Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blast from the past Tuesday- Learning from mistakes and using fabric scraps


I was wondering where my time went this weekend.
I thought I had everything in hand.
Suddenly it's monday, I have to write a "What I Learned This Week" post and realized...
I have nothing to write about.

So today I'll share a project I made for a Creative Keepsakes article 2 years ago on using fabric on a layout.
The project never made the magazine for obvious technical issues.
I still like the ideas I had for this simple page but leaving the crease
on the fabric was a big mistake. Also? No journaling.
Normally I wouldn't add any because the story, my daughter playing in the park,  is obvious
but publish worthy pages need a good story- I needed to dig deeper and write it out.
Here I tried to add dynamism to the design with the photos but
the bright colors are distracting. The eye keeps focusing on that red rick rack.
I should have and added the rick rack horizontally and given more space to the
white grid for balance. 
The big idea behind this 2 page spread was that I used fabric from the dress my daughter had on in the photos since the dress no longer fit and I really loved the cheerful pattern.

I could have journaled about that!
That's the story!
One of the many reasons I ran out of scrap time.
We were having actual outside fun in 70 degree weather.
Oh the sacrifice!
Have a great week!


  1. Oh gosh, this is so cute! I adore how you used the fabric from her dress....how sweet and clever. :) Fabric is pretty difficult to work with in large pieces on a page, I've discovered myself....I have to make it deliberately grungy to work. I'm liking this blast from the past! Fun!

  2. Meanwhile. In freezing cold England... Spring has still not sprung. But I'm not jealous. (Much!)

    I love the idea that you used the actual dress on the page - it wouldn't have occurred to me to get the iron out either ;)

  3. Trully, I think your page was worthy anyways! But what do I know! LOL!

    I love your blog and your writing and your creating- this two pager included. You are one awesome Chick!

  4. Well, CK is very specific but...I LOVE the pages!! I love the colors, design and the story behind it!!


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