Friday, January 20, 2012

Get Picky with Punky Scraps! (and a mini tutorial)

After weeks of wallowing in a no mojo funk I'm glad to say the dry spell is over. Yay!
The key was to get out and go see some actual art in-situ.
How does the light fall on the actual object? How to shoot it for maximum impact?
I needed to move around in space- not just see it online.

The Get Picky items this month are:  (Use at least 3.)  (I used all 8)
*Kerry: Something shiny
*Cheryl: Something to do with books (turning over a new leaf)
*Misty: stenciling or masking
*Jolanda: Use some charms
*Ashley: have some negative space
*Celina: Use silver or gold
*Marie: Use Stickles
*Kat: bubble wrap

May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way
Materials: Studio Calico Scarf paper, Fiskars Large star punch, Recollections small star punch, Delta Creative Happy Alphabet stencil, Stickles in Diamond, Studio Calico Mister Huey in sunshine, Calico Cream and Lemonade, Pearl beads from Art-C, Heart Milagros from El Sol Studios on Etsy and Plaid stencil making material to make a sunburst stencil you barly see here- I covered most of it up- photos below
How much do I love that quote? It's so uncompromising! Yet I sense a note of upbeat uptimism in there as well. It tells me- don't worry about the major ef ups- there's always ALWAYS redemption. Mistakes, no matter how low they bring you and how awful you feel for making them, always teach you lessons.
That's what a girl has to say to herself when she flubs it as often as I do.
Case in point:
Project Life Title page- low rez ipod photo
I worked on this for quite a while. I redid the page many times- never did it occur to me to look at the actual word THRIVE because it's the TITLE right? 
And I had to pick out the stickers right? How could I get that wrong???
I only noticed after I posted this on Facebook, Twitter and
To make matters worst... first photo goes live.....
Story of my life.
I will not be buying ANYTHING for my P365. I will strictly use stash. 
I bought this 12 by 12 binder waaay back in 2010 to house my stamp collection. I even bought some nifty 6x12 / 4x6 page protectors to store them in. 
Then I actually slid one of the stamp packets into the thing. It slid right back out. It slid out for weeks.
There went that idea.  
Now these 20 pages will get actual use. There used to be 30 but I threw a pack out in outrage when I found I couldn't use it as "intended". Another mistake. 

This is an honest admission right from the start that:
A. I won't be shooting every day as I only have 20 pages to fill. Ok I MAY spring for more pages in late summer when they go on clearance.
B. There will be long periods of time between finished pages.

But this ain't no Project Life post. This is a PUNKY POST.
Some close ups!!!
To represent "turning a new leaf" I made these alphas with a stencil and a dictionary I found in the trash outside. Something shiny, bubble wrap, gold all represented. The quote came from Pinterest. I just found it's from uber tool Dylan of "Beverly Hills 90210" fame. My face- it's flaming!
Number 3 is supposed to read: Get hubs to do the actual cutting. Yes- my man helps me out- 
at 1am no less. HOTT! I wish they sold those sheets in 12 by 12 size!! 
The stencil material is from Plaid-
I was gonna use this photo and make the page sweet- but I already did 1 sweet page this week-
check it out below- a chick can drown in treacle- I can prove it!
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. I love your page Michelle, SO COOL!!!!!! looks like you're the sun with your light rays!
    Wonderful work!!!
    Hugs!!! :)

  2. Never heard that quote before, and I love it! Glad to see you got your creativity back! Sometimes ya just need to step away for a while, I think.

  3. omg I love that quote too! I really wanted to do PL, but it seemed like too much so I am doing a sort of project 12.

  4. Awesome page and design! I love that quote, it kind of confirmed not only the beauty in some of my mistakes, but also in my decision to burn some relationship bridges. Very inspiring! Oh, and I always love the latest pics of the babydoll!

  5. You make me larf so MUCH! Am so glad there is someone else in the world that makes as many mistakes as me. And with little one around you have to think quick on your feet for inventive words to screech that replace the naughty ones! Yes - I love this, all of this and you!

  6. mwahahahha!!! LOVE that quote! Thank you! THANK YOU!! i needed that today!

  7. That quote gives me hope too! Lord knows I've done some serious ef-ing up in my life and it's good to know there's redemption! BTW I love your gratuitous baby pics:D ! And many many thanks for the Pinterest pin!!

  8. When I was a student teacher, the amazing veteran teacher I worked with had a quote hanging in her fourth grade classroom--roughly: "We don't make mistakes--we only have learnings." As fitting for a ten year old as it is for us scrappy mommas, no?

  9. Super cool, as always! You always leave me with a smile--funny, funny girl! Love the tutorial! Must try! :)

  10. i love this sunburst LO - you ROCKED the challenge - love the white and gold too x

  11. OMWord why did I not think to "mooch" off a design?! That's brilliant. I've had stamp envy over a design similar to yours and now I can make it myself. Thanks so much! BTW - Did you get messy at your scrap desk with Golden goops?? Oh so much fun right?

  12. This page is awesome! Love how you jazzed up the sunburst look. Fantastic elements and love the subtle color with pops of yellow.


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