Friday, June 29, 2012

Working Moms and scrapbooking: A space and time dilemma

The last friday of June! Aeeee!
Where did my favorite month go?
It's been so CRAZY here!
I'm working 10 hour days and on my days off I have to do the laundry, the grocery shopping, the last minute scrapbook assignment finishing(not a good way to work AT ALL) and squeeze in Mom and wife time as well.
A page I made for the Gauche Alchemy newletter.
New washi prints are in at the Gauche shop! Thereare also new individual rolls available.
Swing by and check out the offerings! Gauche Alchemy on ArtFire.
I had NO IDEA how organized and truly amazing some of my favorite bloggers where till I tried working full time myself.

WAIT! Before I annoy a lot of people- being a Mom is full time but my two year old naps twice a day. I used nap times to do the chores so my evenings and weekends were free.
Well no more!

I'm on my feet most of the day- when I get home all I want to do is lie down and feel sorry for my poor exploded feet.
THANK YOU Aerosoles! I found shoes I can stand on for hours.  Soft soled, comfortable leather
and the color is awesome- yes they still look sort of grandma like but WHATEVER!
I need my feet TILL I am a grandma! :)
I'm having so much fun it's hard to admit I'm letting people down. The work I'm making could be better, the family wants me to PAY ATTENTION, my friends are all wondering where the heck I went.
Something has to give.
I salute the women who "play this game" every day- you are AWESOME! You are MORE than AWESOME!
You are heros.

funny gifs
AAAA!!! LOVE!!!! From
I'm currently working on a schedule of ALL my time and how I spend it.
I can't believe how much awful tv I watch and how much time internet shopping eats up!
The click through time and the waiting for photos to load is also telling me I need update my computer.
And my shopping was already a problem so it's getting cut off from the schedule entirely! (Except for Two Peas newsletters. I need to keep up somehow!)

I'm a hard worker but even scrapbooking can turn into a chore if you have to schedule it in.
Chevron paper is from my LLS- I believe it's intended for invitations.
I used my Smash tape for the first time- the machine is kinda flimsy but I love it anyway.
Is that the world's smallest violin playing JUST for me?
I take that jammy and SMASH it on the floor! Like THIS: SMASH SMASH!!!
No. self. pity!
I'm gonna WIN at this working Mom stuff!
All I need is a better schedule and I must admit- a strict routine.
Instead of seeing that as a bad thing I will remember I don't HAVE to scrapbook- that I love it and that  routine will enable me to keep doing it and getting better at it (which was my goal with this blog and with joining DTs in the first place)

So wonderful friday readers- what do YOU do to ensure you create consistently? Any hints on scheduling or organizing your space for most efficiency? Let's chat!!
So this is why I got myself into the busy mess I'm currently in.
The number 1 priority.
MuChoS SmOoChEs!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Views from the Renegade Craft Fair- 2012

Hello! Wow Wednesday! I'll have to get better at writing my posts ahead of time because this was supposed to be my Monday morning post- oops! Still adjusting to my new life/work/art schedule so I just have a project sneak and some photos of the Renegade Craft Fair.

No kittens! No 5 socks for the price of 1 packs! No sweet floral prints or hand painted flower pots!
This is a craft fair for those who like neon, typography and ironic t-shirts. LOVE IT!
A was most awesome event. Not a cheesy project in sight.

One thing I noticed right away is that the vendors seemed a little... underwhelmed by the crowd?
I personally went 3 times on sunday and I saw a lot of people looking but few actually buying.
I think many of the price points where high even for NYC.
That may have been an issue for the usually broke Brooklyn Hipster crowd.
I'd like to think it's because "we" spend our money on sky high rent but every day I pass crowded bars selling 10 dollar pints of "craft beer" so lets be real.
Most Brooklyn Hipsters have other priorities.

This pair had me pulling out my wallet- $275 for him $250 for her so I had to leave them at
their stall- so very sorry nonetheless.
The Art & Craft of Mimi Kirchner
This was one of my favorite stalls. I really wish I had just sprung for something.
This Chicago based artisan made beautifully rendered NYC photos transfered onto wood blocks.
One thing I gladly paid up for was the chance to work my own silk screen machine to make my very first ironic t-shirt.

