Friday, January 11, 2013

True Xoxo and If It's Groovy BLOG HOP!

HIYA folks!!!

Today's post is dedicated to the If It's Groovy and True Xoxo Girls Challenge crossover blog hop!

Here is the blog hop order:

Representing January we have: Wendy & Christa

Representing February we have: Michelle & Michelle H - You are here. HIYA!!!

Representing March we have: Wendy & Miae

Representing April we have: Heather & Jaclyn

Representing May we have: Lindsey & Deborah

Representing June we have: Brenda & Khristen

Representing July we have: Jean & Tess

Representing August we have: Rochelle  & Faye

Representing September we have: Kelly & Tiffany

Representing October we have: Kelly & Alaina

Representing November we have: Heather & Kimmy

Representing December we have: Deborah & Queen Kat

And the purpose of this hop is to make a page giving meaning to a particular month of the year.

My chosen month is February.
Materials: Basic Grey Fact or Fiction paper and embellishments, October Afternoon 9 to 5 stickers,
Studio Calico fabric rips and vellum arrows from Twine + Ink at Two Peas in a Bucket.
Yellow paint from Kaisercraft and mist from Studio Calico
I... dislike... February.
February means early evenings and long cold nights.
There are no benefits to cold weather no matter what poet Nikki Giovanni tells you.
Cozy doesn't cut it!
But February also means lots of red in the stores (thank you otherwise meaningless holiday Valentine's Day!)
AND it's my birthday.
For those reasons alone, I tolerate February.
So happy to have some vellum arrows! Now I get to indulge my
need to layer them all over my pages. My camera is in the shop so I'll be
scanning all my projects from a few months. I removed the chipboard from behind the
Basic grey "Fiction" butterfly so it flattened out completely.
This year I am a proud 39 year old woman.
I don't worry about being old or about the smile lines sprouting around my mouth and brow.
39 is a chance to start fresh and have some experience under my belt.

Not exactly deep journaling but it's my mantra for the month of February. 
For this page I wanted to use a color not usually associated with winter- yellow.
It's my favorite color and how I keep myself from FREAKING OUT over the weather.
I put bring cheery colors all over my pages- pretend I don't mind being stuck inside for three months and soon it's SPRING and I sigh in relief.

Thanks for joining in today- you next stop in the blog hop is:



  1. ooh-i'm 39 this year February!! LOVE your amazing talent for layering, you always get so many goodies all on one page, and your photo still stands out! Happy 39th! =)Tiffany
    Breakfast at Tiffany's

  2. Wow..Your layers are amazing. What a wonderful page. Great job. Happy Birthday!! :)

  3. Loving all the layering & details!! So fun to hop along with you! :)

  4. Arrows are incredibly awesome to me right now, so I love this (and it reminds me that I have the OA 9 to 5 stickers too, just forgot until I saw your page. You used them perfectly!)

  5. Oh Michelle! I absolutely love your layout! Such a great mix of colors, patterns and layering! How could you not love February? It is your birthday month, and there is tons of red in the air! I do have to agree with you though, the bitter cold really sucks. What am I complaing about? I am sure our 50 degree days don't hold a candle to the extreme lows up there in New York!

    I wish you a wonderful New Year full of crafty, creative fabulousness! Happy 39 missy! Talk to you soon! Amy

  6. I love all the embellishments! When I try to do that I tend to clutter the page, but you do it so well! TFS!

  7. AWESOME bits and pieces and layering! Also love the font you chose for the 38! Happy upcoming b-day :)

  8. One day I'm going to challenge you to do a very conventional page... nah! you blow me away! and what a great use of supplies. I thought arrows were out of trend, but somehow when you use them, you make them look classic!! How do you do that!?
    Glad to know ya -

  9. Fabulously written post, as always!! I too love all the fun layers on this page..look at all the cool, different papers and bits going on! And of course, that candid photo tops it all :) Excellent job my friend!

  10. Great page! Love how you framed all the different elements around the photo! Your title is great...not sure if it just came to you OR a play on the new movie out "This is 40" EITHER way love how your did your page!

  11. I love the "Don't forget" arrow. Great job on this! Your next birthday is soon. Early Happy Birthday to you!

  12. I would never have guessed you're 39! You don't look it! Enjoy this year in your life :)

  13. I love the cold and snow . . . but only if I get to stay inside in front of the fireplace with a good book! lol Great page!

  14. Happy 39th Birthday..soon! Love your using bright colors on my scrapping in the winter too! Love all of the layering and inking!

  15. Your layout is wonderful and I love the colors you brought in! True feelings are so worth journaling. I agree that "cozy" doesn't cut it when you're shut in, but I love birthdays! Of course, I'm old enough to realize the alternative isn't good. LOL! Happy Birthday a little early and if you look out your window, there is a tiny speck of springtime warmth that I've been saving to send you.

  16. Oh my. Such a stunning design. I am amazed at all your bits and tags and little bits. The colours are perfect, your photo is awesome. I am in love.

  17. Michelle you nailed the collage look on this lo and are representing your month wonderfully! Thanks so much for playing in the blog hop!

  18. What a gorgeous page!! LOVE all the layers and elements!

  19. I'm JUST hopping...better late than never right? I too dislike Feb for the same and loved that you popped yellow up in there...and yes, I too wear my age proudly-it's just a number-(even though you are YEARS younger lol)

  20. Makes me happy it's not a traditional Feb page! LOVE this!


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