Friday, July 6, 2012

Truly beautiful things are wild and free- a watercolor page

Somewhere in Greenpoint, Brooklyn a storefront bears that title across it's window
I will seek out find this store.
I will stand in front of this window and take an ironically posed photo.
I love the poetry of it.

It's freaking 100 degrees out here- hold on- it's been 100 degrees across most of the US this week!  l
Let's all take a collective chill pill.
chillin,' chillin', chilliiiiiin'

I want to go to the newly opened McCarren pool but apparently there was a huge brawl between a bunch of teenagers and the entire lifeguard staff? Like ALL of the life guards.
So yeah, a pass on THAT idea.

A quick page:
Loving those Studio AE stamps. I also used Gauche Alchemy washi tape and rectangle grid punchinella here.
The polka dot border is unnecessary- I was trying to distract you from the uneven borders caused by warping.
I really need to find a way to use water color without having the page that looks like a wet rag!
Plus I love this page. A lot. One of the few I can say that with ZERO caveats.
Some detail shots:
Those Pink Paislee celebration banners are finally used.
I was having a hard time incorporating them- hello- random!
I would like 4 more of the sunburst pieces please- they are so cute!
Awesome handwriting- wish I had it. Apparently copying a page out my
favorite book over and over again will help me develop it.
On the way to the park- new walls went up on Wythe and North 3rd- if you are into street art
I would suggest you take the L train and check it out. Lemme know so we can meet up at my
fave Thai restaurant and chat- I promise I am SO NOT an internet killer.
MuChOS SmOoChEs!


  1. Beautiful & fun layout! I love the loose threads hanging from your banner :D

  2. Beyond amazing!!!!! LOVE this so much!

  3. OHHHHHH<que máximo este.
    Arte pura. :D

  4. Love this page. I still don't know what to do with those pink p banners. I love all the watercolor. Do you use watercolor paper? Those AE stamps are eveeryswhere but they look totally fresh here. Fun summer!

  5. Wow...stunning!!! I LOVE the water colors- incredible work, my friend!!


  6. Love this page, Michelle :)

    And I would definitely meet up if I could!

  7. love, love, love this layout!!! it's so fun!

  8. This page is SO attractive to me! I think my brain loves the way you beautifully mix artsy painting with your cool bold shapes, graphic arts style (I'm terrible at explaining art stuff!) It's wonderful!!

  9. Awesome page. Love the banners and the arrows. Great colors and picture.

  10. You are amazing! I love how you make it all come together!

  11. Gorgeousness. Love the colours, love the painty goodness. Beautiful.

    Have you tried stretching your paper?

  12. What a pretty Kandinsky-esque kind of page. Love the colors!


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