Monday, March 18, 2013

What I learned this week- Scrap FX orchid stencil MADNESS

Hallo folks!
This week I was all about the procrastinating!
Delayed the cooking.
Delayed the cleaning.
Delayed the scrapping.
Everything on my to do lists got put on hold!
I'm tired and "thoughtful" bloggin is HARD yo!

This post alone? 2 hours!
Between the writing, the copy editing and the photo uploading- blogging is time consuming.
Not complaining- just saying- content= life hours= expensive.
Life hours- the most valuable thing we rent.

New header! Better? I'll have to go hunting for "learning" photos.
This post almost didn't get written.
But I made a promise to myself I would learn and put the learning into action this year- not just coast by on scrappy shopping binges.
(More on THAT this wednesday for the Hot Topic post)

Last week I used the Scrap FX engineering stencil and got some funky effects using chalk and Tattered Angels Gold mist.

This was the FABULOUS background result:

Why not try it again? This time with this gorgeous flower stencil?

Scrap FX orchid stencil item #2013031
I didn't take photos of my experiment this week. Why?
I forgot!
Mostly because this page happened over a couple of days- I was experimenting with different kinds of white ink.

What I learned:

  1. I don't like Heidy Swapp Color Magic resist paper. Too unpredictable. I have a whole pack so I will give it another try but so far? IXNAY.
  2. Check and DOUBLE check your paper strips before you sew them down- invariably they are crooked. Invariably when you think you are fixing one, it's the other that's wonky.
  3. People REALLY like all white pages. Like as in LOVE- as in you can throw up all your white items on the page and STILL get 50 likes from your IG followers on it. I'll never understand that- color is so wonderful.
  4. Prima Attic Dust chalk ink is awesome. AWESOME.
  5. Most white acrylic ink will not show on misted paper. I should write up a whole POST on all the white ink I've tried to use. I JUST realized my white paint markers are OIL based DOH!!! That may explain why they don't work over acrylic. Back to the drawing board I go.
  6. I ruined several .2 Micron pens by using them over mist paint backgrounds. 3 dollar pens! So obviously there needs to be more investigation into that. Back to Dina Wakely's Art Journal Freedom I go.
Sorry this week's post is wack.
I promise to take photos for next week's post.
Yellow and purple- not a bad color combo...
maybe I'll try to "rescue" this page as well.
Those Crafter's Workshop cameras will have to get the boot though.
Hope you have a GREAT week!


  1. Hihi..I'm one of the "white-lovers", I can't explain it, but white/grey-ish is just gorgeous!! But I still love colors, so what does that mean? That I'm in love with everything? LOL

  2. What great words of wisdom. I love that..."life hours=the most valuable thing we rent." Makes me think... how am I spending that money? I know what you mean about the time these posts take. Sometimes I think how on earth did it take me that long to do only this!?! I appreciate your blogginess!

  3. Very soft and pretty! Maybe people like how soothing white is?? I love starting with white CS b/c I love making my own BGs but otherwise I'm a big fan of color! Yes, it's tough to write a blog but you do it so well so don't stop!!

  4. HA! You make my laugh first off, second, your style is so stinkin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful all of it!

  5. I've had me nearest and dearest followers ask me in person "When's the next blog?" I smile and promise them one soon but the inside voice is not so gracious.

    I too have the scrap-supply shopping gene. My acronym I try to remember and use as a mantra before loading my cart at yet another on-line sale is S.E.L.E. Stash Exceeds Life Expectancy.

    What an excellent concept to systematically learn and share. You have got my attention.

  6. I SO get you on the blogging. I really enjoy it, but sometimes it feels like the "life hours" (I love how you put it that way, so perfect) fall away quickly while writing a post. I also try to ask myself if I'm doing the blogging for ME or because I feel I "have to..." because that's not what blogging is about in my book. But, on to your project, which is AMAZEBALLS. I love your page, it is so beautiful. The contrast with the white and grey.....perfect, and I adore the design you did with the chippy. Isn't it funny how people gravitate toward white? I think it is the "cleanliness" of it is what makes them get all gaga. Thanks for being an awesome scrappy friend, and I'm so sorry it has taken me eons to get here again! <3

  7. oh, how i love your posts! I LOVE the magic resist paper... so if it needs a good home.... lol! And, seriously... What is it about white pages?!? Everyone does go crazy over them! Maybe its the current "in thing" but yes.... I too love me some color!

  8. I love your approach! I don't get the white love either, but it's true.

    Try the Pitt Artist pens over acrylic. Works wonderfully.


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