Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cocoa Daisy Guest Designer- REVEAL

In my normal muddle through things to do and things done I lost track of some major milestones.

1. My 4 year anniversary came and went and neither my husband or I realized it for Three. Weeks.
The penny finally dropped when I spoke to my sister and she started talking about about HER 1 year anniversary. DOUBLE DOH!
I had forgotten to call and congratulate them as well!
Applying palm to forehead BRISKLY... now. Now. Now. Now.

2. My daughter's third birthday is days away!
HOW did I let the date get so close without planning something?
Granted- she's three.
Hoots? She gives none.
But it would have been nice to send out cards and maybe learn to bake a cake?
It's the pizza parlor and huge pink cupcake in the park across the street for us.
Let's save the drama for her Quinceanero.

WHAT has been distracting me so much (other than breathing, walking upright and eating the occasional daily bag of potato chips?)

I'm the September Guest Designer at Cocoa Daisy Kit Club!
I know I already said so in my last post but today I will show you 2 (of 5 projects) I made.
A page made with the Cocoa Daisy Main kit for September and embellishments from the "His" Add-on.
Those itty bitty bathroom people veneer shapes? I ignored them for a while now.
SO GLAD they came in this kit! They are THE COOLEST!
I tried writing directly on a photo for the first time. DUDE! White gel pens are kicking my butt!
Any suggestions? This one was new but completely non-functional!
I had a LOT of fun combining the prints in this kit. I would never think to get the October Afternoon Woodland Park page (the green floral) on my own. It would have been my loss because it's beautiful! Also? Basic Gray is KILLING it lately with their collections!!! I LOVE the Paper Clippings line so much I used the packaging in this page.
The idea that my face was going out on their mid-september newsletter freaked me out just a tad.
So I put-off getting a professional headshot till I ran out time.
And sent my usual crazed Muppet Instagram.
I'll be instantly recognizable!
Darned if I can't get this photo to load up as my avatar!
I've sized it down 10 different times yet the website insists it's too big.
It's 30 dpi! Sorry guys! I'll keep trying.
If you want to see the rest, pretty please swing by the Cocoa Daisy gallery.
And while you are there check out the September Kit- it's a perfect blend of feminine and masculine colors and prints.
And like any good marriage- there's plenty of neutral ground in between.

Thank you so much to Christine and Emily and the rest of the Cocoa Daisy team for hosting me this month.
I'm hoping I lived up to the challenge!
I had a lot of fun and I learned even more.

MuChOS SmOoChEs!


  1. Ooh Cocoa Daisy is SO lucky to have you, these layouts rock!! I love all the great layering top left of the tags and such on the first one, and the little "bathroom people" are darling!!

  2. Your first layout is just so dang awesome, Michelle! White pens kick my butt all the time, no matter how many different ones I've tried.

  3. wow! seriously awesome projects. i really love that second layout. congrats on your guest gig.

    as far as white pens go, the only one ive ever really been able to get to work the way i want it to is the signo brand. love!

  4. These are both amazing, Michelle! Congratulations on the GD gig!

  5. Wow, So well deserved! Huge Congratulations!!!
    Totally awesome pages you have here! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. These projects rock Michelle! I CAN NOT wait to get my Sept. CD kit. You inspire me sooooo much. I adore that pink "Let Me In" page. SO SO much!!

  7. Yay Michelle! CONGRATS and congrats again!! Your pages are so WONDERFUL, full of unique layers, little details with big impact! Heading over to CD to check the rest of your art did them proud!

  8. Congratulations! Your work is beautiful!

  9. You are killing this kit! I love both pages a lot but all of those ripped layers on the second make a big impact!

  10. Your projects are gorgeous! Have a good weekend!

  11. That is some serious awesomeness!!!! LOVE how you are using larger layers and the vellum accents. So beautiful. The vellum gives such a soft yet graphic look that is just amazing! Also LOVE the writing on the photo! I have never written on one, but have doodled and always use Signo. I go through those like water :) They are lucky to have you this month!!!!

  12. so cool your pages. Lots of details and layering, fav!

  13. wonderful, wonderful pages.
    your soft layering is lovely.


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