Monday, April 30, 2012

Mod Thank You cards (a washi tape post)

Remember a while back I collected addresses for a "post card project" so I could send cards to all who responded?
Guess what?
I didn't make a single one!
I know!
So I'm starting it up again.
THIS time I WILL send the cards out!
Why? Because I will make it EASY.
Last time I was doing all this fussy cutting and layering and THINKING.
It was turning into this whole THING.
I hate "things".
They're stressful.
Now I have more of an idea of where I want to take this project.
Add some Gauche Alchemy washi tape and it's looking like I can bang these out in minutes.
A good thing for when you need to make 35 cards.
I'm starting with these two because they are for give away winners who've been waiting WEEKS to get their packages. Sorry ladies!
Carmen your's is next!
Ashli Oliver's (SoapHouseMama) card.
 5 minutes!!! I love it! I promise not to keep it!
Materials: Bazzil cardstock, Gauche Alchemy metallic and grid tape combos,
Recollections arrow tape (from LLS), Hello from a post card advertising a store.
Quick note- Gauche Alchemy has LOADS of fantastic theme pack washi tapes available including  fun ones including GRIDMETALLIC SOLIDSWhimsy (cupcakes and confetti) and mail art prints.
Scarlett's (Scarlettsscrapoirs) Card.
10 minutes and only because I was having a hard time letting go of that Ormolu arrow tag.
WHY? Is this photo fuzzy? The photo is perfectly crisp! DARN blogger!
Materials: Bazzil white cardstock, Ormolu "Go" negative tag, Gauche alchemy washi tape and punchinella,
"graffiti" washi tape from my local scrapbook store "Paper Presentation".
I don't want people thinking I'm some kind of flake.
Wait- it's too late for that!
Ok I want everyone to know I'm WORKING on ABOLISHING all signs of flake-tude.
Awesome photo taken by Instagram friend Aye'Shanti.
Who's beautiful Etsy you should visit- MangoPaperScissors.
Thanks lady!!!
MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. I'm getting one? WHOOEEEEEEE! They look amazing the ones you've done!

    There should be a flake support group. I'd join. I'm working on not being one too.

  2. no way!!!! That fantabulous card will be mine???? Whooooooot!!!!!!!!!

  3. I want to reach through the screen and grab my super funky cool card!!! I love it - and feel way special you gave up some Ormolu!!! Yeah - got an order going there right now - I'm soo swayed by you all the time, LOL!!!

    1. Just call me the pied piper of scrapland! :) Ormolu sells itself!Glad you like the card- whew!!!

    2. She is such a scrappy trend setter! Aren't we lucky to call her our friend!

  4. BTW - Spectacular picture!!! I so wish we had some cool street art around.

  5. Awesome cards & that pic is pretty great too! :D

  6. great cards! i totally love them!

  7. You do amazing things with washi tape and I LOVE it!

  8. These are awesome, and I can't believe you came up with them so quickly!

  9. Awesome, awesome card. Adore everything about it. Hey...I "know" your friend Aye'Shanti as a sponsor from the 30 Days of Lists class from March.


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