Monday, December 12, 2011

December Daily Monday! Do you "redo"?

Ok December Daily friends- how many of you switch photos around to fit your story or redo pages when you find out they don't quite flow with a new entry? I guess that's why it's smart to choose a kit or a specific set of papers and make pages ahead. But then how do you get to play? I kinda like the improvisation.

This is my latest version of page 1:
Page 1 was supposed to be cool with the scallop hanging in the air but when I added a second binder ring (also over the weekend) I realized that the page was hanging away from the rest and it rally started to bug me.  Those are Lola scribbles on the bottom half of Day 1.
Day 2 got some washi tape, a duck ornament photo too small to go anywhere else. I redid my "photo list" with some tea stained typewritten notes that I think I will use on all my pages- I really like how much info can be squeezed onto the page without bothering with individual stickers, I only have 1 photo off this list! YIPES!
ACK! Light mismatch! The sun is hitting the pages directly here- better for color. I really love that photo of Lola with her fave toy- a plastic shopping cart she wants to take everywhere- added it even though it's not from December.  Page on the right has been redone 4 times- I want it to look effortless but so far it just looks messy.
Now for some unfinished pages:
That's a Pink Paislee frame from their Hocus Pocus Halloween collection. I love these frames! Just pop the middle out and you have a winter blue frame. THANK YOU JEANNIE for the fun mail!!!
Why is there a white paper there? I'm trying to go hybrid and not print photos anymore as each cartridge costs me 31 dollars. Guess what? I need to learn how to mask and layer properly in Photoshop- the edge of the frame did me in.
Imagine this photo is in that white piece of paper please:
Day 6- letting her play in the puddles
Lyrics to a favorite Christmas carol from when I was a child- Arbolito. Right side? Who knows! Day 7 or 8 maybe.

So that's it for now- I realize I've showed much of this content before so it's back to the drawing board to get current. How are your December Daily minis coming along?
I think I prefer a white background (and the black frame- need to learn to make my own in Photoshop!
iPod Instagram photo- nice but the fuzziness is REALLY apparent here.
MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. you really torment yourself over redoings, don't you? :-) it all looks perfect and christmassy to me!

  2. Agreed with Chrissy. Looks fabulous. And I just adore that photo where Lola is playing in the puddles. So gorgeous.

  3. p.s I don't redo - I just don't "do" you December Daily crowd leave me in awe!

  4. Your improvisation IS beautiful. Personally, I needed to be able to establish my pages in advance because of what my life is at the moment. Anything I can do in advance of a day, or even an event, is a blessing in more ways than one.

  5. Coolest Dec Daily ever? I think so!!

    Hey... Thanks SO much for your sweet comments on my blog. Really made muy day! ♥

  6. thanks for sharing very nice... love the sweater..

  7. Love how this book is coming along so far! Lola with her shopping cart is so cute (but you knew that!)

  8. I think your pages look awesome! I'm not doing a Dec Daily this year but I so love to see what everyone else is doing. I think it's totally OK to to look at your finished page once you get the photo on there and tweak things a bit. But I personally wouldn't go back and re-do stuff. I just don't have the time and perfection is so unattainable. That being said, you need to be happy with your album so if you feel better making adjustments, play with it until you are happy! That's what really matters. :)

  9. I love you pages! I don't re-do, but I don't pre-plan either because I am one of those who can't pre-plan dinners because I won't feel like eating something on a given night and I can't plan outfits because I wake up and don't want to wear it lol! But your DD pages are fabulous!!!! I have to get working on my own soon!

  10. I don't re-do...but it's because I would never get anything done. :) I think this is a fabulous DD, and it completely inspires me. Your photos and design are so fun unique. I always love visiting your blog....<3

  11. Very cool DD pages. I did Journal Your Christmas last year, and I did tweak some pages last year...I added some pictures or made a second page to match a first one. I only did that with a few entries, though.

  12. You are doing such a fantastic job on this! So much work going into this! Your tea stained typewriter papers are simply the best thing since the piece of chocolate I am about to eat! Who cares that it is only 6:30 am here in CA!! Love it all Michelle and that FRAME...see I knew you'd put those to good use!

  13. I think that's why I didn't do a 2011 DD and why my 2010 is unfinished...I am soooooooo digging yours though!

  14. Loving your DD!! I wasn't sure if I would tackle one (first time) but saw your gorgeous creations and decided to dive in! show us more!!...



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