Saturday, March 31, 2012

TAG! You're IT! Another About Me post

So I've been tagged- again.
Third time this month.
I like answering questions about myself!
... which makes me very self centered, I know.
I don't like tagging others.
I hate imposing on people.
I know very few peeps who like to talk about themselves as much as I do.
So I will answer Gen's (from the AWESOME blog- Color Me Domestic- go follow!!!) questions
But I won't tag any one.
Gen's ok with this though- she sent me a nice email letting me know that.
Thanks Gen!!!

If you wonder who I admire and stalk mercilessly check out my sidebar- those peeps get me every single time.
Also, it would be longer but I forget to update it so if you don't see yourself there it's because I'm a dumbass and forgot to add you.
I luvs my crafty readers!
Ya'lls ROCK.

Here goes:
1. What is a typical day like for you?
Woo boy- let's just say it involves watching "The Heffalump Movie" or "Finding Nemo" at least 2 times, there is some cleaning and cooking, some going to the park to tire out the hyper 2 year old, there MIGHT be some nap time blogging or crafting but many times that has to wait for 10pm to 1am- my usual lights out.

2. What has been the hardest part of starting/having a blog for you?
Learning how to manage my time effectively. I value writing very much and want to deliver insightful posts but the truth is my"think time" is severely limited. I'm also struggling with my need to communicate and the very real consequences of being so open about my faults. I want this blog to be a nice mix of funny personal stories, scrap projects and photography. I really do not wish to separate them into different compartments to make others comfortable. What I think shows in my face and in my work so it is useless to hide it in separate blogs.

3. What's the last movie you saw in the theater?
The Hunger Games- first time we've had a "Date Night"in 4 months and it was SO WORTH IT! I also took time to watch "Girl With a Dragon Tattoo" on DVD- I really wish I had seen in in the theater- it was so beautiful! 

4. How do you drink your coffee?
Don't drink coffee- it makes me sick. I drink black tea straight up no chaser.

5. How is the weather today where you live, and where DO you live (if you don't mind saying)?
I'm in Brooklyn NY- the weather was windy and cool today- it's raining right now-it's 1:23 am.

6. What is your favorite punctuation, the one you abuse too much but can't stop? 
I LOVE ampersands!!!!!!! Ha! Obviously my true love is the Exclamation point.

7. Which is your favorite holiday and why?
Thanksgiving- because it's all about family- no distractions in the forms of candy, fireworks, costumes, presents or cards. Just me, my Mom, the Lolster, the Mother in law, the Hubster, the annoying uncle, hopefully the brother I haven't seen in weeks and a GINORMOUS turkey. FUN TIMES!!!!

8. Which is your favorite type of flower?
I love plants. I am a member of the New York Botanical Society and where ever I travel I make triple sure to schedule local garden time. And I love trees. And ferns. If I had to put them in order it would go like this:
Flowers but especially roses and Orchids (plants both my grandmothers had in their yards.)

9. What is the trait which you admire the most in other people?
I admire honesty above all else- above tact, above friendship, above social rules- above everything. Truth first.

10. If you could change 1 thing about yourself, what would it be and why?
I would make myself "sweeter". I am... a pill. I try to be nice but the strident comes out eventually. I don't MEAN to be all up in your face but the combination of New York directness and natural personality make me a little.... taxing for some. So I want to be  honest but more able to communicate without making others cringe so much.

11. Why do you blog?
Stories- I like them- more than I like trees. Which is a LOT!

MuChOs SmOoChEs!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bullies and such- True stories from the parent hood

I'm a bully.
I will put it right there out in the open.
I used to think I was a "victim" of bullies but I've been monitoring my communications lately and I've decided I'm a gosh darned e-bully.
I don't call people names or spread nasty rumors about them but I argue with people on Facebook and tell them their viewpoints are "disingenuous" (let's be real- I use other words too- especially if it's family and I feel all comfy and privileged)
I've caught myself saying that I feel sorry for someone for having a certain viewpoint- to their FACE even!
There's a word for me.
Who made me the Facebook communications police?
Anytime someone posts something I think is "wrong" I feel the need to start a tete a tete over it.
Now that I have "timeline" I'm all- EWWWW! I said that????? Someone slap me!
I would like to say I can't help it but yes I most certainly can!
So NO more of THAT, please!
I have a tiny human to raise.
This one.

