Friday, March 16, 2012

Punky Scraps and Echo Park- so BFFs!

We interrupt this random pre scheduled post to announce I am now part of the Scrap FX design team!!!
awkward dancing.
Now back to my usual blathering.
I'm trying to ignore current tv news and political smack talk lately as it just makes me rave unattractively.
There are eye ticks and references to obscure literature involved.
Mostly because I have definite ideas about women's issues and feminism...
Wait- did I lose you?
I DISTINCTLY saw eyes glazing over!
Did I REALLY just write the word FEMINISM in my SCRAP blog?

Don't worry I won't  flail burning under garments in your general direction.
I will leave all political implications at the door where you may pick them up and RUN WILD in the streets with them.
Mostly because it's late, I'm tired and there's a really good episode of "Ghost Whisperer" I wanna watch.
Let's relate on a more personal level.
After all, we all want the same things:
a long healthy happy life, true love, pizza, the occasional trip to the scrap store and the latest Echo Park line.
This one:
This has GOT to be the COOLEST print this season!!!
Echo Park's This & That line- pure awesomeage!
Woodgrain, Scrabble tile and Dymo tape alphas?
It's a dream come true!
The only thing is that Echo Park has randomly assigned a gender to this FABULOUSNESS and printed the word "boy" all over it. BOOO!
I'm using it anyway!
A page for this week's Punky Scraps Sketch challenge.
Materials: Echo Park This & That paper, stickers and brads, Gauche Alchemy punchinella,
SC Mister Huey in white and Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher.
This week's page was a little difficult- mostly because I didn't want my page to resemble to sketch exactly so I got stuck trying to improvise.
I decided to not over think and just started adding fun bits to the page.
I like the result. It could use more white space but it was fun to make so I'm ok with it.
The sketch by Marie Mison:
Deceptively "simple"!!
There is also This and That "girl" line and it's flowery and red and pink all over.
That palette would normally send me into a buying frenzy but the "boys" line is so much cooler!!!  Mod cameras! Teal and turquoise! Film strips and woodgrain together!
Imagine what some red and pink cameras would have looked like!!
ACK! Missed opportunity!!!
Let me distract myself with my latest "find" a "vintage" alphabet rubber stamp set from EK Success.

Oh what's DIZ? Only my latest obsession.
These are rad to the max! More to come
#everystory (hint!)
Oh and I forgot to blog about it but waaay back when I was cool and there's a movie showing at Lincoln Center PROVING so!
More on this come Project Life Monday. Promise!
Swing by and give the Punky sketch a try.
I really love how my fellow team members interpreted the sketch.
Can't wait to see how YOU tackle it!

MuChos SmOoChEs!


  1. Woohoo!Congrats on your awesome new DT gig!!! :)

    Love your fun layout...I picked up some Echo Park the This & That collection.

  2. you SO deserve it!!! congrats!!!!!

  3. Woo! Congrats girly! You deserve it.
    AND, UM, YES!
    The This&That Charming collection is AMAZING. I'm in complete and utter love with it.
    Love the layout!

  4. I'm so happy for you, you totally rock!! :-D Congrats! I love your layout, cute photo and lovely details and design! Woodgrain is the shit! :-D
    Thanks for your sweet words in my blog <3

  5. I think you're a great fit for the Scrap FX DT! Super congrats!!! And I agree... that echo park paper makes me happy just looking at it, and I just happen to love the colors in the "boy" This n That collection. Not sure WHY they had to plaster the word boy all over it. sheesh!

    Your LO is fab. The photo is so cute... I just love smiley, cheeky baby photos!

  6. yep well done!!!! it is a great collection, and you made it look REALLY GREAT!! I think it really suits your style. btw what are you talking about - i don't pay attention to the news and obv don't know what goes on in the states... :-/

  7. Congrats on ScrapFX Michelle!!!! Really happy to have the chance to work with you there. So you totally pushed me over the edge on the EP paper. I've had my eye on that collection since I saw it - you rocked it!! - AND I'm totally intrigued by the last photo!

  8. Wonderful news about the Scrap FX DT, Michelle!!!!!! Congrats!! They are lucky to have a creative powerhouse like yourself on the team :) And Baby bath layout is just adorable! Yep, you and this EP collection are made for each other.

  9. LOVE your layout!! Congrats on the DT gig! :)

  10. My eyes did NOT glaze over. I'm not sure which news you're talking about, but if it's the Rush Limbaugh thing, I totally get you.

    And congrats on making the team. You already know that you rock my socks off!

  11. BIG Congratulations on the team! I also absolutely LOVE what you have done with the Echo Park. I have seen heaps of great work using this line - but yours is so different - and I LOVE that you have used it for a pic with Lola!
    Lowri :-)

  12. Congratulations! Nice to meet you!:)

  13. Congrats!!!!! Love that page! So sweet!

  14. And fun this page is! I love it..the whole design, the cutie pie Lola photo, the cameras, the woodgrain (you get the picture ;)! Seriously A-dorable!!
    And must not forget: CONGRATS again on the DT with ScrapFX!! Wanna know something? When I was in Australia this past December I was desperately trying to get myself to a scrap store there so I could check their stuff out live but alas the one time I got to a store they were hoo :( Anyhoo, so glad for you!

  15. Congrats! I am so happy for you! Can't wait to see what you do with all their goodies! Love your page here too!


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