Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Blogger followers, Google Friends Connect and redoing cards

Ok so after some searching on the internet for this Google Friends Connect dilemma- wait-
I don't want to lose anyone...
Google Friends Connect is the little "join this site" box there (pointing to the lower right of this blog) with all the friendly faces.
The box is staying but anyone who reads you on a different blogging platform (like Wordpress or TypePad) will no longer be able to follow you using that box)

NO SOUP FOR YOU! Un-blogger blogers!!

That means you'll be limiting your reader base. Time to diversify!

Some of my favorite blogers are using:
Blog Lovin'  
Networked Blogs apps 
or asking readers to follow via email.

See that teeny tiny box up there (pointing to the upper right)?
If you like what I do, sign up and get me in your inbox at least 3 times a week.

Some of you have "upgraded" to new Blogger formats and are now looking for more info.
Blogger has a website for that.
"Blogger Buzz"
Yay! Click on me! Get taken to a totally bewildering website and read for HOURS!

So I will keep looking and linking and talking to help ya'll out.
Us scrappy peeps gotta stick together!

Here is this week's project.
This is a redo of a card I made for fellow Scrap FX DT member Scarlett who sent me some much wanted Target washi tape at the drop of a hat She's SO AWESOME!

Materials: Washi tape and punchinella from Gauche Alchemy, flair buttons from
"A Flair for Buttons"on Etsy, Ormolu arrows tag (fave ever!), Bazill white cardstock.
I added the alphas from K & Co to give the card's sentiment visual clarity. The handwritten
 "thank you" was totally lost before. I also gave up that FABULOUS red arrow button. Scarlett deserves it. 
Lola and I are "collaborating" again.
She did the splashing and stamping on this card that is still "in the works".
Buttons from A Flair for Buttons- love that place!
It's wednesday- the most effective blog posting day of the week- have YOU posted today?
Write it up and POST mi gente!
Someone wants to read it!


  1. No post from me today and you're right, I enjoyed reading yours.

    Love the pic of you 3, you look v happy :o)


  2. Awe....what a great pic! Love the card, the stitching really adds so much to any project.

    Thanks so much for hopping over to my blog and joining along :D It totally made my day because I just love your work!

  3. Woot!Woot! That's my car-ard (in the best sing songy voice I've got)!!! And guess what??! Its in my hot lil' hands!!!! Oh my it is so cool to look at in person!! There's a part of me that says keep it in tact, hang it up because its a work of art from a friend - then there's the other Ormolu lovin', never had any of it side that says rip it apart, Michelle will appreciate her work becoming part of mine, LOL!! What's a girl to do?? Play with some new stamps, surely!! Thank you so much for the wonderful goodie package!!

    1. Rip it up! Now I wish I hadn't sewn it onto the card- sorry about that! Should have taped it on there.

    2. No Way!!! I love the stitching and I'm not all that great at it, so double bonus - Ormolu pre-stitched!!! ;0)

  4. I love those arrows and the stitching! That card is seriously fantabulous, and I'm loving the one your working too, LOVE! the paint splashes and those flare buttons!

  5. You're amazing.....just saying......:)

  6. Oh my! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Seriously awesome card!!! You're a major inspiration!


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