Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Belated Mother's Day. A card and a short story

Sunday could have been fun.
I had scheduled fun all morning with some projects and a quick Mother's Day Card for my Mom.
Photo Window card.
I used some of the bits on my scrap table including that super cute
Crate Paper flower die cut which has so far proven too large for any layout.
Card interior. This is my favorite family photo right now.

This is the story.
We decided to go to our favorite casual restaurant since we KNEW everything would be totally crazy with Mother's Day crowds.
But the line was kinda long so we decided- hey Joann's!
I wanted to find this super cute Deer stamp for my December Daily Album (still unfinished)
As I looked through the stamp baskets and my husband right next to Lola
She tripped right over her left Crock
and cracked her head open on the useless and empty shopping cart I had pulled over to the side.
Our first ambulance ride ever. I've told Lola that ambulances are places where heros work.
She loves watching them pass by. I could have lived happily the
rest of my life imagining ambulances looked like they do in the show ER.
Such is the stuff of a million "what if's".

If I had only used a shopping basket instead of a cart.
If I had just put on her Mary Jane's instead of the easy "Crocks"
I'll never forgive myself for saying- ah these are easier than chasing her around the apartment to get her to wear her shoes.
If I had put her into the cart as I always do but she was SO HAPPY walking around...

My husband's:
If I hadn't walked to the end of the aisle.
If I hadn't pulled away the shopping cart so she hit the wheel edge.
If I had just insisted "Let's eat first."
Ok so apparently there is now this analgesic gel that you can apply
to cuts and totally numbs the area after 30 minutes? Dude- she didn't feel a thing.
We had to hold her head in place because she kept trying to see the needle at work!
None of this would have happened.
And naturally there are the obnoxious questions from certain family members who insist we are crazy for not suing the store.
Wait- how is Joann's responsible for my daughter tripping over her shoes?
The floor was clean.
Till her blood spilled on it.

I think if I can or should blame anyone I should go after Crocks.
Which SUCK.
PLEEEASE don't buy these shoes for your little ones.
Lola has tripped on them before but we figured it would be ok- we're going to a paper store.
What's the worst that can happen?
Lola is fine now.

The floor is clean.
She's got bare feet.
She's got 6 stitches and some gnarly looking paste on the outside so the scarring is minimal.

Lessons in motherhood.
  • You might not get there in time.
  • You are accountable for everything that happens to your your kiddo. That's a good thing.
  • People will stress that they hope your GIRL doesn't scar in her FACE. Because permanent brain injury not as important.
  • The injuries can and will happen right in front of you as your child is running to you. 
  • You will have to take charge because everyone else will be yelling, talking to each other, handing over a maxi pad (uhm yes this happened- and I was grateful- at least SOMEONE did something useful) running the other way or giving totally irrelevant advice.
So that was my Mother's Day.

I'm ok now. 
I was feeling major guilt and utterly incompetent.
I was freaking out about concussions. 
Even the scarring thing started to worry me. 
Then I remembered my sister Leticia, my sister Melissa, my brother Guarionex and my nephews Kaine and Marcus.

What the hell- forehead scars are a family tradition.

Just don't let that *%#@ happen again Mom, capisce?

Chelle's out.


  1. OMG Michelle, that was scary! Super glad to see/hear that Lola is fine, no concussion, no brain anything. What.A.Day. Take care Michelle!

  2. So glad to hear you're little one is OK, after all this was just an ACCIDENT, move forward happily and without guilt knowing she has a happy, loving home to recover in. From a Nanna.

  3. Totally with you on this one. It was 1980 when my 11 month old pulled on the cord of a freshly boiled kettle. The 15 mile trip to the hospital (highway from farm to edge or town) took 7.5 minutes. The only time I ever buried the gas pedal in that car. She spent a month in the hospital.
    The what ifs consume you for a long time. Good news is, 20 some years later: I don't still feel like the world's worst mom. She has scaring on her neck and collar bone and it is ok with her. I am very careful with electric cords.
    The big worry in our situation was infection. I was grateful that the burn was caused by sterilized water.

  4. Oh Mama, what a long day....for you. I'm quite sure Miss Lola was feeling fine long before you were, isn't that the way it goes?? So glad she is okay! No concussions and yes that is way more important than any scarring she may or may not incur. I hear you on the Crocs!!! Geesh those things are nightmares waiting to happen, my Peanut took quite a few tumbles in them as well and then we said no more. I had to giggle a little at the maxi pad being handed over - but seriously that was good thinking. So sorry you had to go through all this on what was supposed to be your special day, perhaps a do over is in order.

  5. Dear Michelle don't feel guilty at all...!!! I know our first reaction is that one... but this is not going to be the last "accident"... ! Just be careful at home with boiling things... I was so scare of that!!! I'm sure Lola is feeling fine now and she proudly show her "bubu" to every one!!!!

  6. So good to see these photos of a perfectly calm Lola - such a trooper! Good to hear she's ok! You're not a bad mom.

  7. So good to see these photos of a perfectly calm Lola - such a trooper! Good to hear she's ok! You're not a bad mom.

  8. Michelle,
    That happened to my daughter, when we were at an amusement park in Virginia. The safety bar from a swing ride fell on her head. Blood everywhere. I will never forget all the blood. When the manager found out that we were from NY, right away he thought we were going to bring a lawsuit. It was the furthest thing from my mind. OMG what is wrong with people!!! I had to keep it together, I was mommy and I couldn't let my daughter see how terrified I was for her. I too played the what if game. 15 years have passed, I think back and it could have been a lot worse. We can't wrap our kids in packing wrap and poop happens, no matter how careful we are. It's a life battle scar and that should be the only one in her life!!! I'm glad Miss Lola is ok, she probably was calmed down quicker than her mom and dad....hugs to you all :)

  9. Oh goodness! We experienced stitches for the very first time just a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, not in the head. What a mother's day for you! I am SO glad she is ok!!!


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