Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo Inspiration post- Anthropologie

I was looking over my iphone photo library yesterday and realized I need to get out and shoot more.
I don't have time to go on my inspiration walks anymore.

Unlike other things I've cut out of my life lately this is something that simply CANNOT get ignored. There is no creation without inspiration- even hard and diligent work needs something to build on.

So here are some photos from yesterday's short but much needed inspiration trip to Anthropologie.
I LOVED the hand cut box board frames they had on the wall!
This should be easy to imitate right? (yeah right!)
Sequined pillows! Loving the large sequins with the star stitch center.
Rubber plant leaves dipped in gold paint and
hung from the ceiling with fishing wire. GENIUS!
Boxes painted neon green and yellow into which branches were inserted.
Love the contrast of natural versus man made.  
Pebble pattern- lovely!
A quote from a friend that brightened my day:

And lastly (this stopped me cold when I saw it on Facebook- WOW WOW WOW!!!)
Not my photo but I really want my place to look like this! 



  1. Wow... such great inspiration in this one. I have a huge magnolia tree out front - its leaves are perfect for gold dipping and stringing! Holiday project! I love the quote and it makes me feel like I must be a great artist in the making because I am constantly filled with doubt. And finally... I want to live in the pink yellow and blue house too!

  2. I really need to get some kind of camera I can slip in my pocket. These are gorgeous photos and I LOVE that quote! I am going to remember that one! In fact it may even go in my quote book I'm compiling to jog me out of just that self-doubt!

  3. are you saying that was in a store? are they for real when they think we crafty chickas can't do taht ourselves??? Mod Podge!!!!!!!!


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