Thursday, April 18, 2013

30 minute scrapbook page- maple wood veneer, stickers and plastic doilies.

I wanted to share this super quick page today because it's gotten lots of positive feedback in my instagram feed and via Twitter. (yay!)

I made this page in 20 to 30 minutes- more than half the time was spent putting the little white gel pen dots
 on that Scrap FX scribble frame! I used some Maple wood veneer and I must admit I was scared
 to paint it like I was planning- I love the idea of putting neon on these but without any experience
 I was worried about bleeding. The bottom doily is actually covering a stamp that went completely awry.

I've been talking to a lot of folks lately and hearing the same thing
"I don't read blogs."
These are young hip people who sited Reddit and Tumblr as their primary sources for info.
Neither are very good for my purposes so I am at a loss.

I love writing but most people don't have the time or inclination to read.
Have you found the same happening over at yours?

Materials: Glitz design film strip, A Flair For Buttons flat back pin,  frame from Scrap FX,
star clip from American Crafts for Studio Calico, stright pins from Maya Road. Plastic doilies from
The Chip Chop shop- a favorite Etsy store that is currently closed- sorry guys.
I love and really appreciate the lurkers, the commenters and the true believers who constantly cheer on my work and my constant blather- thank you so much!!!



  1. Wow that is so cool, love your page. Well I have a blog which was more for me to write more. I should more blogs but I have to say YouTube is more my thing.

  2. I'm just a caveman and your scrapbooking ways sometimes frighten and confuse me... but I have a question... where do you get that veneer? Is it heavy? What are the details on that. It looks really really cool.
    Did you get my SNL reference or are you too young to know this skit?

    1. LOL! I'm 39 years old but I was in Puerto Rico when that was on SNL so if it wasn't in their "Best Hits" videos (videos!! I'm older than you think) I missed it. I do remember the cheese burger, cheese burger, cheese burger and land shark skits. :)
      I got the veneer in a scrapbook/ wedding invitation store here in the city called Paper Presentation. They roooock. Its a very light and thin maple veneer perfect for embossing and stamping on. I wanted to make a rosette with it but it can't stand being folded that way. I'm pretty sure it's meant for fancy wedding invites- I was too scared to experiment on it- it's that gorgeous.
      If you'd like I can send some your way- there is no brand on it so it makes me think it's available on line through those wedding invite wholesalers. I've been looking for a woodgrain embossed vellum I spotted in a custom print invitation album for MONTHS now- haven't found source yet.

  3. Ok, I will admit that some of the time, I don't read but just look at pictures. Now I will say, I really do read everything everytime I visit here (not frequent enough - sorry) But your way of writing your posts really keeps me entertained. (Have I said all of this before?)
    Anyway, your page is FAB...I just LOVE that wood veneer for the background, how cool is that?!

  4. I'm with Kelly, I usually (but not always)read your's but rarely read other people's blogs. There are a select few that keep me interested, but since I have a low attention span I tend to skim through a post. I'm amazed at how fast you whip together pages and still have a great looking page!

  5. Hey Michelle! I always read every word! Of your blog and the handful of blogs I read on a regular basis. I find the stories behind the pages as interesting as the art itself. Your blog always has interesting commentary, and is so YOUR VOICE, that it is one of my faves.

  6. Awesome page as always!!! Like some of the other commenters, I often "look" at blogs more than read them, unless the blogger has a unique voice that is worth the time... like yours! If someone is posting a project that they also posted in an online gallery and aren't saying much more than the products they used, I don't often read those. Does that make sense? I am inspired by bloggers whose voice is beyond the "hey - i just made this" type of thing. I have noticed less comments on my blog lately, but more page views. Also, more pins. So - I think people are responding in other ways rather than taking the time to leave comments. Don't stop blogging! Yours is one of the BEST out there!!!

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  8. We featured and linked to this post on Craft Foxes today - many thanks for letting us share your fabulous creativity with our readers!


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