Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Odd Girl Stamps Guest Spot! FUUUN!


I was over the moon when I got an invitation from Kristy creator and head innovator over at Some Odd Girl Stamps to help celebrate her birthday by guest-writing a post on her blog. YAAAY! Naturally I chose to write about my all time favorite topic- iPod camera apps.

Now before you say AGAIN? This time I talk about 4 different applications so perhaps you may want to head on over to check it out. Click here: SOME ODD GIRL 

For this post I want to talk about a card project that did not make it to my SOG post because my writing hit 1000 words and even I know that's too darned long.

I LOVE Kristie's beautiful Japanese animation looking designs and while I haven't been very good at experimenting with digital design, I went ahead and took the plunge.

Here is my first project:
I tried so many new things with this card project! Most impressive to me? I got this card to stick
to my crazy windy and rusty fire escape with some super strength Pop Up Glue Dots.
My fandom for this amazing product has been renewed!

This "How To" moment brought to you by: SOME ODD GIRL:'s Lomo-Fi filter is my all time favorite right now- LOVE those uneven black borders
I t seemed like a lot of work but the final result was worth it.
Hipstamatic's  Ina's 1969 film combined with the Chunky lens. 
  1. Print "Love" sentiment stamp from Some Odd Girl onto Computer Grafix computer printable  transparent plastic sheets which also has adhesive backing so you effectively get stickers.  NOTE:  The ink never dries if you use regular tranny film- it has to computer printable film.
  2. Cut the heart stamp out leaving adhesive backing on.
  3. Print love stamp onto regular paper and cut out the individual letters to make templates.
  4. Use your letter templates on patterned scrapbook paper and cut letters out making sure the edges are a bit smaller so they don't stick out over the Love stamp's black borders.
  5. Peal off adhesive backing on Love sticker and apply the scrapbook paper letter making sure borders align (hardest part of this process).

Voila! You have a custom sticker!
I made two.

For the card I used Sassafras paper, lots of bits left over on my desk including some clothing pattern tissue paper, half a burlap flower, corrugated board and a handmade mini doily.

I stuck them onto the card using Modge Podge and used a couple of stitches here and there to attach the Love sticker in front. I wouldn't say this is the easiest way to make a card but it was incredibly fun and educational. Most importantly, I really love the final result.

The second project was a crazy character made with Kristi's Techie light bulb stamp design.
My post over at Some Odd Girl will discuss all the filters used here in a little more detail but
from the Hipstamatic app I used Inna's 1969 film to get that inner white border and the warm color tone.
I then opened the image up on and used the Lomo-fi filter to give it major contrast and
that cool black border.
Ain’t she PURTY?  To make Luz I :
  1. Resized her in photoshop so she took up most of an 8 by 10 piece of watercolor paper and printed her right up.
  2. Colored her using Reese Oil Pastel crayons and “blended” the color using my fingers as I am Copic disabled.
  3. ALMOST ruined her by sticking yellow tissue paper everywhere for “texture”. Luckily Instamatic filters are wonderfully low rez and forgiving of mistakes- the texture is invisible in most pics.
  4. Two wooden lollipop stems became her “legs” and out Luz went on a bike ride.
Sometimes a girl CAN have too much fun.
Hipstamatic's Buckhorst H1 lens and Ina's 1969 film filters
"Luz" as I like to call her- went on several weekend bike rides with me and finally bit the bucket today when Lola mauled her during a particularly vulnerable moment. But you can see her adventures over at my post for Some Odd Girl.  And yes I am aware that I've already plugged it 5 times- why haven't you gone to check it out yet?
BRAND NEW (to me)! Diptic lets you post several photos from any other camera app in your ipod
as well as Facebook or Flickr- no other app can do that right now so go get some of that action people!

MuChoS SmOoChEs!
Some Odd Girl


  1. OOooo! Love that Love card! You have such a way with adding little interesting bits and pieces to your work. Inspiring! Luz is very cute--fun idea to take him around town with you. I went over to Some Odd Girl, but didn't see your post. :( Maybe it will be up later in the week??? Let us know!

  2. Oh sorry! I posted the wrong address- swing by Some Odd Girl stamps to check out Kristy's wonderful digi and acrylic clear stamps but you can read my guest post on her personal website
    I changed the links above and they all work now. Thanks Lisa!

  3. This is fabulous! So layered and detailed!

  4. This is awesome!!! I wish I had your those photo's too!

  5. Such an amazing card!!! Love love love it!!!

  6. I love the love...and am off to try it out!!! Thanks.


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