HA! Thanks! I even signed up for a class. (woo hoo!)
I've wanted to make my own Brooklyn themed pillows for years!
The weather was gorgeous but the sun was so bright it felt great to be inside the
booth messing with paint. I am positively hooked!!!
Here are a couple other things we did that day:
Free photo booth (from Magnolia photobooth Co.) I guess you can rent these for parties?
 They had a super friendly attendant, lots of fun props you could use and great color photos.
One thing we needed was a flash. Since the day was so sunny the flash was disabled and
we had no idea when the camera was taking the photos.
Peebeo was there with lots of paint, Ed Roth Stencils (LOVE!) and ceramic squares
 for you to make your own wall decoration.
Mine broke on the concrete floor- and I can't even blame Ms.Lola for it. (waaaah!!!)
So I didn't get the name of this artist- those are hand cut modern paper lace designs making up a map of Brooklyn. TOO FABULOUS!! I didn't do anything but DROOL after her gorgeous creations.
I stopped taking photos- I just felt so BAD for the vendors!
I don't think Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a good place for this type of event right now.
A lot of the people here are young and struggling through the economic downturn.
Or maybe everyone just needed more time to learn the fair was being held inside the park?
I wanted to run and buy something from each stall- not a healthy mindset for someone so broke.

This page is coming up over at True Xoxo Girls in July!
A sneak of the July True Xoxo Girls challenge- we had 1 hour to make a page.
I took exactly 1 hour and 14 minutes (I lost my SC mini stars halfway through the process)
Can you saw AWKWARD pose???
 I blame the lack of a flash to let me know when the last photo is taken and the next one is up.
(yeah ok Michelle)
A parting shot:
Love you BK! MUAH!!!
MuChoS SmOoChEs!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cheer up- it's wednesday- water color day!

It's wednesday.
I have a list of 8 things I HAVE to do today.
It's 4pm.
Will I be able to pull it off?

Happy place! Happy place! HAPPY PLAAAACE!
If you look up the term AWESOME (sauce) in the dictionary you will see a large photo of my
niece Noemi taking up most of the page. It's SO encouraging to see a happy, virtuous, INTELLIGENT
and FUN (not to mention popular!) 16 year old!!! MTV how about a reality show? I would watch it! 
Gauche Alchemy Punchinella and washi tape, Sassafras Lass layered flowers, water color paper and cheap 99 cent store water color paints were used for this late night experiment.

I used some loose leaf reinforcers as stencils and colored the actual stickers with Prima chalk ink- which by the way is the BEST THING EVER!

Some quick close up shots:
I'm adding that Gauche black loops washi to EVERYTHING!!! 
The magenta lace scallops is another fave.
Caption and can you spot a favorite item of mine as of late?
A Flair for Buttons typed words flair.
So now I'm hurrying off to the NEXT item on the to do list- the A Flair For Buttons Blog post I should have written oh 2 weeks go. YIPES!

Can I just show you two things?
Triangles Kraft and color flair
Colored Stars Flair
Aren't they luscious??? LOVE!

I finally found a Bokeh filter app- PicFX- cool as all GET!
Onto the next "To Do List" item.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Learning, playing- working? YES! It's possible!!!

One of the reasons you don't see me around as much lately (sorry!) is that I got a paying gig!

I'm now working at Paper Source!
Can I hear a "WOOT! Woot!"?

Paper Source isn't your typical crafty shop- I am amazed by the depth of their crafting collection.
Sure they sell paper (gorgeous artisanal paper) but they also sell all kinds of paper crafts tools and materials I haven't gotten around to discovering yet.

I wanted to share just a few of the projects I get to make during my rigorous training- seriously guys- it's like crafty boot camp (without all the shouting and dropping to do 250 push ups).
Like a fish needs a bicycle notebook
Materials: Paper Source Nautical and Bicycle wrapping papers, Zutter Bind It All (I got to use it for the
first time ever. I MUST have it!!!!), Paper Source card stock in Pool, Uni Ball silver gel pen,
Fiskars 1 inch circle punch and hole puncher- brand unknown.
Wedding Invitation Suite.
 I had an hour and 20 minutes to come up with a design and incorporate it into an Invite with envelope, RSVP card, table tent, place card and favor box- it was bananas! I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I didn't include the favor box as Lola promptly destroyed it thinking there were chocolates inside.
Materials: Paper Source Luxe card stock for the A7 envelope, pocket folder enclosure invite, 4 bar folded card and envelope as well as table tent. I also used a cherry blossom stamp, Ranger Queen's Gold embossing powder and Mums Gold on Cream Lokta fine paper. 
I learned to bind my own book! I also want to learn how to sew the actual interior pages
together but this is a start- best of al it was easy to do this with the Paper Source kit-
 everything is measured and cut out- all you need to do is put on your brave "I can handle wet
glue" face. Italian coast map print paper! SWOON!
Best 2 hours I've ever spent at "work"! I learned 3 new stamping techniques and so much about inks and
 embossing it was embarrassing. Did I think I was an experienced scrapbooker? HA!
I definitely recommend you swing by your local Paper Source branch and take this class!
So can you believe I just learned to wrap a gift properly? Yup! I failed at wrapping before
 but now I WIN. I also learned to make perfect bows which solved a life long dilemma and MAJOR
 pet peeve! LOVE IT!
On my shopping list right now:

