Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Create (your internal script)

Ok so I've had a post on the brain for months regarding...
The headline was going to be in bold italics just like that and get all heavy on how human memories are evanescent. I was gonna to use that 5 dollar word and EVERYTHING!
Materials: Scenic Route graph paper (I really wish I had bought 20 of those),  Vellum paper, Tissue paper,  Sunrise Thickers in Natural, Glitz minis in yellow, Studio Calico Mister Huey in Sunshine and bluegrass, Maya Road kraft, Martha Stewart doily punch
I recently listened to an NPR story about how a memory changes each time you recall it. How photographing a moment "for posterity", talking about it with others or even writing it down totally transforms your memory of it. So the act of scrapbooking to preserve a memory is essentially destroying it. This KNOCKED ME OUT MAN! I sat down and went WHOA.

But now I can't remember which NPR show or the exact study so I can offer it up for your consideration. Isn't that ironic?
Why am I babbling on about this?
A bad thing (not that bad- gotta keep things in perspective) ALMOST happened to me tonight so I decided to write it down and screw the memory up forever.

I thought I lost my iTouch! "Uhm ok- Soooo?" you say. The thing is that my ipod might as well be attached to my arm! It's become more important than my actual computer or cell phone. I have photos of Lola in there that I love beyond all reason.
Like this one:
I know it's fuzzy. Her expression makes me smile each time I see it.

And this one:

Eating rocks- yes I know- EVIL MOM!
What would I do if I lost my iTouch??? CRY! Which is exactly what I did. I also went out looking for it at 10pm on the waterfront. It's not as scary as it sounds- everything is now well lit and there are families walking around taking in the cool night air- which reminds me- we need to get out more at night! But I digress.

Here is the WHOLE POINT of this loooong story. I remember using my ipod at home. I remember the new photo of Lola I simply HAD to look at when we got home from the park. I remember sitting on my couch, showing it to Dave and hugging Lola because she's so freaking cute. So why am I running through Brooklyn streets AT NIGHT asking people id they saw a pink ipod touch?

Because I don't trust my memory. I've been teased so many times about my "flakiness" that I've internalized that script! I disregarded the internal picture of me enjoying the ipod AT HOME and immediately became convinced I was an ipod LOOSER. Aah the INHUMANITY!

Don't do this to yourself! Self? Pay attention please! Don't do that again. Don't let other people's ideas of you enter the blood stream- it's harder to resist than anything but TRY. Try to remember me running down the street frantically looking for a pink iTouch which was under my desk the whole time- or try anyway- reading this is creating and destroying memories as your eyes run over each word.... create.... destroy.... Create!    Destroy!!!
CREATE!!!! (your own internal script)
Favorite Lolster shot of the year! Almost lost!

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. This post is fantastic. I, too, need to tell myself this!!! That is interesting to me they would say we are destroying the may not be EXACTLY the way it went down, but it's pretty close. And besides, I'd rather destroy some memories for the sake of my kids' kids having the stories to read and share with their kids, rather than never knowing where they came from and seeing that their life is as much a struggle as mine was, or my mother's, etc etc. I'm going to have to find that NPR piece, you've piqued my interest :)

    Ok, to the layout...amazing. Love the hand and the journaling contained within, and the colors are awesome together.

    Oh, of course, how could I forget...that pic of Lola in the watermelon dress...adorable!

  2. Love the use of different mediums!!! You're an absolute ARTIST...
    And Lola is just so very cute :)

  3. Awesome!!! LOVE those colours :) :) :) xox

  4. What a great story teller you are! With a great lesson to pass on. Thank you! What a mind-bending piece on memory. I will have to search that one up--sounds so interesting. So glad you found your iTouch safe at home, cuz that pic of Lola is spectacular! REALLY, REALLY, love that LO, too! The stitching, the words, the hand, the colors, the doodling on the flags, and the TITLE!!! All FAB!!!

  5. Being a lover of stories and fantasy, I actually kinda like the idea of remaking my memories. Anyway wanted to say thanks for pinning my stuff and being so kind about them - you're sweet

  6. Love this LO, everything about it!! And the pics of Lola is super cute, im glad you found your iTouch. Have a great weekend!

  7. thanks for popping by my blog! i love the layout you did for this challenge...and i saw that it was pinned on pinterest...exciting! :)


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