Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Budgeting time to get the most from the day- A Scrap FX page

Happy wednesday folks!

This is my latest page for Scrap FX and it's currently up on their blog.
Materials: scrap FX dart board setand Sieze The Day wordlett, Echo Parl woodgrain paper, Crate instaframe paper (FAVE!), EK Success triangle punch (awesome!) puffy star ribbon from a Studio Calico kit.
I had two hours to finish this page.
It's how I work these days and my design style has changed because of it.

I'm using two great pieces of advice to get  handle on what's important and what can wait:
Both come from blog comments.

From SoaphouseMama- discuss with your spouse what three household tasks are most important and make sure those get done.
For me the top three household tasks are:
-washing the dishes
-fixing dinner (and making enough so there's left overs for next day's lunch)
-making sure Lola's toys aren't all over the floor ready to trip and kill any of us.
But really- the house can look like a crack den as long as the dishes are done.

Dave claims he doesn't have three things.
I really wish he would just pick three things.
I think Dave is avoiding having to DO said three things.

The second comes from Jenn - limit your task list to 5 items a day.
Sage advice.
Naturally I find a way to over think it:
Is combing Lola's hair a "task"? She screams and fights and runs around making it so.
Plus I have to do it twice a day- does that mean it's TWO items on my list?
Which is why you see so many shots of Lola with a hat on.
Lola Hat = Mama sanity
When I got the dart set I was all- what the heck will I do with these???
Wish I had another pack!!! Dart Board set model# 2012268
Here was my list for yesterday:

  • 1. Return new rug to TJ Maxx as it had a HUGE hole (the rug was rolled up to hide the hole)
  • 2. Take Lola to the park (nixed due to rain- took Lola to the supermarket- sorry kid!)
  • 3. Supermarket 
  • 4. Call medical insurance and find out why Lola was kicked off (she wasn't).
  • 4a. Call doctor and discuss why they have insurance info from 2010.
  • 4b. Fax new documents to doctor (ei- find a store that still HAS a fax machine and pay for said faxing.)
  • 5. Wash dishes. (don't EVEN ask)
  • 6. Cook (ditto)
  • 7. Punky Scraps page
  • 8. Redo flair buttons pages for possible magazine submission (this took all my scrap time)
  • 9. Give Lola bath and put her to bed (this is important since I work past 10pm now and don't get to do it as much as I would like) Also clean Lola's teeth and comb her hair- or as I like to call it- chasing Lola.
  • 10. Write blog post (nixed- doing so now at 11am)

Lists help you seize the day OR the fill you with dread and anxiety- you decide!
Seize the day wordlett model# 2012123
How do I even tackle things like clean scrap space, find 8 standing hours shoes and do something about new iTouch that doesn't work with 8 year old Mac? (first world problem!!)

OH! And WHEN will I send the care packages that I've had sitting under my scrap desk since MAY.
(insert small scared scream here)

So that's my life right now- I'm SURE it's yours as well.

Fall Hamlet. SO. NOT. POSED! I wanted a smile.
I got this. (Awesome!!)


  1. Wow ..
    This is really fantastic, I love this creativity shown in layers with lines free on the LO.
    I loved his art figured in flicker that day.
    It is so inspiring!! :)

  2. fantabulous layout! have a great day.

  3. Hi!
    Ok first, your layout..that is quite possibly the first time I've seen triangles used in a way that I love! That is one trend I didn't really like, until now, this page really rocks! Great job!!
    Second, I totally feel ya on the super duper busy mom thing, you aren't alone! It can be so tough to juggle it all..hang in there!

  4. Oh blimey I hear you! Unfortunately at the moment it's poor old Craig who is doing the majority here while I waddle around or moan about Braxton Hicks.

    Lists though - I so need to do lists! With us the important ones are dishes, clutter, dusting, kids uniforms ironed (they can go around all rumpled at home but at least LOOK presentable at school!) And dinner all together as a family!

    Love this page and all that sewing :)

  5. Really inspirational page! I too love the triangles and also all the strings hanging off! In a rut, need inspiration so thank you:) AND the shared advice of other women, priceless! I know my days are packed, and I need to reprioritize and organize:) Hope all is well for you Michelle!

  6. Love your designs! Always so eye pleasing and original. Another amazing piece of work! Love that little one! And I think my time is completely not mine any more with Emma around.

  7. Wait...this is a 12x12? When did you start doing them? I have missed so much.

  8. This post cracks me up - I always prioritise scrapping and me time over household chores! That pic is a crack up too - I love the Hamlet pose and its even better that its not staged!

  9. Wow, I love this page so much, Michelle! those layers and layers of triangles looks G.R.E.A.T! sweet pics too :)

  10. Oh my gosh, Michelle! That Hamlet photo is KILLING me!!! TOOOOOO FUNNY!!! And I love the layout, too. Interesting how busy life is changing your scrapping style, but I do love the results! I actually came over to comment on the "Hello Awkward" Christmas LO you have up over at Punky Scraps--God, I love you! My favorite part, I think, is the speech bubble above the deer. Classic!! Thank you for all your inspiration and keeping so much fun in the hobby!

  11. I love your post SO much! I so identify with your day. It's that crazy around here too. All day long. Your Hamlet photo is awesome!


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