Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nephews are AWESOME!

HOW did I make it to December 30th 2010 without doing making page about my precious, amazing, incredibly gorgeous nephews? Did I really work busily away for an entire YEAR without making one measly page on my babies?
Aaah the inhumanity... the self centered belly button gazing of it all!
I needed to right this injustice with the quickness!!!!
Unfortunately I didn't have good recent photos of them. Luckily my brother, Guarionex- AKA Pito, AKA Pete- for those who can't pronounce Pito- visited us on Thanksgiving.
Looks like they had tons of fun right?
On Black Friday they literally "did" Manhattan like tourist pros; Central Park's Children's Zoo, a Puppet show, The Apple Store, Toys R US on Times Square then the King Tut Exhibit. I didn't go- Lola would NOT have stood for it. My bro had his trusty iPhone and took these shots.
iPhone shots cropped to square size- love how grainy and
funkily colored they are!
I'm seriously considering getting an iPhone just for the photo apps. I wouldn't bother with the phone service as I don't want to pay an 10 extra dollars for the same AWFUL AT&T service I get now. Ooooo! BURN AT&T!!!
This page is also for the Studio Calico weekly page challenge.


  • Fiskars Star punches, medium & XL.
  • Studio Calico Home Front "Odds & Ends" 
  • Studio Calico Elementary "Atmosphere" 
  • Basic Grey Kraft Basics "Tally"
  • Cosmo Cricket "Ginger" 
  • Sassafras Lass Dress Pattern Alphas
  • Making Memories Sienne Reverie Alphas- Paper Reverie Collection
  • Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type in yellow and clear/brown 
  • American Crafts textured Foil Paper in turquoise
  • New York City map (small paper strips)
  • American Crafts chestnut paper
  • Maya Road Banners chipboard (tiny heart)
  • Brown star bling from Michael's
  • Tasmanian Devil Band Aids from Lola's last doctor's office visit (I know- SICK).
This particular shot deserves it's own page- it's SO RAD!!!!
 WHAT is up with that painted seagull looking like it's about to dive bomb my bro? AWESOME!!!!
MuChOs SmOoChEs!!

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  1. Wow, you fit so many great pics onto the LO! I love the look of all the little squares! Happy New Year!


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