Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcoming Fall (begrudgingly)

I've said this before and I will say it again. I dislike Fall. Severely.
I used to say I hated Fall but was taken aback by the outrage it sparked.
I didn't say I hated babies or Bill Cosby puddling commercials. YEESH!
So I've decided not to hate fall outright.
Let's celebrate it instead. (begrudgingly)

Apple (Pumpkin) Picking
MATERIALS: Crate Random (blue) and Farmhouse (rulers), Crate buttons, Studio Calico wood hearts, Canvas Corps Burlap ATC, American Crafts Dots Thickers, Glitz red alphas,  Fancy Pants "fun" die cut, Uni-ball gel pen.
Please ignore the letter stickers on the first photo. Can you believe my husband saw them before I shot the page and didn't tell me anything?????

I like the cooler weather, the falling leaves, apple picking, Halloween and Thanksgiving.
I hate the feeling that winter is coming. It's like I used to feel about sunday when I worked (at an EVIL corporation that shall remain anonymous). I loved sunday but it also meant MONDAY was right around the corner.
There's a reason I love Garfield.
Used this awesome sketch from Sketch Inspiration
Last year we visited Maskers Apple Orchard in Warwick, New York. It was a three hour drive but pleasant with all the trees (that hadn't turned yet). When we finally got there we were rewarded with a beautiful orchard that also had a Pumpkin Patch, fresh made apple pie, apple DONUTS (WOO HOO!) and pony rides.
Couldn't use this photo- Lola looks.. bored? Robotic?
WHAT is that expression???
PONY RIDE???? Dave and I yelled at the same time.
No she couldn't.
Lola was a year old.
Her parents were obviously total and complete fools.
We bought the ticket. We waited in line and Lola cooed at the tiny horses.
Until it was her turn and they wouldn't let her ride with Daddy by her side.
 Two seconds and 10 dollars later all I got was this photo:
We're going again this year.
We think Lola will have more fun at two.
Who's bad? That's right- we have Nerf guns!

MuChos SmOoChEs!


  1. I love me some apple pickin! Doing that (hopefully) this weekend. I despise fall for the same reason as you, but love the smell in the air, the hot apple cider, the pumpkins, Halloween, and the BAKING! Yay! Boo to winter though...

    Awesome page, love the stitched up apple. Shame on hubby (but I've done that before with a post it note that I stuck on temporarily, I always make a materials list and stick it to the page for blogging purposes...didn't notice until I uploaded the pics to blogger and had to take them all over again >:/ )

  2. great page!! I've seen that's a look of.....i'm trying to bite this apple, but i might as well be trying to eat a watermelon with my tiny teeth and you come along and shove a camera in my face....i'm concentrating mum!!!

  3. Very cute page. Love the jean paper for the apple and all the stitching. Was cracking up over your journaling ("pony debacle"-LOL!) and glad you told the story within your post. Reminds me of a similar story of when my baby girl was two and allowed to ride the horses. You could pick "slow" or "medium". We picked medium and then FREAKED OUT when they sent her off bouncing, bouncing along. What were we thinking????

  4. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors and the apple cutout!

  5. Fantastic how the kraft background pulls together the colourful photos. Congrats on 2Peas !!

  6. oh don't... don't dislike fall. enjoy the now.. winter will come whether you like it or not. i think i will LOVE fall if we have that here :) I think this year lola will enjoy the pony ride FOR SURE! heeeeheee.. kiss her for me.


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