Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pie charts RULE!!!! A Studio Calico challenge page

So I've always had a "thing" for graphics, pie charts and other office related graphics meant to keep you awake during snoozefest meetings.
I just never thought to use them in a layout!
TOTAL lack of imagination!!!
Must correct ASAP!!
Here ya go:
So my LOVE of neon and washi is in full effect here. I used a while bunch of techniques I have learned from other crafters- SoapHouseMama and Miae to be specific. More on that below.
 Materials: Studio Calico Classic Calico paper, washi tape from Hambly, Smash and MT, vellum title from DCWV, Awesome word bubble from A Life Handmade on Big Cartel, Smash date stamp, gel pens from Sakura Martha Stewart multi butterfly punch and pin from American Crafts.
The layout is from a sketch by Vee Jennings for Studio Calico for their latest Sunday challenge which I encourage you to try!
My idea of a good scrappy time? Throw the paint on the page and watch it spread out or drip down, SHOVE the vellum into the sewing machine and hope a general circle shape emerges from my tugging and pulling.
My husband absolutely FREAKS when he sees me work.
He gets all itchy looking at the crooked lines, paint splatters all over the work table or the sewing machine wrestling (mostly because I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SEW.)

Some detail shots:
I bought this random travel themed DCWV pack at TJ Maxx
and I really like this vellum material. Some of the phrases
are a bit cheesy but this one has a great font and size.
Love that word bubble! I really wish I could afford a Silhouette!
Silver gel pen for the journaling. The butterfly was
colored using pastels I bought at the dime store. 
Ok so here is where I credit my scrappy friends.
SoaphouseMama (Ashli Oliver) gets credit for the stacked lines. I see this motif in her
work and I just like how it adds visual interest without distracting from the main design.
Miae of  Making Scrap Up gets credit for the wheels because I see her doodle these all
over the place!!!  Using the sewing machine was time consuming but I love the effect.
The hanging ends were something I saw  a french blogger do and it just made my jaw
drop.  I don't remember who it was (it was before I learned about Pinterest)
but if you recognize who I'm talking about lemme know ok?
I encourage you to let loose today.
Just slap some paper onto other paper, dash that paint on, take your favorite stamp and go hog wild- whatever.
If you hate the final result it's ok- go back to your regular work style!
But maybe you'll discover a new technique.
What I learned from my two year old TODAY:
A fool and her washi are soon parted or
I used this page to get my engines ready for some design team assignments I really want to get right. So keep your eyes peeled over at Gauche And Scrap FX- you'll see iterations of things I learned making this page.

Cute right? She pulled the ugliest 30 minute tantrum when it was time to go.
This is at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. GO! TODAY!
The Cherries are blooming!
MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. Fun layout!! love the pie charts-- great idea!! And I love the bits of washi tape worked in there too!!

  2. Mmmmmm pie.

    Sorry, glazed over a bit there. Fabulousness as always missus. Love the dangly threads muchly.

    Thank you for your always appreciated and much ego boosting words over at mine. You always make me smile :D

    1. Funny lady! I was gonna tease people about pies in the write up but thought the set up for the joke took to long- you managed to skip all over that didn'tcha! :)

  3. So cool, as always! I'm impressed by your sewing skills, actually! You are fearless and awesome! LOVE that toddler shot. It captures the essence of a perfect childhood. I'd tantrum, too!

  4. LOVE your layout!!!! What I love most about it is that even though you pulled from different places (thanks for the mention, tee hee : ) this layout is still SO YOU! And, I love that! The sewing, the design, the colors are all fabulously, amazing you!

    1. Oh no no no! Thank YOU for the amazing inspiration!!! I'm following your blog and learning with each post!

  5. Really fun layout! I love the amazing textures here and the pops of colours with the stacked lines. Those hanging threads add such a nice visual interest!

  6. What an adorable page- your use of bright colors is amazing! Love all the black threads!!

  7. You can't sew? I literally don't even know how to set the sewing machine up! I have one for scrap purposes but its just taking up space at this time. This page is awesome, totally love the charts and hanging thread!

  8. Beautiful neon page! Love your stitching and loose strings. You make very pretty art my friend.

  9. seriously?! You rock the neon! This neon trend totally has me in a flashback-to-the-80s moment remembering my tiered neon skirts and gecko hammer pants. Yes, I said hammer pants. LOL

    Fabulous LO, and I love your interpretation of the sketch.

    Also, forreals about the Washi. My 2-year old whines and throws washi tantrums... "Moooooooooooooomma TAPE! Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape!!!"

  10. I'm sad to say, I don't think I have one ounce of neon in my possession! This must be a criminal act, yes?? I absolutely fell in love with that stitching.. head over heels in love. The whole she-bang is blow up dynamite!

    1. No neon??? NOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo! :) That MUST be rectified! Hambly, American Crafts, MT washi- the local art supply store- get's to stepping!

  11. Wow, I have to start from last photo, it`s kind of you want to scrapp!
    I will visit you a lot snce now I know only your work for Scrap FX;). I will check this color for you you liked so much but it`s paint and embossing, will let you know soon. Have a great weekend!

  12. (In português)
    Obrigada Michelle,passando por seu blog também!Amei.
    Muito lindo seus scrapbooks :)
    Dani Cristina
    Beijos do Brasil

  13. I just gave your blog the Liebster Award. Check my blog for the details!


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