  • Faux Bois wrapping paper
  • Zutter Bind It All Machine and 1 inch black wire
  • Color Box Pigment ink (slow drying so perfect for embossing effects)
  • Versamark embossing pen (love!)
  • Cherry Blossom stamp
  • Lokta grid and batik papers
  • Super tacky double sided tape in 1/8 and 1/4 sizes so I can add some glitter stripes to everything I make
  • Goldfish stamp (ZOMG!!! TOO CUTE!!)
  • Sakura Souffle pens- Puffy NEON color pens?? MUST HAVE!!!!
  • Savoy 100% cotton 8 by 11 cover weight pack (a MUST HAVE for water color and embossing projects)
  • Extra fine embossing powder in clear and black
  • Paper Source mixed color cardstock pack (loved playing with different color combos- everything goes together)

So enough salivating for now. THANK YOU Shanti for recommending me- you have a loyal friend for EVER! :)
ALSO... (OOOPS!!!)
Happy Father's Day everyone.

Bokeh effect!! FINALLY! PicFX app.

MuChOS SmOoChEs!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scrap FX chipboard and vellum goodness

Hello scrap happy folks!
Today I want to share another vellum punches page.
This one uses Scrap FX chipboard.

I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to use this month's farm themed Scrap FX designs but then I realized- just because I'm a city girl doesn't mean I don't occasionally hang with farm animals!

Case in Point:
A visit to Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park! Scrap FX Rope Rings- (model number 2012090) and horse with flowers from the Horses set ( model number 2012087) and Funky Alphabet letters (model number 2010286). I've also used red grid tape from Gauche Alchemy, American Crafts Amy Tangerine sketchbook paper, Cosmo Cricket mini alphabets, Dear Lizzy clouds vellum and clear punchinella from Gauche Alchemy. The circles were punched with Fiskars Squeeze punches in XL, L and M
I also did some research- did you know Queens has a Farm Museum?
It's the oldest continuously working farm in the state! AWESOME!
We've decided to visit later this month- you'll see photos soon!

Some detail shots:
The rides on the carousel cost 2 dollars- I think the tickets are so pretty
they are worth the price all on their own! Love the rope circles design of the
Scrap FX frames- it's western themed but I think these can be used anywhere.
I wish Cosmo Cricket made more of these clear Tiny Type alphas!
They are so versatile! I've tried to get my handwriting to look this whimsical- all I get is messy writing. 
Also- there's a carousel horse design in the Scrap FX catalog and it's beautiful! (This one is model 2011135)
Sorry I missed you little guy- next time!
I have many carousel photos to scrap.
Apparently when I'm not the one holding the camera my daughter poses for people.
Here she is at the Bronx Zoo. No I didn't take this shot. I NEVER get the diva pose.
OH! I have some scrap happy news!!!
I'm guest designing for Die Scrapperin- THE German art scrap magazine in August!

I'll be sharing space with art scrappers Muumka and Anna Maria Wolniak.
(Just to name a few- there are 5 other HUGE names- tune in to our Blog Hop in July!)
I'll try very hard to be worthy of such an honor- thanks Janna and Felicitas!

MuChOs SmOoChEs!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Having fun with Gauche cards and loving every minute of it!

Happy Monday everyone!
Just a quick post to promote my latest project over at Gauche Alchemy.

A few weeks ago I got so bored with my scrapbook pages so I moved onto cards for a while and I really loved it. Gauche Alchemy writer Marilyn did a great job writing the post and I'm hoping you'll swing by and check it out.

These are just two of the four cards featured- more details over at Gauche. 
Gauche Alchemy's Nearly Nekkid (kraft paper themed) kit, Gauche Alchemy
gold washi tape, "Hello" wood banner from Jillibean Soup, Mister Huey cream
mist cooking twine and flower from Petaloo.
Gauche Alchemy corrugated board, vellum and american Crafts paper (from the
 Nearly Nekkid kraft paper themed kit), flower from Prima and sentiment from
Glitz Designs paper.
By the way- the Gauche Alchemy blog has moved! 
Our website address is now
Have you signed up to get updates on the new blog? It's an easy way to keep up with all the creative play going on. 

