Monday, October 1, 2012

It's OCTOBER!!!!!! Time for a totally non traditional, totaly awesome True Xoxo Girls Challenge!

Hello scrap happy people!
It's October 1st.
I hope you have your kid's costumes ready.
Stores are only stocking the minimum holiday items this year due to the economy so it's either buy full price OR make it yourself.
Guess which one I chose?
I'm buying one.
I can see myself happily making a costume.
I also see myself sitting in a Caribbean beach sipping an obscenely large frozen Margarita and reading a book.
Both are pure fantasy.
So off to the store I go.
Lola wants to be a T-Rex or a "ceratops".
I need to find a costume that says "I'm a T-REX!!!" but not "I'm a BOY!"

This month the True Xoxo chicks have quite a challenge set out for you.
Scrap your Halloween photos.
DO NOT use the traditional colors of orange and black.
I would add that you should try to restrain yourself from using up all your spider/monster/pumpkin/haunted house stash on the page as well.

I was SO EXCITED- S.O.  E.X.C.I.T.E.D- to be using my stash I forgot all about the actual challenge of it all so I made two pages.
Here's the first:
One of my ALL TIME favorite collections EVER- American Crafts Nightfall- orange, black and sky BLUE! LOVE it! Plus the alphas and black chalkboard stickers are so amazing! I some Martha Stewart paper stashed since 2009, Uni-ball white gel pen, orange vellum  and some Studio Calico veneer banners; I was good to go.
Also- A Flair For Buttons Vintage Halloween buttons- awesome!
Here's the one you'll see posted.
SO different from what I usually make but really I was just glad to stop over thinking and just use paper in this thing- sometimes breaking out the paint just makes me all jittery.
I finally uses the My Mind's Eye paper I bought a while ago- who can resist that Polaroid frame print? Alpha tiles, mini brads apple sticker from from American Crafts. Prima leaves and Diamond Stickles (my favorite kind).
My Mind's Eye gorgeous chipboard. LOVE diagonal stripes mixed up!
Amy Tangerine roller date stamp has the cutest saying.
Perfect for the tiny banners in this print.
I used grey chalk ink pad from Paper Source.
True Xoxo wants to see how you handle the challenge.
Swing by, leave some comment love and link up your project.
I can't wait to see what you made!



  1. Love them both!

    Sometimes I feel the same way about fun, yet there is something so FINAL about putting it on paper. I see some of these amazing art journals, where people have covered up their "oopsies", but when I try it makes a mess and never comes out right. *sigh* one of these days I'll wow myself.

    Good luck finding a costume!! I guess I better find out what the kids want to be this year, huh? HA!

  2. Hello! Long time no "see"!! Oh how I've missed reading your fun blogs! Love how you busted two pages out of this one challenge...they're both wonderful :D

  3. 2 very different looking Halloween pages - both VERY cute!

    I'll be stopping by to check out the challenge as well.

  4. I always think it is funny when people assume that because I am crafty I will be making my kids' costumes. I rarely do! However, this year I am pulling out the big guns. I think it might be my son's last dress-up Halloween (he's in 6th grade and almost as tall as me)so I kind of want to be remembered as the amazing mom that sewed his costumes (even though I never do.) He's a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan and wants to be Frodo. On Sunday, I sewed him an awesome hooded cape. My husband and I couldn't stop putting it on and pretending we were Spinal Tap singing Stone Henge (please tell me you you've seen it.) Anyway... I am all for sewing, but I have no problem buying either!
    As always... your pages are adorable!

    1. Yes I've seen Spinal Tap- HILARIOUS! I think even a cape would be too big a challenge for me- I can't even sew a straight line on PAPER- fabric gets all bendy and makes me wanna HOLLA every time I try it. I even took a CLASS- I STILL stick at it- very frustrating- great post on your blog today Jenny! Thanks for swinging by my blog!

  5. AWESOME as usual!!!! Everything you touch just turns to gold!

  6. I think you should've saved this one and sent it in for publication somewhere:)

  7. You know I can nevee tell when a page is pub worthy- I just send the randomest stuff and hope for the best. The truth is I work so slow there's no "saving" anything. I really need to streamline my process so I can make more pages!


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