Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesdays are better! A Scrap FX Post

I hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend!
I will be celebrating next saturday since this weekend was don't disturb The Hubs who's studying for  finals week.

I've been struggling mightily with staying creative while also chasing a very active 2 and a half year old around a very small apartment.
It seems every time I turn around she's got a pair of scissors or some glue in her hands- not the friendly versions.
The ones that make me squeal in motherly terror.

I made this for Scrap FX but feel it's due for a make over so here's version one and you'll see version 2 there in a week or so.
Materials: Scrap FX Dinosaur mixed pack (2007287), Itsy Bitsy Bets "Typewriter" 2005103,
I altered several frames to make the "instant" ones here. Decorative frame "artsy" 2012044,
Simple frame A rectangle 2012047. I also used Studio Calico paper, Gauche Alchemy washi tape and
, A Flair for Buttons "Love You" button and regular staples I colored black using a marker.
Detail shots:
A Flair for Buttons "Love You" and Scrap FX Simple frame
Love this Tyranosaurus chipboard! I couldn't help
adding some stacked buttons left over from my shadow
box project. I love that look now.
I had a "brain wave" to use vellum for my journaling
to soften the look but it was see through so I had to back it
up with white paper. I nixed this project after using
watered down acrylic paint and warping the paper so badly I had
to cut it down to 8 by 11 size.
This week I sat down and started doing research on Mommy and Me craft projects because Miss Thang gets really crazy when it's raining and she can't go on her usual 4 hour walk.
NOPE! I'm not EVEN kidding.
It's walk her till she literally falls asleep or deal with mini Hulk.

So if you see I'm posting less or not getting around to your blogs and leaving much deserved love it's because I'm conserving time for the kiddo.

She's only 2 for so long.

MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. I LOVE this LO! I especially love the use of staples and the colors you chose :) Don't you worry one bit about the blogosphere....we can wait - your kiddo can't! Happy Mother's Day!!!!

  2. LOL @ mini hulk!!!! Haha-- had me cracking up. Love your layout, the dino's are really cool, I have pics from the T-Rex resturant at Disney that I could def use those for!

  3. Oh, I just love this layout!
    The dinos are just to cute!
    I'd love to hear about the mommy and me crafts you'll be doing. I can't find any ideas on what to do with my 18 month old.

    1. Oh good point!I can certainly get started on that- Mostly anything is good enough for the kiddo as long as there's a big enough tarp to go UNDER what she makes. Also- don't use your sewing machine when she's around- nothing like breaking a needle clean off mid project to FREAK a girl out- visions of eyes getting put out and tiny questing hands getting stitched on are NOT fun.

  4. the dinos are great! i love the green splashes from the washi tape. be interested to see your remake. also your final photo here is really sweet. x

  5. Darling LO, and the dinos are so cute! And I love the painting picture -- looks like Lola is quite engrossed -- is she destined to be a crafter too? I'm so glad you know that she's only little once -- it's gone in a blink, believe me -- even my grandkids are getting older! Yikes it's a fast ride!

  6. Enjoy 2. My former two year old is now finishing up elementary school and about to be a middle schooler. Yikes. I miss the days when played with the vacuum in his frog galoshes.

  7. Aww, great use of all the dino chippies!! Lovely colors too- I don't think you need to change a thing- keep up the fab work girl!!

  8. Love how the elements of in this layout are basically neutral with the naked ScrapFX and the light green washi. It makes your pix, each with a burst of red, POP!

  9. Love it! You are a scrappin fool right now!

  10. How fun is this girl!! Diggin those dinos!!Rocks!


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