Monday, September 3, 2012

An unusual items challenge- True Xoxo Girls Scrapbook Challenge Blog

Today I want to share a crazy experiment for True Xoxo Girls- a backlit vellum page
AND some fun news!

I was asked to Guest Design for Die Scrapperin Magazine again for the month of November.
You can click on the link above to get a 6 page preview of the issue.
I'm really excited!!!

Fellow Scrap FX DT teamie Erin Blegen will also be guest designing.
It can be hard to find copies of the magazine here in the States but I really think a subscription is a good idea.

DS is one of the best publishers of art/mixed media style scrapbooking around.
The regular DT is amazing and the work produced is incredibly innovative and vibrant.

Ok so here is my page for True Xoxo Girls.
To shoot this very simple backlit page, I used double sided tape to mount the page onto a window facing the sun. I then set my flash to the "backlight" setting. Using flash was a pain because the plastic school binder dividers I cut up to make the banners kept bouncing light back but I finally got a version with only a few hotspots.
Guess what? I still had to photoshop the Instax to make it brighter. It now looks like a mini television (yikes!). 
This month we had to use items not traditionally intended for scrap booking.
MATERIALS:The sunbursts are from a great 6x6 Artist Cellar stencil. Sticker from My
Mind's Eye, rain dots from Cloud 9 design (found on sale at Joann's), American Crafts Slick Writer pen,
a Me and My Big Ideas doodle print from years ago and a brad from Girl's Paperie. 
Some of my favorite interpretations of this month's challenge?
Washers covered in twine and twist ties used as embellishments on a page.
Swing by and check it out- TRUE XOXO GIRLS CHALLENGE BLOG
I promise you'll be inspired!
Late afternoons in August- there is nothing better.
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. great page, michelle. and what a totally awesome and unique idea.

  2. Love this!! Awesome layout!! :)

  3. seriously! HOW COOL!!! And super congrats on the repeat Guesting!

  4. Hey! I saw this on IG I think, I love what you did here. Won't even pretend to know how I would set up a backlit layout. I wanted to tell you, I can never get those signo white gel pens to work either. AC slick writers would work for one day and then clog. I switch to a white sharpie poster paint marker. It works great so far. I ordered mine off amazon:) Hope that helps!

    1. I know! I know! Just get one of those scrapper's light boxes that were in fashion a bizillion years ago to help trace elements onto a page! Or just hang the photo up on your window and shoot the page straight on with flash (it helps if you don't have auto flash since the camera will think you have a well exposed shot with all the light coming into your lens)
      I did a lot of experimenting to get this photo- I messed up the photoshop portion by over editing the photo but whatevs. :)

  5. That is really cool. I wish I could "think outside the box more" I am a great scraplifter--but I don't think of these things on my own.

    1. Hi Laura!
      Thanks for swinging by my blog!
      I believe everyone is creative! Living life is a series of problems posted and over come so just by BREATHING and staying happy your are a creative person!!!
      I believe the key to personal creative development is being committed to your story! That doesn't mean spending thousands of dollars on scrap stuff. It doesn't mean taking tons of classes and joining 20 different groups.
      It means constantly looking at the visual problems your pages pose and saying to yourself- how can I do this differently? How can I tell my unique story? Stick to scrapping exactly what you know, feel and love and TRUST me- you'll start seeing how creative you actually are.
      I'm by no means an expert but I feel like I've come pretty far considering I stared scrapping in late 2009. I've never taken a class- ever. I have no scrappy local friends- everything I do I learned from reading blogs online and thinking how if I do THIS instead?
      I think my "creativity" isn't a talent at all but simply not being satisfied with my work and trying out new things.
      What I try to do- even when I use sketches- is tell an authentically "me" story and try to do at least 2 things differently with each page- placing the elements of the sketch in different places, using colors I normally wouldn't use or materials I love.
      Lastly I think you could improve your feeling of creativity by just keeping a running journal of things you tried that you loved- just note things down like "I love this ribbon" or "I love pink and light blue together."
      Do the same for things you love in other people's pages and you'll see how you'll develop your own "visual language" and start getting all kinds of ideas about what you want to do in your own work.
      Swing back and lemme know if it worked!

    2. Thanks for this advice. I signed up for shimelle's learn something new every day. It's already huge in helping me with story ideas and reflecting on myself for a change


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