Do I want her running around calling people names when she doesn't agree with them?
Yet I'm more focused on how other children treat HER and forget that every single process for change STARTS WITH ME.

A story.
I took Miss Thang to Brooklyn Bridge Park.
There are these posts that turn and have rubber handles which kids LOVE to hold on to as they get dragged mercilessly round and round and ROUND on the floor.
FUUUUN! Right?
I hate them but Lola is obsessed and wants to use them all the time.
So did this little 5 or 6 year old girl who shoved Lola several times until she tripped and fell.
The playground floor has 3 inches of light colored rubber material on it.
Lola bounced.


NO NO NO! Bad! Very bad! NO PUSHING!

Ok before you object at my yelling at some one else's (EVIL) small child I would like to add that I used my "Dixie voice". Dixie was the family German Shepherd who loved kids so much she would jump on their shoulders and lick their terrified screaming faces- she was SO FRIENDLY in that wonderful Godzilla sort of way.

The little girl jumped up in surprise and looked at her Dad who was standing 5 feet away with this HUH? look on his face.
Reminding me why I married him- Dave stepped in and explained as I was about to open the proverbial can of whoop on the dude.
The father hadn't been paying attention.
He was texting and missed the whole thing.
I walked away with my crying baby and felt guilty for having yelled at a small (EVIL) human and raving internally at parents who mentally check out at the playground.
A mother approached me.

I'll admit it. I cringed.
I'm all sass and attitude in digiland but in real life I avoid conflict.
Mostly because I'm scared I'll get that slap I asked for previously.

The Mom told me that the little girl had no playmates because she had been shoving kids all day.
Her Dad hadn't been paying attention or speaking to her after each incident.
She said she was glad my husband was speaking to the dude and showed me her 3 year old son's scratched up face.
I had no words.

I realized I better FIND a way to speak to parents calmly after a conflict because
1- I didn't want to be the googly-eyed yelly parent in the playground
2- the parent who has to apologize after her kid shoves another in the playground.

Which I was 2 days in a row this week.

Because Lola has started throwing hissy fits whenever she decides some other kid's toy is hers.

She shoves kids!
She hits them in the face!!!!
Right in front of me!
As I yell NO! NO HITTING OTHER KIDS! Say you are sorry! (that last part has GOT to be the stupidest thing I will ever say)

So I get the beady eyeball from other Moms.
I HATE the beady eyeball.
And the angry huff.
I HATE the huff!!!
And the pulling kids away from my demon spawn problem child.
This one:

It hurts me so much to see Lola standing alone and having no idea why her "playmates" left.
What if Lola is the school recluse who thinks shoving kids is proper social interaction?
It's all my fault!
I yell too much!
I snatch things. (like scissors... open dirty diapers.... the broom she was using to bash the brand new Blue-Ray player Dave finally saved enough money to buy)
I baby her too much.
I don't hug her enough.
I hug her too much.
She has no other playmates.
She's bored. She's tired. She's hungry.
SHE'S TWO!!!!!! (and a half)
But still!
Where did she learn shoving and kicking and slapping faces is the way to get what she wants?
I don't do that!

I called my Mom kinda late (10pm) last week to discuss this.
Lola wakes up and starts making the absolute MOST ANNOYING SOUND IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE:

wwheee haaawwwww

Yes it's JUST as grating in person!
She sounds JUST LIKE the donkey we heard in the hills of Napoli as we walked around looking for pizza that didn't cost 18 US dollars a slice.
Yeah you think I'm kidding but I'm NOT.
You're in Ravello now, cheapo American!
Do you hear the donkeys braying Clarice? Ravello.
Except Lola's version is not REMOTELY this romantic. Even at a distance.
Us in Ravello.  Remind me to tell you how my Mom reacts to romantic bus rides
through long and twisty roads with no railing and fearless moped traffic.
So my Mom starts up.
"Michelle you really need to lay the law down with that baby or she will EAT YOU ALIVE before she hits 14."
(Insert mental image of Lola at 14 here.)  (Shivers!!!!)
"You don't have to yell or spank her. You have to be firm! BE FIRM Michelle!
You baby that child too much! She's almost 3!
Which reminds me..."
She launches into amusingly HORRID death and dismemberment story she read from random Puerto Rican news paper which is meant as a modern latinized Grim's Fairy Tales of parenting.

Her intention is to SHOCK and AWE me into correct parenting practices with this latest tale of death and/or parental incompetence.  (Which usually ends in said parents getting locked up.)
I'm tired, frazzled and scared crapless.

