Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Michelle's Crafty Year in Review post! 2012 Edition

Well it's almost the end of 2012.
For me this year was full of frustrations and growth.
I joined my first manufacturer design team with Scrap FX and got published in several publications I deeply admire.

I also had to leave a several beloved challenge design teams due to time constraints posed by a new job.

Where am I going for 2013?

  • I aim to expand my published work.
  • I would like to guest DT in more places.
  • Developing friendships with other craft bloggers will be my number 1 priority. That is the most rewarding part of this blogging adventure and I feel I've ignored it too long this year.
  • I will also try to write more "How To" posts and expand to video in some way.
  • I will be severely cutting back on the craft shopping. Too much of a good thing- even paper- is awful- especially in a tiny apartment.
Here are my favorite projects from 2012:
2012 Brought on the insanity that is Project Life and my complete FAILURE to keep up.
I made it to week 7 but the need to constantly edit and print images was too much for me.
This is a project that requires a lot of planning and some major workflow streamlining.
I'll try it again in 2012 once I get that mini wireless printer I had my eye on.
I discovered postcard exchanges in 2012- I loved what I made (above) but what I got in return was disappointing.
I still can't believe I was asked to Guest DT for Cocoa Daisy in September 2012.
How in the WORLD? The kit was gorgeous and the opportunity a dream come true.
This page made in haste and almost trashed was published in Scrapbook Trends
(Whaaa?) and pinned more often than anything else I've made. Go figure!
I was thrilled to be accepted to the Scrap FX design team!
I used Twitter and Instagram to get technique ideas- using my scoring board to
make lines on this page came from Melissa Mann.
I joined Julie Balzer's 2nd floor challenge (now over) and loved what I made.
My pages got super clean and simple once I started to work full time.
Sometimes (like here) the design was really satisfying but most of the time I just felt my work was bland and uninspired. 
This page came out of nowhere- vellum and pop dots are favorite tools.
I was also asked to be part of the A Flair For Buttons DT and it's been an honor-
nothing but fantastic product and incredibly inspiring pages from fellow dt members.
I made this minimalist shadow box for Scrap FX in order to get rid of some buttons in colors
I don't use much- amazing how pretty they look when used together.
I made this Olympics inspired page for True Xoxo Girls
which is a great challenge site- swing by and join the fun!!!
I love this card using a kraft paper themed kit from a former kit club I resigned from due to
unnecessary drama.  Sometimes you have to say enough is enough.
I love this page- shopping your own stash is SO worth it! That Pink Paislee print is 4 years old.
A page for the  Die Scrapperin Magazine August 2012 Issue. The prompt was graffiti and
 the Scrap FX "awesome" wordlett and polaroid frame made things super easy.
I was honored to Guest Design for German art Scrap Magazine Die Scrapperin twice this year.
This was for their November 2012 issue and I had such a hard time with the prompt which was color my world.
I decided to just play with my neon ink pads and paints.
This page using a Scrap FX frame won honorable mention over at the Skissedilla challenge blog.
I've always wanted to join in but always forgot to turn my pages in on time.  
I  joined the mass Instagram freak-out in late December that got the company to roll back changes to it's Terms of Service agreement. Lots of people said "Meh! I don't care. My photos aren't good enough for sale."  I contend that a service can always decide it wants to turn a profit but not without my express permission and not without cutting me in on that action, it's my content after all. Hey Instagram- I love you but I don't NEED you. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Have a happy, healthy and wonderful 2013!!!
Chells out!


  1. wow, michelle! super awesome projects from this year. i really love them are incredibly talented and totally inspirational.

    good luck with your 2013 goals. i'm still trying to work mine out.

  2. You ROCKED this year out, mama!!! So excited to see what comes of your 2013! xx

  3. I think you had a great year. Here's to another!

  4. What a great post! I love each and every one of your projects! Can't wait to see what you do in 2013!

  5. Michelle, you are an amazing talent and I definitely foresee many more successes for you in this coming year :)~ and I agree, the friendships made are what make the journey meaningful. Thanks for being a friend to me :)~


  6. Wow, what a scrappin' successful year it was for you! You are full of talent as a scrapper and a writer! Your blog has always been a pleasure to read and many time, thought provoking! Thanks for all the encouragement you've given me too...see you on the other side Michelle!!

  7. Girl I love everything about this..esp the Neon preety..and so colourful! You are awesome.. :)I believe this year was an awesome year for you... :)

  8. Wow talk about inspiration central!!! These are all so eye-poppingly awesome!!!!!

  9. This is an awesome post!! Your work is AMAZING!!! Those postcards are my favorite. Simply incredible. And I love how you share both your ups and your downs. Keep up the great work and I cannot wait to see all you have in store for 2013!

  10. A great look back at 2012--all the best to you in 2013!

    Oh, and I've hopped onto the Project Life wagon, too, only I do mine digitally so they only thing I have to print are the finished pages (& I'll probably let shutterfly or blurb handle that!).

  11. Looks like a good year! I love your work, too :)

  12. Oh it's so fabulous seeing so much of your work together like this. And I'm so chuffed to now own a piece.

    I can see some similar goals between us for 2013. Let me tell you, no stash shopping really works. I did it in 2012. Really brutally pruned my stash down to what I would actually use, if it hand,t seen light of day in over 6 months then it was gone, no longer hoarded but into the communal craft pot for the girls (they made short work of it!!!) And I only bought essentials all year. You'd be amazed at how creative you get when you start running on empty suppliers :-) and even better news - I am going shopping in April for a restock - can't remember the last time I had a stash shop. It really concentrates the mind so you know what you use and what you NEED. :-)

    Happy 2013 Michelle x


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