Friday, October 14, 2011

Well... I tried purple! Punky sketch Challenge

Purple was my favorite color when I was 12.
I had a Victorian style high neck dress with lots of lace and beautiful pearl buttons down the front and a big bow at the back.
I proudly wore that dress to PS 141- deep in the crack-cocaine devastated South Bronx.
Let's please pause to imagine that people.
I wore that dress and beige square-heeled patent leather shoes. With pride.
I'm lucky to be alive!
Materials: Crate papers and borders, K and Company embossed words (Thanks Queen Kat!), Crafter's Workshop 6x6 honeycomb template, Mister Huey in Calico white, Tattered Angels Patina mist, Tim Holtz metal word, Bliss pin from Jo-Ann's, tiny beige alphas from Kaiser Craft, Golden Light molding paste (covered that right up- too messy!),  Modge Podge, Canvas Corp mini clothing pin, Making Memories Velvet flower.
My brother, 2 sisters and I attended PS 141 because our Dad was the school psychologist there.
We never fit in.
Our parents weren't zombies and my Mom had a thing for dressing us up in a neighborhood where safety pins binding the cuff of your jeans (a la Michael Jackson in "Thriller") was OO lala!! Tres Chic.

Dad would regularly spit shine our faces- in front of everybody- using the corner of his shirt cuff.
What was he wiping away?
Our dignity.

I lost my love for purple. It's the color of Prince's rain but I avoided it anyway.
Till now!

This week's sketch by Marie.
This Punky Scraps challenge is based on a sketch but once I started using my Matte Medium and Molding paste I totally left the design and starting pulling everything out the scrap pile that was purple, beige or gold. I didn't really notice this at the time but the palette was set by the paper which has tiny dots running along the border.
Goes to show- Trust. Your. Hind-brain! (the lizard part that goes "Tzzz! Tzzz! Want COOKIE!" "Tzz! Want Cheese Cake- from Junior's- on 8th street not Brooklyn Bridge- that location sucks!"- at 1am)
Got those word sticks as part of a prize I won and thought,
"Hmm...I'll never use these- they're PURPLE! "
Guess what? I used them that night!!!! Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
Second time I try out the Crafter's Workshop Honeycomb template- need to go bolder!
Those 3 acrylic bubbles are the only "real" ones on this page.
The others are all digi created by hitting copy then paste in Photoshop.
If you have a cheap source for those lemme know!
Swing by and join us- Punky Scraps- Spoooooky Sketch!!! Challenge
I never lost my love for Twilight Purple.
MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. I seriously just laughed out loud in a very quiet library. You are so funny.:) I am wearing purple, coincidentally....but not a Victorian dress. I grew up in a quiet Kansas suburb as a child, and wore similar things all of the time. I was not exactly the cool kid in school, or the neighborhood, but I guess it wasn't dangerous. hehe.
    This layout is supah dupah fly, and I love it. I love your use of layers and embellishments in different dimensions....yet they all are tied together and unified. You're quite the talent, m'lady. <3

  2. oh my Michelle! This might be my most fav LO of yours ever! It just has this flow and makes me want to just gaze upon it! So much texture and layering but not over done... wow! I'm slowing gaining a "like" of purple... we've just never gotten along :)

  3. You really amaze me. I didn't know purple could become such a crazy/funny story until now. I love how interesting it is to you, and now I will look at that color in a whole other perspective. Love your bits and pieces you used here.

  4. I agree here. Gotta love how you think and associate around what you do and create. I recognize myself and yes, you are the first one I met that do and tell about it.

    The purple is sometims said to be a difficult color. Sometimes it trends. Bad equation. So... just use it regardless if you have bad experience, it hypes or whatever it may be. You have here proved that it is a great color!

  5. PS. Forgot. I know where to find those dots. In different colors. Now... made you CURIOUS? ;)

  6. Your purple page rocks. Even feels a bit beachy to me - all those little bits, the fadedness... Your purple frock, however...does not rock, but your story does! Thanks for making me laugh yet again :-)

  7. fabulous layout!!!! i love all the bits on, so wonderful and inspirational!

  8. Im am so not into purple either, but your layout is amazing! You are also hilarious btw.


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