Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Xoxo Girls sneak and GIVEAWAY- general updates

Just a few fun sneaks for the May 2011 Xoxo Girls Challenge going live on the 6th. I always have fun putting my pages together for this challenge site because we are given a list of sometime really random things we have to try to fit into the page. Looking at these photos can you guess what items I tried to include in my page?
The commenter who gets the most guesses right gets a PRIZE!!! Something fun and scrappy- just let me know your fave scrappy thing and I'll see if I have something that fits the bill in my stash! And don't forget to tune on the 6th so see what the other wonderful DT members came up with for this month.

Before I forget- I got some AWESOME mail this week! The winner for my Paper Issues prize, Jacque, sent me this recycled Thank You post card!!! Not only was this unexpected but it was WONDERFUL! I really miss getting fun mail- right now it's just Oriental Trading Catalogues and bills from our health insurer. Here's a quick scan:
It's a cereal box! In the back is a very thoughtfiul message.

This was so thoughtful and so COOL I've decided to send out 10 random recycled post cards to friends and fam this week. It's just FUN plus I have a lot of boxes that need productive uses- Thanks Jacque! Go to her site and leave some love- she rocks!
Kreatorville May 2011 sketch By Keandra of Kreatorville Krafts.
Try it!!! You'll love it!
One final note- my absolute FAVORITE scrap artist of all time Keandra of Kreatorville Kraft is getting back into the swing of things. I LOVE LOOOOVE everything she makes. I love her website. I love her kits (although I haven't been able to buy one this month- I'm one BROKE chick!). I try very hard NOT to snatch her ideas on the regular- she's that amazing. Swing by Kreatorville Krafts and see what she's up to. I'm participating in her tag swap this month and lemme tell you it's a CHALLENGE. Photos to come soon :)
"...Yeah and then my stocks TANKED... it was horrible!


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  1. i know i can't play along cos i know the answers but i just wanted to say - and start people off by saying - strrrrrrrriped paperrrrrrrrrrrr! love it! x


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