Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A page, Sassafras's Sunshine Broadcast

I gave up my search for a publication or challenge to submit this page to and just posted it on Facebook. Does anyone know how people get their pages to show on a specific manufacturer page? Been trying to do so for weeks now but I am missing a step because all I can do is get the brand name to change color on my photo caption- I don't see the project appear on the manufacturer's FB page. Oh well. I will work on my assignments tonight since Miss Lola went to bed early (yay!)
Kite (one of my favorite U2 songs!)
MATERIALS: Sassafras Lass Sunshine Broadcast paper, whimsies and alphas, My Mind's Eye twine, Dusty Attic chicken wire chipboard (SOOO fabulous!!) and Tim Holtz pins
First let me just say I LOVE Sassafras Lass. I love everything designed for them by Michelle Clement and I LOVE this latest line most of all. The colors, the whimsical nature of the design- it's really perfect. l'm glad I picked up multiples of  the paper whimsies and the stickers- those will be on top of my scrap pile till I finish them off (and cry).

With the news of the world being so incredibly awful I now have more time in my evenings since I never want to turn the tv on anymore. I think I know now how my Mom and Dad felt in the 70's when the food prices jumped 50% over night. My Mom was unemployed then too and very scared for her new family. This "recession" is cyclical and NO, things will not be improving any time soon, regardless what you hear from politicians (of all stripes) trying to cover their fat booties.

Anyway enough politics- I just hate to let such huge events go by unnoticed- this blog is all about happy but for me happy is also aware.

Keep it real and hopeful people- and hug your family- times are tough but we'll get through it.

Muchos abrasos- hugs mi gente!


  1. LOVE that page so much! The chicken wire is an awesome addition for sure...never thought of that one! I'd used it as a mask for misting before, but never as an embellie!

    Feel free to lift that twine idea. I dont mind at all! That's what I love about sharing pages with others in the blog world...sometimes I see things I want to lift that I'd never thought of before, and sometimes people are inspired by what I do in the same way :) Twine away, baby!

    I stopped watching the news as well. I try to catch local news on their website, selecting only the stories I want to hear. Unfortunately, you can't escape the bad news. It's everywhere (and I guess it doesn't help that hubby works for the local newspaper...there's always one on the kitchen table, scary headlines screaming out at me.) I try to get lost in the kids, and in looking at ways I can possibly bring a little extra cash. We don't stress over money is what it is, and I'd rather try to make the best of whatever situation this economy gets us into rather than worry about it incessantly. With the older kids, it's hard to ignore the sad feelings that come up when the kids are shouting "i want i want" and you really do want to give it to them! Explaining why we can't has been hard for them. this summer was definitely not like any summer before. We only took one small camping trip as opposed to traveling for a week or two. Tough, but when staying home with the kids is important, you make it work somehow! xx

  2. Love the colors you have used here - it looks like a watercolor! Great LO - have a great day!

  3. I am a sass lover too, and the layering on that page is amazing!

  4. Michelle, this page is amazing! LOVE the vintage photo and clever layering! You did an awesome job with the DA chicken wire, I love that thing. Used up two packages and now need to re-order!

    Hope things turn around soon. It is really hard for so many!

    Hugs to you!

  5. LOVE LOVE everything with this page!!! Awesome! And I agree, i dont turn on the tv either, just because of that...

  6. oh that page is AMAZING. Totally jonesin for that paper myself.. hopefully I can get it soon. All your textures on here is sensational!!


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