My child is going to hell in a hand basket and I'm the delivery person!!!

Everyone goes to bed. (but I stay awake several hours trying to figure out how to stop the donkey brays and the constant face slapping of fellow playground denizens)

The next day grandma visits.
YAY! We love grandma visits!!
I very much love my Mom. Grimm's Cuentitos De Adas Muertas aside- she's freaking awesome.
Lola starts the donkey braying. Again.
This time because I snatched away a screw driver my husband had left out (This is very RARE. The Mr is very good at putting tools away but I'd been "instructing" him on "proper air conditioner installation" and he got distracted.)
Lola had been trying valiantly to insert said screw driver into her left eye socket when I realized- AHA! A perfect moment to implement proper parental discipline practices!

"No Lola!"
"Give me that RIGHT NOW!"
"NOOOO!!!! Do NOT put it in your EYE!!!!!"
(this is all me by the way)


"wwheee haaawwwww

Feeling terrible and getting down to her level:
"Stop braying! I mean... I'm sorry honey- here- have this BLUNT PLASTIC TOY instead."

"wwheeeeeee haaawwwww
Only LOUDER and with more accent on the "eeee" bit.

"Awww!" (much hugging and piercing of my eardrums with WHEEE AAAWWWs) 

Then my Mom adds, curiously:
"You really can't stand to hear her crying, can't you? What's wrong with letting her show her emotions?"
No she didn't get her own subscription- this is a recycled box.
MuChOS SmOoChEs!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The call of the WILD- Neon Color Challenge

Ok scrappy friends yesterday's post (you can scroll down a post if you are curious) got all emo and serious so today I dedicate to FUN.
Side note- Girl with a Dragon Tattoo? Too awesome for words. See it.
Isn't it sad the bathroom people aren't shining? AWWWW!
Amigas- I need your help!
My Neon color challenge doesn't have any entrants yet and there's 9 days left to link.
The last day will be April 6th.
Can you- will you- join the fun?

Here is another inspiration piece:
Ok so THIS was REAL fun!
First I tried using black gesso on a Crafter's Workshop template but OH NOOO it bled right through the borders so I had to use white gesso to stamp the borders of the template back on.
I made the pin wheels myself and If you remember the 80'd were not complete without stripes and polka dots so the blank side of the paper got special attention.
I used a Bam POP! paper pad I've had a VERY LONG TIME. I bought it on a whim and got scared of the totally 80's neon print. I also used Hambly mini trannies that I LOOOVE and will be getting more of as well as my go to item- Gauche Alchemy punchinella in black.
Last minute yellow twine.. there's probably too much happening here but hey- take this as your moment to teach ME a lesson on restraint! I don't mind!!!
I turn to you my FIERCE and loyal readers! (Yes all 3 of you!!!)

Go on out to Target and get some neon index cards or  some price stickers or maybe a child's paint set and GET TO WORK.
Link up here pretty pretty please with a nice cherry on top. :) 
Perhaps you want to stick around and to take a look around Yvonne's blog?
Her work is amazing!

Detail shots:
I haven't used the word "rad" since last week so I made sure to add it to my page to
make super duper SURE ya'll got the HINT. If you aren't slam dancing to Billy Idol
right this very second you are making this short Puerto Rican girl cry.
Pinwheel! Makes me happy!
So there you have it- a shameless self promoting plea and a call to action.

The Hipstamatic can easily provide neon photos to match neon layouts.
I use an iTouch- it's cheaper and doesn't require a data plan.
Plus you could score a great one online used- who wants an iTouch
when the new iPhones have better cameras? (ME!!!)
Muchitas gracias!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Taking it to the next level- The 2nd Floor Challenge

I've been going through a mini creative crisis this year.
It is an increasing challenge to stop all the internal chatter and just create.
There is always the question-who am I making this for?
Usually I'm making something just so it can go up here.
Perhaps that is why my work has so little influence.
It has no unique voice yet.
I made a promise to myself many years ago that when I got older I would write. I would create.
I would take many MANY pictures.
But I got lost along the way.
I decided chasing a corporate career and making money was important.
And I failed.

So now I am going back to that original promise and taking my talent seriously.
I am working on developing both my writing and my creative "voice".
I am an artist. Not just a hobbyist.
So when I read Julie Fei Fan Balzer's intro post on the Second Floor challenge.
I felt she was talking to me personally.

