Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vellum circles ROOOOCK!

Over the weekend I had sort of a mini scrappy break down.
I gave away 3 boxes worth of stuff to my aunt who wants to get into scrapbooking.
I threw out a lot of "scraps" I had been saving for Project 360.
Have you noticed I haven't posted a Project 360 page in over 6 weeks?
It's just so much effort!
I think I will re-imagine the project as simple paper and photos- no matching embellishments. 
Just till I get back into the swing of things. 
I LOVE looking at the 8 pages I have from January but they took several days each to complete.
Here is a quick page I made while Miss Lola napped for today.
Materials: Crate Paper, Gauche Alchemy washi tape, Ormolu fabric strips and journaling spots,
Ali Edwards sentiment stamp (I wish my hand writing looked like that), Fancy Pants coffee filters,
Smash arrow clips (LOVE!!), vellum and Fiskars circle punches. Also the new K & Co label maker.
 I LOVE that thing!! It's so easy to use!!!
This is just a fun page to get the creative juices flowing.
I only made 4 original pages in May! 
Scrappy disaster! Everything else was a redo- all I see in my pages lately are the mistakes.
The photos on this page were taken with the Photobooth app. 
The photos are incredibly well defined for low rez so I think I will be using that app more often- each photo in the strip is 600dpi do you can enlarge them to 3 by 4 with very little noise.

A few detail shots:
Loving turquoise and red together lately.
K and Co arrow shaped paper clips will need to come home in multiples.
They are so tiny and perfect!

Punching vellum should have occurred to me sooner! I love using transparent items on my
pages because they add so much detail without cluttering things up. I'm given to adding
and adding till I just can't fit anything else so making pages like this is new for me.
So what did you accomplish this lovely long weekend?

The Eastern Oracle by Heather Hart over at The Brooklyn Museum.
You get to climb a roof! Awesome sauce!
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Cool! Love how you mixed vellum with filter paper. Awesome use of varying opacities for a unique, unique look. Did you use the pre made or the printable ormolu tags?

    1. I used the pre printed tags- I don't like printing embellies at home- the color is usually off mark and ink is so expensive I never reprint. I would use their digi versions on a digi page though.

  2. wow! this is an awesome, awesome layout, michelle. very cool. i jsut ordered some vellum, so now i cant wait for it to get here, so i can play!

    1. Can't wait to see what you come up with- I'm sure it will kick scrappy butt!

  3. Woah!!! This one took my breath away! Seriously amazing! I love that while it's a bit "clean" compared to your usual, it is still wonderfully you!

  4. What an amazing page!!! LOve,love, love!!!!

  5. This is incredible! I am really loving the vellum and I bet you are once again setting the trend! You are kickin scrappy boot-tay!

  6. And vellum makes a comeback....awesome page!!! Did I ever tell you I love your smile ?? (hope that doesn't sound creepy. lol!)

  7. Brilliant, Michelle! I've always liked your use of punchinella as a layering embellishment--the stuff itself, not just using it as a stencil--and you achieve a similar effect with that circle punched vellum. LOVE the soft translucency with those pops of red! Vellum circles ROCK, but YOU ROCK the VELLUM!!

  8. I was so waiting for you to post something new.

  9. Hello from Texas - Your aunt (Emileena) was just telling me about her boxes of scrap sfuff she got from you. She told me to check out your sight! Glad she did -- you do great stuff. I will have some big shoes to fill, as I will be "teaching" her stuff here in Texas. After all you gave her and showed her, I told her she could teach us a few things. Check out my sight if you get a chance.God Bless and Happy Scrapin'!

  10. You made this while Lola napped?! Talented girl, that's what you are! You "whipped" this out, re-introducing something we haven't seen around in a while...vellum! Love your way of using it too...I'm doing some catch up and boy am I glad I'm getting to see your very cool pages!!


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