Friday, May 11, 2012

Scrapping with unusual colors and funnies from the blogging front

I'm Googling like a mad woman trying to figure out why some of my teamies over at Scrap FX have new blog formats they can't "follow" people on.
Do you know what I mean?
Have you updated your Blogger blog lately and found your "follow" button now reads "share"?
What's THAT all about???
If you know, share please!
Google is NO HELP.
I can't  find articles no matter how many search terms I put into the search bar.
Which made me wonder- what search terms are landing people here?

  • 3 people found me by using: "fly story with stencil": That. Right there. Is awesome! FLY story? YES PLEASE! I luuurv me some FLY stories! 
  • 3 with: "Puerto Rican Pride":  Ok. I got the pride. I have a digi Puerto Rican Flag permanently flying in my Pinterest account and it only gets pinned by other Puerto Ricans. Abrazos a todos! This is a scrapbook blog- if you can roll with that, we are main buds. Hey, do you mind sharing your flan recipe? Please?
  • 3 with: "Scrap FX": WHAT? ONLY 3? MUST correct that! ASAP!
  • 3 with: "stencil of Puerto Rican flag for": FOR WHAT? Guys, you've totally left me hanging! For baking? For rinsing beets with? What already?
  • 2 with: "Billy drinking pop + red fern"- HUH? How are Billy's pop drinking habits connected to scrapbooking? RAAAANDOM! Red Fern? That's a book. I know from my searching Ebay for live ferns to buy. Yes I used to buy ferns, ON EBAY.
  • 2 with "EK Success punches with settings": So cool! Now what are these settings you are looking for? You KNOW I'm going to be looking that up! I'll be finding myself next!

I never posted my May True Xoxo Scrapbooking challenge page!!!
Swing by and play along!
Here it is:
I used Gauche Alchemy's limited edition Neon color kit to make this page.
You'll also spot some embossed lines I made with a score board and bone folder-
thanks to Melissa Mann for that idea. The chipboard alphas and flourish are from Scrap FX.
I used gel pens and neon pastel crayons to finish them.
And this? Apparently, I forgot I submitted a page a month in advance
Cosmo Cricket Heart in The Dark alphas and blackboard chippies, bling from Kaiser Kraft
Crafter's Workshop basket weave stencil, Tattered Angels Mermaid Glimmer glam, Smash tape and
some AWESOME EK Success stamps.
So swing by True Xoxo Girls are get to scraplifting!
I fully give you permission to STEAL THESE PAGES!
(Can I get a small mention though? Come on- you love me! Admit it!!!! )

Well hello there, gorgeous! (summer 2010)
MuChOs SmOoChEs!
And a digi PR flag waving! I'm a PROUD Boricua!


  1. How freaking funny are those search phrases! I wonder how reliable Google is for recording it to begin with?

    These layouts are FABULOUS and I especially love the score lines idea! How innovative (and free!!!) :)

    Ps. Please share with me ur flan recipe responses! :)

    1. Darlene I actually got a good flan recipe this weekend from a fellow blog reader!!!! I will be trying it out and posting but first let me ask if it's ok to share it on this blog.

  2. huh, wish i knew. hadn't noticed yet but will go check it out... hmmm... anyway, love your technicolor page! what you did to highlight the alhpas looks fab. x

  3. I loooooooove these, Michelle, especially your neon page, it's pretty much the most fabulous neon thing ever. I made me love neon. :)
    Your style makes me happy and feel the energy of whatever is on the page.
    I can't help you with the "follow/share" deal, since I'm a wordpresser. I've never really had the connect option that I thought was helpful. I just have "follow by email."

  4. Oh, you always give me a good laugh! Those search phrases are hilarious!!! I am not sure what the "share" thing is all about...but, I have noticed lately that when I follow someone it doesn't show up in my reader, I actally have to subscribe. Hmmmm.....

    And, of course - you know I LOVE your layouts! You are amazing!!!

  5. I love the layouts too, especially the neon one :D I've been wondering what happened to the follow button too. I've been having to add them on my dashboard using the url.

  6. That neon page is amazing! Have a great weekend!

  7. Your pages are gorgeous! I too was wondering about the missing "follow" button - just never . I just never took the time to check it out.

  8. No I have no idea what the 'share' button is..I haven't even noticed it yet. Please do tell when you find out! You know I think these pages are fantastic :) I loved them when I first saw do neon like no one else and your next page is so free and random! It really represents the sentiment of your page :)

  9. Wow! How fabulous! Lovelovelove the neon page! The colours are just awesome! Fabulous stamped work on the second layout! :)

  10. Oh, I love your second layout here! Really playfull and sort of whimsical!

  11. great pages, michelle! i adore them both.

  12. girl, to be honest, I have no idea what is on my blog as far as followers is's all very confusing and I am tech-illiterate!! Help me out!!

    1. Ok I'm on it Kate- I'm gonna do my best and report back to you PROMISE! Also- I will email you ok? Hugs to you Momma!

  13. Yes! My husband makes the world's best flan. I'll e-mail the recipe to you. I had to ask him how he makes it -- I just realized that if something happened to him, I'd have no idea how to make it!

    1. Pointing at above- this lady right here is the BEEZ KNEEZ!!! Just so everyone knows. :D

  14. Reading lists like that always makes me curious about my own search history--unfortunately, every time I look them up it's all boring, on-topic ones.

  15. Love your neon work. Those red felt hearts with the pink neon tab. **Swoon**

  16. LOL!!! Love your post - super funny!!! :D

    These layouts are totally BRILLIANT!!! My goodness they are fabulous... wow!!!


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