I've heard:
- Artists do not take photos of babies and family.
- People who call themselves "artists" are pretentious.
- Artists are too busy creating to run around calling themselves artists.

I let those statements quiet me for a while.
I've been called pretentious so many times I've internalized it and added it to the long list of labels for describing me.
Why is it ok to apply that negative label but not the more open and neutral label of artist?

The first step to any serious endeavor is deciding where you are headed.
You may detour many times along the way (it's fun) but you should have a clear vision of where you are going.
The final destination may change many times but to keep yourself motivated and focused those first few years you have to choose a path and GET TO WORK.

I choose the tools before me- a camera, some paper and some glue.
And I focus on WHAT I KNOW TO BE TRUE- my daughter, myself and my family.

So when I say I'm an artist, I'm thumbing my nose at convention AND taking what I do seriously.
Because I'm done pretending I'm "just a Mom".
I'm done calling what I do a "hobby" because I am so passionate about doing it I want to make it my career.

And so the need for the Second Floor Challenge.
I loved Nathalie Kalbach's Gold Paint post .
Using gold paint is the first challenge and its supposed to make you pause, freak out and think.
I love gold paint, gold glitter, gold thread but I have very little knowledge on how to use them effectively so this was a good chance to flex my creative muscle.

Here is what I came up with:
Toddler scribbles on water color paper painted over with gold paint. I sat on this for a
week. I tried a second page with Crafter's Workshop cloud stencils. I hated both.
So I combined the projects by cutting the clouds out and adding a sewn black border.
This could be more meaningful but for my first try at making something more abstract
 I can live with this. 
The Gauche alchemy punchinella is embedded in some Modge Podge.
The swallow chipboard is from Scrap FX.
I kinda wish I had added more of that black thread trailing from the clouds. 
A step in a long series of steps where the work isn't everything and the process also matters.
But I've never been very good at staying serious for long.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!

Friday, March 23, 2012

On randomness, stencils and kraft issues- a Punky Scraps challenge

So it's time for the Punky Scraps "Get Picky"challenge.
This is usually the week I freak out trying to incorporate all the different elements Team A picks.
Yes I KNOW I don't have to pick all 10 but therein lies the challenge!

I'm a little insecure about what I came up with this week:
The Get Picky challenge items for this month are: kraft cardstock, a self portrait, 3 of something (cameras), masking and something red, metal (tiny attacher staples), something lucky (dandelions), fabric (ribbon), something pleated (ribbon) and stitching
I believe the biggest problem with this page is that the kraft paper- while awesome- is too dark for the Tattered Angels mists.

This is the mist color combo I used (I LOVE these by the way):
My Tattered Angels "Patina" bottle is getting dangerously low.
It's so hard to find!!
I like that the Sunflower color dripped in the bottom of the page and turned gold but the Frozen Lake color lost all it's luminosity.

I literally just added the black stitching and dandelion stencils after letting the page lie still over night- not sure if it's "rescued" but I certainly like it a lot more.
Here is how the page looked yesterday:
First draft. I shot this and realized it needed something
else. Not sure my solution helped the overall color problem.
I must admit- the overcast day lighting does not help.
In a somewhat related note- I'm in love with "The Paper Company" kraft cardstock!
I got a pack of 50 for 2 dollars at Joann's and the quality is really cool- darker, more rugged (sounds like a gorgeous man huh? laughing!!!)- perfect for mixed media experiments such as this.
And it's 8 by 11 so no measuring and cutting needed. WIN!
I'll use both kinds and call myself HAPPY!

Here is an alternate page to see if I could "lighten" the design up. I like the texture but the paper curled up so the second layer of mist went on wrong.
Crafter's Workshop "Squircle" is hella awesome!
Question for you experimental crafters- how the heck do you keep your cardstock from curling? I get curl no matter what I do- heat it flat, put a book on top over night- nothing works. 
Do you guys iron your pages while still wet?

The Crafter's Workshop "If You Believe" 6x6 stencil was hard for me to use as an outline because it's so delicate and flexible the stencil would slip around while in use.
Next time I'll use double sided tape to keep it still.
I decided to color the words in with a yellow neon highlighter and added Glossy Accents to see if the phrase would pop out more and it did.
I lack the design vocabulary to critique this.
It's not bad- it's just not what I call successful.
Has the same ever happened to you? The elements are all there but yet- it lacks.

