL lack of imagination!!!
Must correct ASAP!!
Here ya go:
So my LOVE of neon and washi is in full effect here. I used a while bunch of techniques I have learned from other crafters- SoapHouseMama and Miae to be specific. More on that below.
 Materials: Studio Calico Classic Calico paper, washi tape from Hambly, Smash and MT, vellum title from DCWV, Awesome word bubble from A Life Handmade on Big Cartel, Smash date stamp, gel pens from Sakura Martha Stewart multi butterfly punch and pin from American Crafts.
The layout is from a sketch by Vee Jennings for Studio Calico for their latest Sunday challenge which I encourage you to try!
My idea of a good scrappy time? Throw the paint on the page and watch it spread out or drip down, SHOVE the vellum into the sewing machine and hope a general circle shape emerges from my tugging and pulling.
My husband absolutely FREAKS when he sees me work.
He gets all itchy looking at the crooked lines, paint splatters all over the work table or the sewing machine wrestling (mostly because I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SEW.)

Some detail shots:
I bought this random travel themed DCWV pack at TJ Maxx
and I really like this vellum material. Some of the phrases
are a bit cheesy but this one has a great font and size.
Love that word bubble! I really wish I could afford a Silhouette!
Silver gel pen for the journaling. The butterfly was
colored using pastels I bought at the dime store. 
Ok so here is where I credit my scrappy friends.
SoaphouseMama (Ashli Oliver) gets credit for the stacked lines. I see this motif in her
work and I just like how it adds visual interest without distracting from the main design.
Miae of  Making Scrap Up gets credit for the wheels because I see her doodle these all
over the place!!!  Using the sewing machine was time consuming but I love the effect.
The hanging ends were something I saw  a french blogger do and it just made my jaw
drop.  I don't remember who it was (it was before I learned about Pinterest)
but if you recognize who I'm talking about lemme know ok?
I encourage you to let loose today.
Just slap some paper onto other paper, dash that paint on, take your favorite stamp and go hog wild- whatever.
If you hate the final result it's ok- go back to your regular work style!
But maybe you'll discover a new technique.
What I learned from my two year old TODAY:
A fool and her washi are soon parted or
I used this page to get my engines ready for some design team assignments I really want to get right. So keep your eyes peeled over at Gauche And Scrap FX- you'll see iterations of things I learned making this page.

Cute right? She pulled the ugliest 30 minute tantrum when it was time to go.
This is at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. GO! TODAY!
The Cherries are blooming!
MuChoS SmOoChEs!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Art House Co-Op- join the fun!

In March art House Co-Op based here in Brooklyn put a call out for flat, non-glitter using, 4 by 6 postcards to be exchanged.

At first I had a real hard time with the "flat" part. I tend to use depth as a way to add visual interest to my layouts so this was a hurdle indeed. Then I became fixated on glitter just because they told me not to use it- how dare they? Mostly they just hate how it gets everywhere.

Then I got stuck on the whole "art" versus "craft" internal debate. I wanted to create something that was abstract and try some new techniques. I will admit I was worried my postcard would underwhelm the more experienced image makers that usually participate in Co-Op projects.

But the best way to learn and grow is to fall flat on your face,
Materials: water color paper, Punchinella from Gauche Alchemy, yellow tissue paper, Tim Holtz newsprint tissue paper and Tiny Attacher, word stencil from Retro Art Cafe, alpha stamps from Image Tree, camera from Echo Park This and That, Ek Success Smash tape, flying bird punch from EK Success, Recollections feather 
This was such a freeing experience I will be trying it again in April!
I've joined the Chronicle challenge which requires you fit a visual representation of an entire day into a 4 by 6 card- cross my fingers!
Off it went literally at the last possible moment.
This is my favorite one from the bunch.
This is the one I sent off. I hope whoever gets it, likes it!
Our Easter weekend concentrated on the hubster's final exams but Lola did
manage to find this one easter egg. She was ecstatic.
MuChos SmOoChEs!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last call for neon challenge!

Not sure why I'm so obsessed with it but I LOVE Neon.
Maybe it's because I was just a kiddo in the 80's and depended on my parents getting it for me.
This time I am in the driver's seat and I am determined to incorporate it into as many projects as possible!

A card:
Hi! card
Materials: Mulberry paper, Amy Tan Sketchbook paper (cameras and chevron print),
neon price sticker backing, Sticko puffy retro alphas and
heart felt ribbon from Sabrina Alery of Honor Roll.
The hearts ribbon is officially a favorite- Thanks Sabrina!
A couple of neon(ish) Hipstamatic shots:
Neon chevron (ish) socks from Target
Neon Koi at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Neon Graffiti
A sneak! This is part of something you will see over at Gauche Alchemy later this month!
Grey, washi tape, punchinella and embroidery floss!
What's not to love?
Talking Gauche.. there is a new special edition neon mixed media color kit in the store! SO AWESOME! I just got mine a few days ago and I LOVE IT!

Last call to post your project over at Do More With Less.
You have until Friday the 6th. Come on and give it a try will ya?

Oh and one more thing- there IS a crafty products prize! (I've been known to sneak ALL KINDS of extra stuff in my give-aways!!!)

Now get going- the project doesn't have to be new!
MuChoS SmOoChEs!