Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thing Love- Kit clubs

Paper is a fascinating thing. You can read from it, write on it, clean with it- throw it away. You can build with it, buy with it and hoard it like a squirrel.

Many times I've found I practically worship it... or rather what others create with it.
MoMA Prints & Illustrated Books
My first paper love was paper dolls- Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie and Rainbow Bright.
Then came the public library. Origami.
Then it was magazines. Ranger Rick, Bop and Sassy. Later Glamour, rock music rags, Aperture and Photo Forum.
I cut thousands of photos out and pasted them on special notebooks.
Then came comic books- specifically Alex Ross and Batman.
Then there was Studio Calico.
Studio Calico FANgirl.
Lesson learned this week: NEVER say never. I was NEVER going to subscribe to a kit club. Kits are too expensive. The editorial choices never fit my taste fully. I don't like matchy-matchy kits, kits featuring just one brand, frilly kits, traditional kits, "dark" kits,  trend/themed kits or kits with mostly holiday products. Kits seemed like a great way to waste precious scrap budget.

Studio Calico changed my mind. I love the exclusive stamps, the modern prints, the off-beat colors and the uniqueness of the items. I like that the papers aren't cute or feminine or too specific. I can make a page about Miss Lola, my nephews or graffiti using the same paper. And it's MODERN- and COOL. I'm not particularly cool so I have to borrow it from where ever I can.

So I finally joined a club- mostly out of self defense- it hurt too much to see the words "sold out" over and over next to items I loved.

Studio Calico Anthology Fabric rips
Studio Calico Penmanship paper
Studio Calico packaging that came with the kit
Fiskars medium star punch
Crafter's Workshop 12x12 hearts template
Mister Huey in Applejack and Schoolhouse
SO effing RAD!!!!
MuChOs SmOoChEs!!


  1. Ive always wanted to get Studio calico kits..but am rethinking it too..ahahaha! :)) your LO!! :)

  2. Great post! Funny and very reminiscent for me! We must be close in age! :) Love the layout, makes me want to sign up for Studio Calico kits now!

  3. I'm a paper lover too. Don't think I'll ever convert to "ebooks", my favorite form of relaxation is a hot bath and a good book.

    Hope you're doing OK up there at the North Pole, what a freaking mess.

  4. Love this layout and the kits really do match your style! I felt the same way about the kits. I finally gave in and joined a kit club too.

    I saw your comments on my blog a little while back. If the photos on my blog don't appear, try reloading the page. I don't know why that happens. Sorry sweetie! Happy New Year!!

    p.s. Did you get snowed in on Monday? I heard Brooklyn and Queens were the worst as far as clean up.

  5. You did JUSTICE to that company with that LO, Killah'! :)


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