What I learned:
Kraft sucks up color like no other card stock so choose bright or paint dense formulas.
Crafter's Workshop stencils are fantastic just remember the artist tape.
Take risks more often.

What I need to learn:
How to mix gel medium or whatever so my gesso is thicker- tips anyone?
How to get maximum stencil madness with minimum paper curl!

WHY is everyone staring at Lola?? Clueless Mom adventures.
MuChOs SmOoCheS!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The NEON Challenge!!

2012 is the year neon came back!
I'm seeing it everywhere.

Even on the lace bows of expensive french lingerie! 
Who wears neutral underwear with blindingly bright pink bows that cost 200 just for the bra?

MATERIALS: Bazzill grey card stock, Cocoa Daisy stamp, Cosmo Cricket’s DeLovely paper,
Crafter’s Workshop 6x6 chevron stencil, SC Mister Huey in white and chipboard from
Crate Paper, Sakura Gelly Roll pen outlines in fluorescent yellow,  neon pink twine,
Cosmo Cricket Heart In The Dark alphas and Jenni Bowlin flying bird punch.
To celebrate, I'm hosting a challenge over at DO MORE WITH LESS.
Yvonne Yam's awesome scrap style is both clean, modern and full of messy techniques such as paint, upcycled items and glitter.
How does she manage to pull it all off with nary a finger print or stray pencil mark on the page???
I aspire to that kind of control over technique.
This project was shaping up so well! Those finger prints are
UNINTENTIONAL and decidedly UNHAPPY accidents!
Perhaps you have some generic price stickers or neon pink twine lying around?  Most of Hambly's entire inventory qualifies. I've also found lots of great neon in Basic Grey (Out of Print) and Crate Paper's Random line.
Cosmo Cricket totally saw the trend coming because the entire DeLovely line is neon and it came out last winter.
Martha Stewart NEON GLITTER! EEEE!
25 dollars for the pack! Coupon time!
If nothing else Sakura makes neon gellyroll pens. (EEEEE!)
I tend to buy these every time I go to the scrap store because I use them on everything.
And there's always the 89 cent bottles of craft acrylic paint from the kids section at the arts and craft store.
Price stickers, 89 cent paints and thread.
At 5 bucks a pop perhaps thread is the purchase you want to save till
you've decided you love neon.
Swing by Do More With Less- you probably are already a follower- she's that awesome.
Thank you so much for the opportunity Yvonne!
My second project-you can do better I'm SURE! I do like the border. REDO TIME!
Materials: Basic Grey Life of the Party, Ki Memories NYC puffy, woodgrain fabric circles, Hambly
woodgrain washi tape,  EK Success peg alpha stamps, Scrap FX flying bird chip board, American
Crafts Zing embossing powder, K & Co Smash tape, Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam in Mermaid.
Ah bribery- the BEST way to drive traffic.
Here's what you get if you win the challenge:

MuChoS SmOoChEs!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blast from the past! The Educational Video Center in NYC

Last week I had a fine old time with some old friends and I am finally getting around to talking about it here. 

When I was 17 I joined the Educational Video Center and spent half my day working and learning away from my tiny and confining high school in the Bronx. 
I earned high school credits for doing what I do best- arguing with people, writing and asking annoying questions (a process documentary professionals call an "interview").
And it's all captured on tape for future humiliation, I mean, enjoyment.
I helped make three videos but only one was being shown at Lincoln Center last week.
This one. Made in 1993 while a member of YO-TV (Youth Organized Television) the graduate division of EVC and a great platform for a college freshman looking for a meaningful job.
Lower left- That was me back when I was cool.
I remember our group's teacher, David Murdock, walking up to us as we sat around a table trying to figure out the topic we would cover and saying "HEY we have a grant to work for the Whitney Museum. We're gonna shoot the Biennial!!!"
Our collective reaction was: HUH? Whitney Museum??? Biennial?
My specific addition was:
What the heck is a Biennial? Art? I hate art! 
It's SOOO pretentious!
I was 18 and a complete dumb ass.
No, a BIGGER one than now.
Sorry for the AWFUL photo- the lighting was lowered
and I'm using my crappy low rez  iTouch lens.
So last week I got to share that moment with a large group of high school age documentarians from all over the city and it was WONDERFUL.
I wasn't prepared to stand up in front of a filled auditorium but I surprised myself with how much I remembered about the process.
I really missed talking to young people. 
I can't believe I'm using that expression! 
But let's be real- it's been 20 YEARS. 
I ain't no spring chicken.
Some of our team: wish I had brought a tripod- this photo stinks!
Anyway here's a link to the video- warning- art form the 1990's- may not be "work" safe! 
Ah go ahead- it's totally PG!

