Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday inspiration- Nolita Photo walk

Hello folks!

This week's photo inspiration post was brought to you by a recent walk through Soho and Nolita.
Hot little heavens for visual stimulation.
That sounds rather indecent.
If I get lucky I get to stand out front when I'm at work and make samples.
The idea is to try to capture a customer's attention and get them to see how they can
use the stamps and other products they buy while at the store.
I made both these cards in under 20 minutes using scraps I had on hand.
I rarely get to pick the colors I love most but a little orange helps both grey and teal pop.
Martha Stewart butterfly stickers, Studio Calico mist, Paper Source card stock and stamps. 
I just mean that there are so many museums and shops all close together that the streets are popping with ideas for the open minded crafter.
The ideas can sit in your brain for weeks when suddenly BOOM! an original page appears.
At least that how it works for me.

Case in point:
3 foot tall at marquee at sign.
I REALLY want to make one of these!
Big Boy gets several make overs.
This gorgeous bag hanging in a tiny shop in Nolita.
I didn't even try to go in and inquire how much it was.
The "feathers" are delicately curved sequins.
"Life isn't tragic, Love is being ignored."
Why this is fabulous: 1. They used Puffy
scrapbook stickers and brads. 2. Hello giant scrapbook layout!
3.This was a store window display.  4. It was over 6 feet wide.
Faces layered on top of each other.
This would make a great textile print.
Another mural I caught while the artists were still working.
No I didn't speak to them. Yes I regret it.
Wheat paste posters. 

I found a gif making app!
All you have to do is take a series of photos and open them in GifMill to animate- super easy to use.
The only drawback is that this is the final size of the file- it's crazy small!
Also- these won't animate of Facebook so you can't torture your friends with them (darn!)
Just imagine the tutorial possibilities!

Have a greet weekend. 
Go on and make something awesome!

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  1. That app is so cool! I adore these photos! I feel like I am walking with you!!


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