Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspiration/Innovation: Discovery and Creativity

I cannot BELIEVE it's already June 27th! I spent all winter yearning for summer, now summer is here but I'm not taking full advantage of it. Part of it is the sharp shooting pains in my lower back. I can't really carry Miss Lola's stroller up and down the 4 flights of stairs to my walk up apartment. I really REALLY wish we lived in an elevator building. I say this each and every single time I leave and return "home". I am SO ready for a huge change in lifestyle!
Whatever. Today is Monday and so I am determined to SIEZE the day!
Here is a page promised last week:
Materials: Jillibean Soup Monsters paper, corrugated alphas and scallop frames, Sassafras Lass papers and Entwined Blooms, Maya Road star pins, clouds from American Crafts paper, Bird from Paper Issues Etsy store kit
Over the weekend I saw a FASCINATING documentary on Origami. I've always loved the mathematical and transformational nature of that paper folding art but the practitioners in this documentary take it to a whole new level. what they do is simply AMAZING and their work is not just decorative- it's being studied by NASA for possible use in transportation and fueling projects! I was floored. But it reminded me of the tiny line that exists between artistic creativity/ inspiration and scientific discovery.
Check it out: Between The Folds. We streamed it on Netflix and let me tell you- it was the most though provoking hour I've spent in a long time.

Two artist quotes to ponder:
First- "(Referring to his Origami work) It always feels awkward and like it's not gonna work and then it does".  This dude is saying this while literally twist smashing his 3 hour long project to make it swirl- it was excruciating (fascinating!!!) to watch!

Two- " The process of making is the object. The object (your project) looks good if the process of making it felt good" This guy had a very meaningful quote about how people tend to value paper "eliphants" that look like real "eliphants" and how people get caught up in the literal and ignore abstract art's ability to make you see the world differently but every time he said "eliphants" I busted out laughing.

Yes! It's the journey- the discovery- the working that matters- not the actual final product. This is why I take photos! This is why I make unpretty pages (sometimes)! It's MORE than the final product for me- it's about playing and discovering and communicating.

Is it the same for you? Do you like loosing yourself in the process? Or is the final product what you want? Both are equally valid and good if you ask me.

So there you are- a clue on how to follow your nose into the great dark that is "creativity"- wise words from paper obsessed men.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Clouds and birds = great! Colours = great, but sometimes I find the Sass palette oddly muted, and want a vibrant splash somewhere. Creation = process and product for me, definitely.

  2. Lovely layout, the corrugated elements are perfect. That bird is awesome. For my own creative experience, the pages I've been most proud of come from my own heart and hands, where I don't follow a sketch or recipe or anything like that. When I simply create for creation's sake. I love getting lost in a project...the deeper in I get, the better it comes out (which is why my projects have been less than stellar lately...distractions in the form of little people pull me out of my zone LOL I'll have to check out that documentary, sounds super interesting!

  3. jeez...4 flights?....ugggg...

    documentary sounds fascinating...speaking of which, if you like jack white, check out "this might get loud"

    have a great week.

  4. Oh, cool! Thanks for the Origami documentary tip! My son has been very into origami this past year and recently participated in a fundraiser for Japan where they "sold" paper cranes that they made for donations. Also, great quotes to ponder. Your blog always leaves me with deep thoughts.

    Love the layout! I am just realizing that you work in 8-1/2 x 11 format. I love the stitching, and the corrugated frame with the paint is perfect for the picture of those pudgy little grubby hands. Those muddy moments are so good for the soul. I still remember a day like that from when I was 4! :)

  5. What a sweet layout! I love the corrugated letters, the stitching, the clouds, the color scheme and the sweet photos of Miss Lola. Is it safe to say I love everything about it? :)

    I literally feel your back pain. After having 2 children, I always have the worst lower back pain. I can't even imagine climbing up and down those stairs everyday with a little one!


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