I remember that one of my biggest arguments centered on the exclamation point on the title. 
I wanted it to end with a question mark. 
It would have read like this:
THAT'S what they call ART?
With all the sarcasm and distaste an 18 year old kid can muster.
Because that's what I thought about 95% of what was hanging in the museum at the time. 
Public speaking-
some people are more eloquent than others
I helped research, interview and edit the actual video (we were a collective of 7 producers with equal decision making powers and work loads). 
I saw 9 artists explain and go through their individual creative processes.
It slowly dawned on me how important their work was (and still is). 
How important it is to paint a stick and hang it on a wall.
Or chew a giant cube of chocolate and make small candy hearts with the "bites".
Or shoot pictures and pin them to a blank wall- unframed, edges curling.

Art is about creating a market place of ideas and challenging the norm.
It doesn't have to be figurative, beautiful or "important".
It isn't inherently bad or pretentious.
It just has to have meaning.
As a creator or a viewer- YOU have equal say in what that meaning is.
I think that's pretty awesome.
That was my primary lesson from my years at EVC and one I and apply to everything I do to this day.
So yes, it was a very well spent night.

If you know of a high school age kid looking for a great internship/educational experience in the NYC area- have them look into EVC- it's a great way to make connections with other thoughtful kids, round out a college application and learn marketable skills. 


This is a series I'm working on just for FUN. I'm having the BEST freaking time!

MuChoS SmOoChEs!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Monday! Happy news!

Hello there!

I have some fun bits of scrap news to share.
I FINALLY took a risk and sent a page for possible publication.
It got lots of positive gallery feedback so I thought perhaps it had a chance and it did!
My Brooklyn page will be published this August in Scrapbook Trends Magazine- yay!
There is always the small possibility that a magazine might have to cut pages and not publish a project so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Has this ever happened to you? 
But it was a wild chance anyway so knowing it was picked is good enough for me.
Good news is GOOD, right now.
My inner Eeyore will have to go play somewhere else.
I'm bouncing with Tigger right now.

Scrap FX swallows chipboard. Clouds template from Crafter's Workshop
The second piece of happy "news" is that I'm one of the new DT members over at Scrap FX- a fantastic chipboard manufacturer based in Australia.
I made a mini announcement last friday so I won't say much else other than I've already met two other DT members:
and awesome scrappy friend Misty who encouraged me to try out in the first place.
(thank you thank you THANK YOU Misty!!!)

The third piece of fun scrappy news is that I have a guest spot coming up this tuesday the 20th over at Yvonne Yam's blog Do More With Less.
I will be hosting a challenge for the week and have a VERY cool prize for the winning project.
Can you guess what the theme will be?

Swing by and give it a go.

I love the light falls in this photo.
MuChOs SmOoChEs!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Punky Scraps and Echo Park- so BFFs!

We interrupt this random pre scheduled post to announce I am now part of the Scrap FX design team!!!
awkward dancing.
Now back to my usual blathering.
I'm trying to ignore current tv news and political smack talk lately as it just makes me rave unattractively.
There are eye ticks and references to obscure literature involved.
Mostly because I have definite ideas about women's issues and feminism...
Wait- did I lose you?
I DISTINCTLY saw eyes glazing over!
Did I REALLY just write the word FEMINISM in my SCRAP blog?

