Thursday, August 25, 2011

A story- How I got started

Lift from a painting on Etsy. Used paint sample chips and tissue paper.
I'm still away having fun in Salt Lake City but I refuse to leave ya'll hanging for 2 weeks. Please feel free to leave love as I am still reading my email.
Below- a story.

I was watching "Shaun The Sheep" today for like the 80th time this week- if you have some time and a Netflix account you need to check it out- it's so clever!!

Anyway, so I was watching this show and something triggered my memory on how I got started scraping. I have a heart rending story about Lola's troubled first nine months and how I needed a distraction from the emotional turmoil- it's a great story- but it's not the WHOLE story.
Botanical Garden- sweaty but having fun
I got started scrapbooking because I was bored and I couldn't draw to save my life. I wish I had a photo of my first DIY project for Lola's room. It was supposed to be a flying bird but it wasn't remotely recognizable. That's when I started looking for "help".
Favorite strawberry outfit
Lola is named after a bird- a Puerto Rican bird- or so I was told by my Mom who insisted an "Alondra" was the national bird of Puerto Rico and a very brave, strong and resourceful bird at that.
It's not- on all points.

An Alondra is a Meadow Lark and they are common to North and South America. There are many varieties within the genus but mostly it's a brown bird with hints of yellow. They are not known for anything specific but the National Audobon society has recorded the call of the North American Meadow Lark which is actually rather beautiful. Maybe this is why Lola can wail for hours on end?
Honking at Geese
She could have been Isabel but it's too common in NYC. If you yell out "ISABEL! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" 30 little girls will suddenly freeze, turn and give you THE LOOK. I could have named her Diana (after the Goddess), Aurora as she is my new beginning or even Malia (you KNOW why!!!) but I chose Alondra because it RANG in my head. Frankly, my Mom had already ran through about 2000 names and was frustrated that I hadn't picked one of "her names". I was obviously mentally deficient. Everyone KNOWS Abuela gets to name the child.

So this is why Lola's room is full of birds- some made by me (sad SAD things) and some made by what appears to be American Craft's Silhouette or Provo Craft's Cricut- both which can apparently cut adhesive vinyl. I don't have either machine as both cost at least a leg and take up the exact same amount of room.
Second painting lift- I used paint chips and Target dollar bin embellies on this.
I also have some early paper piecing "lifts" from Etsy paintings I felt I could not "afford". Looking at how much money I've spent the last 2 years on scrap crap I should have gone ahead and sprung for those original paintings. Who knew I would embark on a journey and enjoy it so much?

I've always wanted to "be a writer"- here I am writing! I always wanted to use my photo degree- here I am learning new photo techniques every day and going places just to get a great photo- this didn't happen when I was single and "had more time". How grateful I am to Lola- to Miss Alondra- for allowing me to be her Mom but also develop as an "artist". It's been a great ride and when I see her smile- I know I'm in for loads more fun.
Sunset from K-Mart parking lot in Queens.

MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. that was a brilliant antidote to the more commonly heard 'now with a kid in tow i have no time to think of anything else!'. bravo! xx

  2. Cute, cute lifts you made! And a very charming story about Lola's name. When she is in school she will probably at some point have to write a little autobio including how she was named, and it will be a good story for her to tell! :) Glad you are having fun on your trip!

  3. This is such a sweet post! Love the birds:) And the name story!

  4. Great post! You are a great writer, photographer and scrapbook artist! Thanks to Lola for inspiring mommy, who in turn, inspires us!


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