Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween- OVER RATED!!!!!!

I really worked myself up about Halloween. It's Lola's first Halloween out of the hospital. Lola can walk so she looks great in costumes. Lola likes her pumpkin bucket. Lola Lola LOLA!

Well Lola decided she would rather sleep and did so ALL DAY. This is the girl who will NOT NAP 20 minutes to allow me to make diner on a normal day. Lola refused to stand up so I could dress her, she REFUSED to wear shoes. She refused to do ANYTHING till Daddy came home at 4PM- too late to go to the Museum party which ended at 4pm and too late to go to the baby parade in Manhattan- 40 minutes away by subway- 2 hours by car.

So we went to the park and took pictures. But that had to stop too because it was cold and I felt like a cruel evil bruja for making her pose when she would rather eat dead leaves with doggie poop seasoning. PLUS I sounded like a deranged stage Mom singing "You Are MY Sunshine" at the top of my lungs so she would LOOK UP and SMILE which she did exactly TWICE during the entire 15 minute shoot.


Plus no kids came to our door asking for treats so now I have 5 bags of candy SOMEONE will have to eat. 

I'm already thinking about what Lola's costume will be next year- it has to be something that involves a coat in the design (Polar Bear? Zombie Ski Baby? Marshmallow?). With my luck it will be 75 degrees just to show me who's BOSS.

So I am 0 for 2 with Monsoon season starting on Lola's birthday thus ruining my OUTDOOR party and Halloween going bust. Wonder if I should even bother waking up for Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll pull a Lola and stay home and force the hubby to hand over the occasional fruit shake while I read my book in bed all day. Hmmm that sounds like a PLAN.

Muchos SmOoChEs!!