Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In the Pink with American Craft's Dear Lizzy Neopolitan Line

Gooood afternoon world!

You know what I don't like?
Feeling completely overwhelmed and only then realizing I don't know HALF the things I need to get my latest "goal" accomplished.
This week I need to buy a printer.
ACK! I'm falling over in exhaustion just thinking about it!

Happy place! Happy place!!! HAPPYYYYYY PLAAAACE!

That's my baby at 8 months old. That's her "pleeeease take me out this crib" face. Needless to say it worked every time.
Materials: American Crafts Dear Lizzy paper and stickers, Martha Stewart mini doily, Studio Calico exclusive Thickers, Pink Paislee hexagon chipboard, Crafter's Workshop chickenwire template. Gesso from my local art supply store-(the cheapest I could find!)  Diamond Stickles and Making Memories lace.
I REALLY need to catch up on my Project 365 but with the printer on the fritz I don't see how its going to happen.

Anyone have a good printer recommendation? I'd like one with a scanner and separate color ink cartridges. It'd be great if it didn't cost an arm and a leg to buy ink for it but I know that's asking too much.
Here are some detail shots:
I ripped the back cover off the Dear Lizzy sticker book- the water color print is so pretty.
The Dandelion wisp post-it note is from a Korean stationary store
here in NYC- it's closed now- WAAAH!
I came across a GREAT blog post a million years ago on adding a bar to your 4 by 4 Instagram photos so you can print them at your local photo-o-mat BUT (there's ALWAYS a but on the truly fabulous... which explains Jennifer Lopez by the way) you have to use a PhotoShop Action.

**********Insert "Home Alone" movie Aaaaaaaaa face here.**********

I really dislike getting involved with Photoshop.
It's why I love my crappy iTouch so much- I get lots of fun photo effects and avoid "loading" Photoshop actions.
I bet I know what you're thinking!
What IS a freaking Photoshop action Michelle? YEESH!
A Photoshop action is the automation of a series of steps taken when using Photoshop to get a desired effect on a photo.
Does that even make sense?
No, right?

 So there you have it- thanks Einny.

I've never been good with learning anything that requires more than 3 nit picky steps.
My brain just freezes and goes: Trrrrrrra LA LA LA LAAAAA.

It's why I avoid HTML, Math, French cooking- you know- useful, life enhancing, money earning things.
I'm not proud of it or anything- just acknowledging the problem (and moving on)

Here's the link to that printing action by the way- sorry to make you wait with baited breath and all.

And here is what I got accomplished this week full of so much NOTHING I got exactly NOTHING done.

blank space indicating nothing
LOVE. IT. when I let that happen.
PS have you seen "Never Ending Story"?
No?????? GO. SEE. IT!!!

Oh! And I really love the Dear Lizzy line. Really really. Yellow and pink together?? Water color details? LOVE!!!

I have a talking dandelion I can call my own.
Let's talk printers mi gente! Rants, questions you want me to investigate- recommendations- whatever!
PS- rants especially appreciated- if they are funny I will be tweeting them- you have been warned. :)

MuChoS SmOoChES!


  1. Ooh I love the Dear Lizzy too!!

    Don't get an HP Photosmart Plus - garbage! I have to clean the print head every single time before printing a photo or the color smears down the page.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. lol...I was going to say, I love my HP Photosmart Plus! I hated my kodak printer! It seriously sucked monkey butts! I bought it to save money on ink but it dried out so fast that I was spending smaller amounts of money more often, and no matter what settings I used the color was never even close to the true color???

    Loving that page btw!!! Such a sweet face!

    Ohhhh...and did you know that I finally remembered to subscribe to your blog, but the email always comes a day late? I wonder whats up with that?

    1. Really? It used to be immediate but maybe since I use the free version there's now a delay. I was JUST looking at Kodak printers at Target- I guess I should pass them over- company's going out of business anyway. Hmmmm.

  4. Your little is such a cutie (and she looks so much like you)! I love her wild hair!!

    And seriously... I've been gifted with photoshop elements AND creative suite. I can't use either one, and I've even bought the dummies books. It's like greek to me. I was heartbroken and ANGRY when picnik announced that they will cease operation... I actually stomped my feet!

    Printer shopping is a pain. And I feel ya. And I wish I had a recommendation for you, but dang if I don't need one meself.


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