Friday, April 27, 2012

Ormolu Friday (so it's a DOUBLY GREAT day!)

I'm not even gonna front.
This is me hoping I can somehow land a spot on the Ormolu design team this summer.
I love Ormolu.
I love how versatile their products are.
How green the print process is.
Ormolu prints on recycled cardstock with soy inks.
They even use wind power for the process!
I love their clean and simple designs and their blog.

SO the question is- WHY haven't I submitted yet?

Here is a card I came up with last night:
ALL my current faves!!! Ormolu, Hambly, chevron and washi tape! WOOT!
Materials: Ormolu Fact or Fiction journaling spots, flair button and kraft letters from packaging
tags set, Hambly transparency, Stayz On Dove Grey ink, Studio Calico Chevron background
stamp, Orange/Yellow washi (from Target!), grey washi (from Gauche Alchemy),
Green washi (from Amy Tangerine's line),
I made this for a certain love of my life who's been especially awesome lately.
Thanks Dave!
Here's a quick close up of a fun trick I often do when encoutering an alphabetic bind:

I wanted the card to have an unusual message and I wanted to use the color palette set by the journaling spots from the Fact or Fiction line.
I had the kraft tags- these:
I. LOVE. the new Hispstamatic Loftus lens!!!
So I took and H from the "Happy" tag and a U from the "About" tag, layered them, cut the H down and boom- instant M.
Now the colors are consistent since I seem to have billions of Thickers but nothing in that Kraft color and COOL font.

Noemi was a year old lipsticked menace once.
(hee hee! She's gonna kill me!)
I wanted to let you know about a new FABULOUS company with incredibly exciting scrapbook products- it's Polish and it's AMAZING.

Swing by Sod^licious to check it out for yourself!
(I didn't want to step on any copy right toes by putting photo without permission here- sorry)

I just need to figure out how to import their entire catalog without robbing a bank first because their stuff is bright, modern and completely fresh.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Great card- I admire your funky fresh style!!

  2. Terrific card and lol at your lipsticked menace.

  3. hello... oh you had me at hambly washi flair... so in love with all three products too! love your card but have to say the little Nomei is the cutest...likes a little bit of lippy!!! hehehe to cute!

    thanks so much for stopping by too!

  4. loving the card, circles really make it pop! And I cant get over the lipstick menace! hahaha that is too cute.

  5. love that card! you would be so awesome on that team - I hope you submit AND make it!!!

    1. We'll see- the talent of designers who apply will be stratospheric. I'm hoping for the best- one thing is for sure- I'm having a great time trying to think up fun projects to submit for it. :)

  6. Very cool card! You and Ormolu would make a very great combo! Go for it girl!

  7. Good Luck - I LOVE the Ormolu product - no-one has them within 5,000km of where I live though :-(
    This card is super-fab too!

  8. I've never heard of that product line but those products are pretty awesome. The fact that they are green is awesome too. Love the card you came up with, good luck!

  9. cute!!! and good luck!! i was thinking of trying out for the team, too, but knowing i have competition like you, im certainly not going to get my hopes up!

  10. Such a great card, Michelle. Best of luck!

  11. The card is awesome. Love the chevron and the tape. Also those circles too.

  12. Go for it!! No matter what happens, you'll be glad you tried! I was so tempted by this, but I'm just too maxed out right now. So let me live vicariously for a moment and try for it!

  13. I hope you get it because I love Ormolu as well and just purchased a few stamps thanks to your lovely instagram pic! LOVE THE CARD!

  14. Adore your projects, Michelle! I think you'd be fab for their team! ^_^


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