Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project Life- All Caught Up

Project Life- a huge undertaking that can make or break a fastidious scrapper. Thankfully I'm the messy, I don't give a crap kind. In fact, I haven't even been keeping track of which photos I took when.
Big oops!
Title page:
Project Life Title Page: fairly easy- just needed a family portrait- no problem- Photobooth app to the rescue.  Shooting the items through the plastic cover is going to be a very big challenge for me in my no direct light apartment so from now on I'll be taking the items out of their sleeves.
Well I regret that now because unlike my Deceber Daily where I cheated left and right with dates and even used photos from the same day on different days (HORRORS!), I actually have some great memories from the last 3 weeks I want to try to record in sequence.
Alas they are lost in the shuffle- I have photos- I don't have dates.
Like any good business- a family should have a mission statement to focus on what's most important. Please disregard the spelling errors (as per the last line item). I just COULDN'T force myself to retype the whole thing! LOVE the rusty house from Red Led Paperworks!
I actually wasted a week trying to figure out how to get a photo of us all without having to pay a pro to shoot it or ask a family member to hold the camera as I invariably hate the result (mostly because my loved ones couldn't give a crap about proper framing). iPod to the rescue! The Photobooth app works even in really low light.
Art goals sheet. I have a LOT of goals this year- probably too many.  I just jotted down whatever first came to mind but get published is number 1. I love the tags and journaling cards from Ormolu- the arrow die cut tag is a fave.
Oh wait- I forgot the cover!
That photo was taken in NEBRASKA during our trip to Salt Lake City last summer. The road sign points towards Brooklyn (NE). I really wish I had a more frontal shot but we sped past and our ride (YEAH YOU SANDY!!) did NOT want to stop so I could take a billion more.

I got the free My365 app so I could place my fave photo for the day in a calendar on my ipod. I thought about getting a memo/diary app as well but I HATE using the keyboard on my ipod so I will just keep track by writing things down in a small calendar I bought at Staples- I have a feeling those calendar pages will be making their way into the album because I like the ripped edge grid look.
Week One- shot with indoor light- even with the items out of their sleeves we get hot spots on items with shiny surfaces and you also can't read anything due to camera shake.  I really thought I was onto something with that stapled "Love" in the top pocket- it needs some refining or as I like to call it- girlifying. Wish I had more AAARGH! band aids- that was a gift from scrappy friend Dawn- thanks Dawny!
Week Two. Because I won' t be springing for an actual Project Life kit (mostly for financial reasons but I also don't want my stuff looking like everyone else's) I don't have a lot of space for journaling and day to day details. The top pocket will be the "highlight of the week" and the 3 pockets below will have the best photos- that's it.  I'm not a memory keeper- I do this purely for the fun of it and to keep me shooting pix.
Week Three now in production. I will be using a scan of a vintage View Master Reel as a interactive element on my page. Sorry for the crappy photo- again- it's an old iTouch. You know what's good about posting this? I see some of the layout mistakes I made and since nothing is glued down yet I'm gonna be doing some shifting around.
Welcoming Baby Natty Nat (not her real name-lol) into the world.
Oh my goodness! SHE'S SOOOO PRECIOUS!!!
MuChOS SmOoChEs!


  1. Your work is beautiful! Love all of the family shots. Have a great day!

  2. Great job! Lots of memories here!

  3. I am so impressed you are taking on project life! You spreads are fabulous--I love the size, totally unique and manageable. Rock on!

  4. Oh my gosh you are doing a fantastic job with PL! Your opening page is brilliant with your goals and family photos. You rock for keeping up with this - and think of all the supplies you'll get to use! I'm sorta jealous :)
    PS. That heart border die is from Papertrey Ink (but don't even look there because they will eat your bank account. no joke. but their dies are amazing!!! :)

  5. As always, I love your unique style! :D And that View Master Reel is to die for!

  6. Love all these pages! Oh and YES, please feel free to CHEAT!! Always ok if you ask me! You have got such a great style and I just love how you can get so much on a page and still have it look...well, COHESIVE! (Oh yeah, Jeannie used a BIG WORD!!)

  7. LOVE IT, MICHELLE!!!! (I know I am YELLING, but that is how intensely I am FEELING ABOUT YOUR PL!!!!) I love your family mission statement, your art goals, your STYLE!!! Can't wait to see more! :)

  8. i love that you're the don't give a crap kind. honestly... i'm like that too. but i'm ocd as well, so kinda hard to please both sides of me. haha!! loving how your pages are so much fun! yay!! keep it up please, if only to inspire me and kick my ass. LOL.

  9. *chuckle* you make me laugh! sorry i've been absent for a while - started a new job and it's only half time but wow it takes up more than half the week! anyway should be back onto it now... love your family shots here! x


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