Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gauche Alchemy Goodness- color, pages, messy fun-ness

Once again I am struggling with lack of mojo.
Not because the ideas aren't there but because when I approach the table, my mind goes completely blank!
How could this be?

In bed? GENIUS IDEA! OMG can't wait to wake up tomorrow and get started!
In the park with Miss Lola? AWESOME motif and journaling ideas! Can't wait to get home and KICK PAPER BOOTY!
In the shower. woo hooo paper pattern combo to die for!!! Lemme just finish washing my hair...
While I'm walking. Oooo! PHOTO! PHOTO!!! layering technique madness!
IDEAS! Flow! Excitement!
Step up to the plate?
seas of white
tv static- brain ones

The secret to get over it (I've heard and have started putting into practice) is to work through it.
NO! Don't throw away that perfectly hideous piece!
Look at it.
Why did you feel the need to add that color?
Why did you choose that photo?
The papers or embellishments?
If you find your temples thrumming take a step back.
Ok walk away entirely and do something else for a while.
But try to come back, ok?
There is a reason for everything.
You may not find out why you made that first version of your project but you may dig up a kernel of something you can work on next time.
So here are 2 "first drafts" (which I really like)

Why is this a first draft?
 I love the color and that I used a photo that was printed on the wrong side of the paper by mistake (hence the title) but the design is lacking (or frankly, non-existent). I thought I should paint a window in the Hambly transparency but soon realized I would have to use a craft knife to make a blank space for the photo but my hand cutting skills are severely lacking so I chickened out. Next time I'll take this to the next level and cut that window out.
A page using the Gauche Alchemy Monstrous Mutant Robots from Outer Space Kit and some blue punchinella.
This is up over at the Gauche blog today. I've used washi tape on both these pages to make random lines- I love that design element. I also love triangles and arrows so they go in. This is actually a SECOND draft. The first one was too strange looking. Here I ignored the crowded print and decided to just flow with the robots and add as much color to the page as I could. There is a more effective design solution for this- I haven't found it yet.
WHOA! Now that I see the pages together I see I've scrap lifted myself! That happens a lot lately- I really need to start making sketches in advance.
Also? LOVING the strips of circles or arrows!! Will be doing that more!
See? Already winning!

And you?
What are some mojo kick starters or pages you think are "almost there"?
Leave a comment!
 I can swing by and help you out (or most likely- leave raving love all over your blog)
Street poster- so cool!!!
Thanks for spending time here!


  1. Oh,meu Deus tenho que me expressar Michele...dois LOs que eu amei tudo!MUITO,MUITO .
    Incluindo as cores. :)


    Well I wasn't going to post my newest layout quite yet, but here goes. What do you think?

    Personally, I love these layouts. Not quite sure what you think is lacking in no. 1, but the robots are my fave. More is more, right?

  3. i think both the layouts are cool! super colorful, super fun!

  4. total and complete awesomeness here!!! LOVE IT!!! When I need mojo, I go to bed - LOL! A little rest always gives me the kick I need :)

  5. I really like your design style because your projects are always so bold! I force myself to work through my mojoless days too.

  6. Do you keep paper and pen/pencil in your purse or on your nightstand for those moments of inspiration when they strike? I keep one in my purse and I have found it quite useful for writing down my ideas so when I get into my studio I don't have one of those "moments" when I can't think of anything.

    Love both your layouts rock!


  7. You got it, Marilyn! I keep a running list in my phone. And these LO's are FAB!! I think you may not be steering it cuz you got a bit of awesomesauce in your eye ;-). Thanks for th inspiration, Chickadee (aka Chellster!!)!! xx

  8. *seeing ---> AAAAND that's what you get when you leave comments from your phone :-P

  9. inspiration is everywhere right? If I'm out & about, I whip out my handy dandy notebook and write it down or rough sketch it ASAP-I'mnprine to having notebooks all over the place (in car, 2 in my purse, one by my bed, onein the kitchen) AND, now that I have a smart phone, I can take a pic!

    1. I meant "I'm prone to having notebooks ....I can't blame my smart phone for this one!

  10. OMG when I started reading this post, I though maybe you'd sneaked into my head, found my problem, and then decided to write about it, describing it so perfectly! I often "design" my pages while I'm driving, taking care of the kiddos, etc and I'll feel like I have brilliant idea BUT when I get in front of the craft table...BLANK!! Sometimes I just browse the net which actually just drives me more crazy b/c I start seeing all this amazing stuff and I'll feel panicky (shhh, don't tell anyone!) and other times I just try and put stuff down on paper or I go and look for a photo I want to scrap and edit it. Just doing something, ANYTHING towards creating usually helps. Sorry for the written just hit home is all:)

    1. Too funny girl! it's a process right? Wish the scrap biggies were forced to blog their first drafts or entire process- I bet I would find out real quick how to stop blank brain syndrome. For now I just redo redo redo- it drives everyone nuts but it's a great way to learn.


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