The team is putting some GREAT work together. 
Case in point?
This amazing post on art dolls which Gauche gals Jenn (Scraps), Jo, Maggi, Misty and Mary contributed to.
Just a teeny tiny sneak- please swing by and check out the whole post. 
Jo's department store dressmaker doll is rescued and made Gauche fabulous.
I was SERIOUSLY blown away by the sheer creative talent of my fellow team mates. 
If you like the materials used in these projects swing by the Artfire shop and pick up a few things:

GRATUITOUS "remake" of Madonna's "Borderline" video:

MuChOs SmOoChEs!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Here comes DA BOOOOOM! Scrap FX STENCILS yo!

Hello scrap happy folks!
It's friday and I have HUGE Scrap FX product news!
Scrap FX, Australian chipboard manufacturer, has a whole new line of environmentally responsible plastic stencils!!!!

EEEEEEKKK! A whole new product category from my favorite company?
You KNOW how much I LOOOVE me some stencils!!!!

Coming to a store near you (soon):
Chevron/arrow design model number  2012152
Stained Glass Quarter model 2012159
Arrow collage stencil model number  2012130
These are just three of the 28 new designs. Sorry the photos are so small- you'll see the actual stencils in a few weeks BUT

Design team co-ordinator Michelle Logan made a STUNNING page for you to drool over-
check it out!  It's on her blog:

Scrap FX has been rocking my world lately- here are some product shots from the June 2012 release:
Scrap FX Instant photo frames (a) model number 2012113 and
(b) model 2012114 as well as  Mini Instant frames model number 2012115.
The patterns on these are AMAZING! 
Scrap FX Happy Birthday Banner model number 2012100,  Bow Frames model 2012108,
 Ribbon Bow model 2012105, Bows set of three model number 2009280.
What do you think?
Swing by the Scrap FX blog and let us know!!!

Sneak peek on what's coming up on the Scrap FX blog.
We post new projects daily so add us to your reading list!

The Scrap FX June release focuses on birthday parties, frames for your special occasion images and
horses- perfect for the little ones in your life!
MuChoS SmOoChEs!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vellum confetti- A paper crush (and a True Scrap Challenge)

Hello there!
Today I am sharing my latest inspiration page for True Xoxo Girls July Challenge.
The prompt for June is Scrap Your Closet!
I know- BANANAS!
But totally fun!

Here's my page:
Scrap FX June challenge- Scrap Your closet
Materials: Sassafras Lass paper and stickers, Gauche Alchemy doily washi tape, Scrap FX "Adorable" wordlett,
A Flair For Buttons "Believe" button, Viva Decor pearl pen, American Crafts Dear Lizzy mini doiles,
Ek Success bird punch, Martha Stewart heart confetti punch, brads from Basic Grey
So what does "scrap your closet" mean to you?
Some ideas the True Scrapbooking DT came up with:

  • choose the most frequent colors in your wardrobe for your page
  • make your closet layout into a sketch (GENIUS!)
  • cheat (like I did) and scrap about your TODDLER'S closet since yours is full of grey and black duds.

Here is a fuzzy Instagram of Miss Lola's closet:
It's all about the turquoise, magenta and yellow this year.
I wish this was MY wardrobe!
Some project detail shots:
Vellum confetti! I added water droplets and bling to give it a bit of sparkle.  I layered
2 punches for each bird and bent the wings up for first layer of each so that they
cast a shadow. 
Scrap FX Adorable wordlet 2012126.
I used a Viva Decor pearl pen in Ice White to give the title that pearl finish.
I LOVE this product! I've had a couple of these pens for a while now but I haven't used them- MISTAKE!
They dry incredibly fast (beating Stickles glitter glue by miles), add perfectly formed pearls to your paper projects
(check it out here) and the color is great for covering darker colored alterables like chipboard.
Swing by the challenge and give it a try! It's FUN!
The challenge closes July 31st so you have plenty of time to shop for more clothes (ha!- we all know it's PAPER you spend your cash on!))

Parting shot!
My Mom went to Pennsylvania and all I got was this LUSCIOUS collection
of vintage buttons!!! THANKS MOOOOM!
MuChoS SmOoChEs!