Monday, April 9, 2012

Art House Co-Op- join the fun!

In March art House Co-Op based here in Brooklyn put a call out for flat, non-glitter using, 4 by 6 postcards to be exchanged.

At first I had a real hard time with the "flat" part. I tend to use depth as a way to add visual interest to my layouts so this was a hurdle indeed. Then I became fixated on glitter just because they told me not to use it- how dare they? Mostly they just hate how it gets everywhere.

Then I got stuck on the whole "art" versus "craft" internal debate. I wanted to create something that was abstract and try some new techniques. I will admit I was worried my postcard would underwhelm the more experienced image makers that usually participate in Co-Op projects.

But the best way to learn and grow is to fall flat on your face,
Materials: water color paper, Punchinella from Gauche Alchemy, yellow tissue paper, Tim Holtz newsprint tissue paper and Tiny Attacher, word stencil from Retro Art Cafe, alpha stamps from Image Tree, camera from Echo Park This and That, Ek Success Smash tape, flying bird punch from EK Success, Recollections feather 
This was such a freeing experience I will be trying it again in April!
I've joined the Chronicle challenge which requires you fit a visual representation of an entire day into a 4 by 6 card- cross my fingers!
Off it went literally at the last possible moment.
This is my favorite one from the bunch.
This is the one I sent off. I hope whoever gets it, likes it!
Our Easter weekend concentrated on the hubster's final exams but Lola did
manage to find this one easter egg. She was ecstatic.
MuChos SmOoChEs!


  1. OMG Michelle these are ROCKIN'!! I can't get over how cool and dimensional, and modern they look! I dunno the formal term stuff..they're just COOL! Now I really hope I get yours;) You should art journal, it is so liberating and I could see you just taking over;)

  2. Those are, of course, totally amazing!!! I am loving the light backgrounds with the contrasty pops of black!!!

  3. Very cool "art"! Great Lola was ecstatic with the egg!

  4. these are really cool, michelle!

  5. These are some rockin' postcards - love the yellow tissue paper pieces - perfect lil' pops of color - I will so be checking out the stencil you used!!

    I've contemplated the Sketchbook Project for a couple years - too big of an undertaking yet for this gal - but the smaller ones... I can get down with some of those!!

    I spy the black polka dot tape I picked up for you - I'm thinking maybe you'd like a roll of the date Smash tape instead?? :) Let me know I want you to have something new and fun!

    1. I agree on the Sketchbook thing- the library is just a few blocks away from me so I visit every few months or so- very intimidating! The level of talent on display is AMAZING. I love the idea of an extended project but as you can see from my distinct lack of new Project Life pages- I get bored with long term continuous projects even when they are fun and good for skill development. :)

  6. I love the punchinella with the yellow tissue paper. Very cool while keeping it flat. :)

    Love the Lola shot! ;)

  7. LOVE them :D Especially the one with the feather. YES you must do MORE!

  8. You did an amazing job adding texture while keeping it flat! I can't wait to get one in the mail. I wonder if they wait til they get them all first?

  9. How did I miss this post? (oh yes - I know - because my blog switch (all done via google was a complete nightmare so I missed the feed!!)

    These are AMAZING - I would be bowled over I I received one. I LOVE how you used the Echo Park camera in there

    Yes - more please!!

  10. Seriously amazing texture here.. yes, more please for sure!


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