Monday, July 9, 2012

Mama don't take no mess! A 4x6 post card exchange

So I'm loving the whole 4x6 postcard swap thing.
It started with one I made for the Brooklyn based Art House Co-Op.
I love that I bring a tiny bit of scrappy joy to someone I admire and that I get to do it with paper.
MATERIALS: Stencils and stamps from Retro Cafe Art, Viva pearl pen,
Tattered Angels Mist in gold and Glimmer Glam in Mermaid, Tim Holtz Grunge
embossing powder, Studio Calico text stamp
This project wrought all kinds of drama.
I won't bore with the details since frankly exactly NO ONE cares but let's just say right up front
THIS girl doesn't take to scolding or "humbling" of any kind.
If you need to trip all over yourself to "put me in my place" PLEASE
Check yourself
Before you wreck yourself.
Lyrics from a master of tough guy talk.
They never made more sense than now.
I'm not here to hurt anyone or ruin their day.
I just want to be happy and share my FUN times with you.
I want to listen to your personal stories and cheer you on.
I want to help you raise your circus tent and be awesome(r).
But I won't play along with power trips.
It's incredibly wasteful.
Wasteful of general goodwill.
Wasteful of time.
SURPRISE!!!! The back is in on the fun as well.
I had to send this along in an envelope. Can't wait to get mine!
Making Memories stencil foam stamp, Grunge backdrop
paper from Paper Source.
And I just don't have any time to waste.
I. don't. have. time.
Writing this sentence took 4 seconds.
Time I no longer have and needed to work on something else.
So if I can't spare time to write a six word sentence WHAT makes you think I have time to explain my schedule, methods or thinking to someone who's busy drawing lines in the sand?

This turkey is DONE.
I've been setting limits on foolishness lately and this was just one more chance to practice.
Believe it or not,
I'm happier now!
Sometimes you have to fight you own neediness, feelings of guilt and comfort in group think.
And before this becomes much more melodramatic
(Can you HEAR the sweeping music? This is the HERO of the story speaking "truth" here! Here is THE VICTIM. Feel for her story! Go along with everything said!)

Let me assure you,
I am perfectly aware
many times the things we find most vexatious in others,
are things we see and despise about ourselves.

Funny how things work out. I now have more time to notice when this face laughs.
I was around to take the picture.
MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. Huh...?! No idea what's been going on, but I love the cards!

    1. This. Right here. This is the best comment ever. You totally win the interwebs today. Michelle had taken a chill pill in the form of a bowl of cherries. :)

  2. Your wonderful writing style pulls me in and grips me!!! I wanna know more! I love your honesty and I can relate! I have become all too familiar with drawing that line, but hey - sometimes you have to dig a ditch!

    I am totally in love with your card and can't imagine what kind of drama it may have created because all it is creating here is a big ole smile!

  3. Yeah... so... how comes I have no clue what you are talking about and yet, somehow, I totally agree with you! Sooo many drama queens in my life... or should I say on the peripheral of my vision because I, for the most part, keep them OUT of my life. Sometimes the sneaky beggars sneaky sneak in though - just don't be drawn in.

    Loving your postcard - lucky swapee :)

  4. I'm LOVING your postcard, Michelle. Both sides! I received mine (from Jenn) today and it's fab! I'll post about it later.

    Your man's smiley face is cute ;)


  5. I can kinda guess what this entailed (not exacts, just generalities) and folks need to remember that it's only art; it's not a cure for cancer...and that our blogs are our how you articulated it!! Clap, clap..and scene :)

    1. Oh I very much doubt the person who inspired this piece reads my blog. Speaking in general terms, women need to start setting limits on the drama they allow into their creative process, especially when doing volunteer work in the "scrapbook industry".

  6. Michelle, I truly have no idea what made you upset, but I recognize that some people are truly irksome ;)

    I don't think my Instagrams are better than yours. To be honest, I've always loved the glimpses into you and your family's daily life. To me, you live in an exciting place, while what I photograph is so mundane. I guess it's the same for you ;)

  7. The colors! The stamping! Those shadowed block letters, and the paint drips! The front! The back! I love it, Michelle! Chin up, Chica! Sounds like your head is in the right place, as always. :)


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