Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aussie chipboard ROOOOCKS!

Ok so you know when you try to design by the seat of your pants (that's me- ALWAYS) and the page totally turns on you? That's what happened here. I kept trying to drive but my lizard-like hind brain insisted on taking the wheel. It said: "MUST do an 80's looking page! DOOOO EEEET!"

What it didn't supply was key ideas like:
use black and white checker board!
imitate the Miami Vice font!
Those only occured to me AFTER I saw the finished page and realized- This is like totally 80's dude!! RAAAD!
MATERIALS: Such Sweet Tierney on Etsy buttons,  American Crafts Sunrise alphas (FAAAVES!), Glitz Teeny block alphas (FAAAVES!!!), American Crafts card stock, Crate stickers, DCWV rub on stitches, SMASH polka dot tape. OMG I'm SO SORRY I forgot to include my Stuff 2 Scrap chippies!!! It just accured to me NOW- like right NOW!
This is for the Stuff 2 Scrap challenge. Thanks for urging me on Chantal!!
Let me just tell you I LOVE Australian scrapbook design. What is UP with all the fantastic chipboard from down under??? And WHY hasn't any major American outlet picked up on how FABULOUS they are and started importing it?

Here are some of my faves:

Go ahead and SALIVATE!!! All of these brands are hard to get. Mostly because shipping charges are so expensive but if you are a paper freak like me you SUCK IT UP and get the stuff through Ebay, Etsy or directly from the website- shipping prices BE DAMNED!

I wouldn't wait for Dusty Attic to get back to you. I'm still waiting for a reply to an email I sent LAST SUMMER regarding a large order I wanted to place. Oh well.

Stuff2Scrap, Mandy or Leann (she's got an Etsy shop as well) love you so go to them and buy, Buy, BUY! hee hee hee.
Because being my daughter is just not embarrassing enough... I must PUSH THE ENVELOPE!!!
Yes that is reading material in her hand. LOOOOL!
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Love the layout, so fun and colorful! And that photo is too funny--heck, they get embarassed enough anyway, why not push the envelope a bit:)

  2. Enthusiastic thumbs up for your title work. Love it.

  3. Oh wow!!!!!!!!!! This is SO AWESOME, Michelle!!! I love the way you have used the colours and your 80's vibe is totally rocking! I love the 80's - woo hoo!!! I love the composition and the total fun vibe and how cool are those chippie buttons?! Thanks SO much for playing along with us this month - I'm super excited about it!!! :D :D :D

  4. totally 80s!! and as a child of the 80s.. i am in love! might have to scrap some 80s pages now.. because of you! :D

  5. oh this is rokin! I find it so hard to scrap with any shade of red so I am totally taking my imaginary hat off to you now! Love it and love the layout of everything - thanks for playing along! Anita

  6. FABBO is your Layout!!!
    Love the colors here....
    Thanks for playing along @ Stuff 2 Scrap!!! xx

  7. Gorgeous LO and love the title!!! Thanks for playing along @ Stuff 2 Scrap :)

  8. This is cool Michelle! The colours just pop! Great layout!

  9. This is great - you've used the colours well - thanks for playing along and glad you love Stuff 2 Scrap chipboard!!


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