Friday, May 10, 2013

Spraytastic Flair For Buttons sneaks and photo watermarks- yea or nay?

Happy Friday folks!
Mother's Day weekend is here.

We have no plans- everything gets mobbed here so we are thinking maybe we just go with the flow and get some pizza- stressing over crowds and reservations right now defeats the purpose.

I made a page which is up over at A Flair For Buttons blog.

Some sneaks:
Scrap FX cityscape border chipboard with silhouettes of a lot of different
recognizable buildings including what I think is  nuclear power plant?
I trimmed it- there are no nukes in Michelle's scrap world THANK YOU.
A Flair For buttons has lots of funky new chalkboard buttons.
This one is from the Chalk Words Flair pack- super cute.
Today is the last day you can go get your poster made by Project Inside Out NYC.

If you have some time swing by Times Square- 47th street to be exact.
Some waiting in line is required.

The images will end up on a website and possibly in a book but if your pose is as goofy as mine you are sure to remain perfectly obscure.
My thought was- I want to look fun and spontaneous.
This happened.
oh well.
I've been debating if I should add watermarks to my images for a while.
I think most watermarks are pretty ugly but how else do you let people know where to get a product they see if you don't have the info directly on the photo?
Especially if they first see it via Google image search or Pinterest.
What do you think?
Yea or nay?
Pretty flowers in an outdoor cafe after the rain- romantic no?
I wish I had taken more photos!
I made this one with the website
I have no idea if it's a legit.
For all I know they've collected my photo for sale in some random image gallery.
I don't recognize the suffix- a bad sign.
What country is ws???
I'll let it go for this experiment's sake but I need to do more research in the future.
This website requires the image be 500dpi or lower so I can't use this for my scrapbook pages.
There are also many options for images taken on your smart phone.
My favorite?
iWatermark is an app developed by a photo journalist that allows   
you to add watermarks in your iPad or smartphone.  
There are a few ugly designs included but also a lot of font, style and  
color options for you to make your own text based mark. 
Best of all, you can save the actual mark as well as the 
marked photo so it's easy to have different mark styles for different uses.
Have a great weekend- take it easy- it's YOUR day!

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  1. I've been thinking about the same thing with watermarks for a while. I was going to try in Picasa. Nothing ugly about your examples - they're very discreet.


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