Don't worry I won't  flail burning under garments in your general direction.
I will leave all political implications at the door where you may pick them up and RUN WILD in the streets with them.
Mostly because it's late, I'm tired and there's a really good episode of "Ghost Whisperer" I wanna watch.
Let's relate on a more personal level.
After all, we all want the same things:
a long healthy happy life, true love, pizza, the occasional trip to the scrap store and the latest Echo Park line.
This one:
This has GOT to be the COOLEST print this season!!!
Echo Park's This & That line- pure awesomeage!
Woodgrain, Scrabble tile and Dymo tape alphas?
It's a dream come true!
The only thing is that Echo Park has randomly assigned a gender to this FABULOUSNESS and printed the word "boy" all over it. BOOO!
I'm using it anyway!
A page for this week's Punky Scraps Sketch challenge.
Materials: Echo Park This & That paper, stickers and brads, Gauche Alchemy punchinella,
SC Mister Huey in white and Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher.
This week's page was a little difficult- mostly because I didn't want my page to resemble to sketch exactly so I got stuck trying to improvise.
I decided to not over think and just started adding fun bits to the page.
I like the result. It could use more white space but it was fun to make so I'm ok with it.
The sketch by Marie Mison:
Deceptively "simple"!!
There is also This and That "girl" line and it's flowery and red and pink all over.
That palette would normally send me into a buying frenzy but the "boys" line is so much cooler!!!  Mod cameras! Teal and turquoise! Film strips and woodgrain together!
Imagine what some red and pink cameras would have looked like!!
ACK! Missed opportunity!!!
Let me distract myself with my latest "find" a "vintage" alphabet rubber stamp set from EK Success.

Oh what's DIZ? Only my latest obsession.
These are rad to the max! More to come
#everystory (hint!)
Oh and I forgot to blog about it but waaay back when I was cool and there's a movie showing at Lincoln Center PROVING so!
More on this come Project Life Monday. Promise!
Swing by and give the Punky sketch a try.
I really love how my fellow team members interpreted the sketch.
Can't wait to see how YOU tackle it!

MuChos SmOoChEs!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In the Pink with American Craft's Dear Lizzy Neopolitan Line

Gooood afternoon world!

You know what I don't like?
Feeling completely overwhelmed and only then realizing I don't know HALF the things I need to get my latest "goal" accomplished.
This week I need to buy a printer.
ACK! I'm falling over in exhaustion just thinking about it!

Happy place! Happy place!!! HAPPYYYYYY PLAAAACE!

That's my baby at 8 months old. That's her "pleeeease take me out this crib" face. Needless to say it worked every time.
Materials: American Crafts Dear Lizzy paper and stickers, Martha Stewart mini doily, Studio Calico exclusive Thickers, Pink Paislee hexagon chipboard, Crafter's Workshop chickenwire template. Gesso from my local art supply store-(the cheapest I could find!)  Diamond Stickles and Making Memories lace.
I REALLY need to catch up on my Project 365 but with the printer on the fritz I don't see how its going to happen.

Anyone have a good printer recommendation? I'd like one with a scanner and separate color ink cartridges. It'd be great if it didn't cost an arm and a leg to buy ink for it but I know that's asking too much.
Here are some detail shots:
I ripped the back cover off the Dear Lizzy sticker book- the water color print is so pretty.
The Dandelion wisp post-it note is from a Korean stationary store
here in NYC- it's closed now- WAAAH!
I came across a GREAT blog post a million years ago on adding a bar to your 4 by 4 Instagram photos so you can print them at your local photo-o-mat BUT (there's ALWAYS a but on the truly fabulous... which explains Jennifer Lopez by the way) you have to use a PhotoShop Action.

**********Insert "Home Alone" movie Aaaaaaaaa face here.**********

I really dislike getting involved with Photoshop.
It's why I love my crappy iTouch so much- I get lots of fun photo effects and avoid "loading" Photoshop actions.
I bet I know what you're thinking!
What IS a freaking Photoshop action Michelle? YEESH!
A Photoshop action is the automation of a series of steps taken when using Photoshop to get a desired effect on a photo.
Does that even make sense?
No, right?

 So there you have it- thanks Einny.

I've never been good with learning anything that requires more than 3 nit picky steps.
My brain just freezes and goes: Trrrrrrra LA LA LA LAAAAA.

It's why I avoid HTML, Math, French cooking- you know- useful, life enhancing, money earning things.
I'm not proud of it or anything- just acknowledging the problem (and moving on)

Here's the link to that printing action by the way- sorry to make you wait with baited breath and all.

And here is what I got accomplished this week full of so much NOTHING I got exactly NOTHING done.

blank space indicating nothing
LOVE. IT. when I let that happen.
PS have you seen "Never Ending Story"?
No?????? GO. SEE. IT!!!

Oh! And I really love the Dear Lizzy line. Really really. Yellow and pink together?? Water color details? LOVE!!!

I have a talking dandelion I can call my own.
Let's talk printers mi gente! Rants, questions you want me to investigate- recommendations- whatever!
PS- rants especially appreciated- if they are funny I will be tweeting them- you have been warned. :)

MuChoS SmOoChES!