Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Inspiration- NYC photo walk-about


Yesterday was my day off.
Naturally I had a TON of errands to run so even though the day was freezing I decided to walk around and visit some of my favorite mural spots to see if anything new was up.

So. GLAD. I. did!!!

Here is what I found most inspiring this week:

BAST at Soho- not sure if the artist defaced his/her own mural- this was hella cool.
If you listen- the walls speak.
Ryan Russo's "Out Of Context" at the Charles Bank Gallery.
Acrylic spray paint and newspaper collage on canvas.
Meanwhile over at Nolita... (Kenmare and Bowery)
Crash AKA John Matos over at Bowery Mural
Abandoned building across from
The New Museum has some of the best old school poster graffiti.
These are all letters cut out of ads.
Must go back and shoot this one again!
Detail of Ryan Russo piece- canvas was 8 x 8 feet.
Newsprint, paper, photographs- collage- amazing.
Layered oblong hexagon vellum over at the Anthropologie store window.

I freaking LOVE New York!


  1. Good morning! This was a great post to wake up to...full of gusto and inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your photos!! We took a family trip to NYC 3 years ago and it's such an amazing place to be!

  3. Hey Michelle great inspiration, did you cut your hair? I really like the oblong hexagon and the brick New York

  4. So much inspiration! Love your photos! Seems like a perfect place to live!

  5. I loved hearing you on Paperclipping cracked me up and your refreshing comments made me run to subscribe to your blog. So glad I did. Thanks for the inspirational art from New York and for being on PCR so that I could find you!

  6. Thank you for great inspiration Michelle, can't wait to see NY next year.... hugs!

  7. I wanna come visit you! It looks so awesomely cool!

  8. wah. I want to live in NY. We have nothing like this anywhere near me. Ok...I do live right around the corner from a pond with beavers and herons. But this art... wah.


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