Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Having TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!

I kiss my husband everyday- mostly 'cause he's so darn cute but also because he's given me the single most wonderful gift ever- not including Lola- a human.
Here's a layout using my new fave thing- Hipstamatic prints:
Materials: Lawn Fawn "Say Cheese" stamp set, Maya Road star pin
Black/white twine from "Such Sweet Tierney" on Etsy, Ideaology Tiny Attacher,
American Crafts Zing in Aqua, Mustard,  Black, Clear,  Ranger Glossy Accents
I don't even bother to walk out the door with my Leica anymore- that was 2009's best gift ever. The Leica is amazing but it has so many nooks and crannies I often get lost and use "auto" which means I usually HATE the resulting photo.
I have one of these 70's era Polaroids too- but no FILM!

Zing dust gets everywhere- FREAKY how I don't mind when it's black!
I am NOT a gearhead.
I want to point and shoot- no wait- I want to control the focus, the depth of field and the exposure while basically pointing and shooting. This puts me at a quandary with today's insane multi tasking cameras. I don't have the brain capacity to store all that icon and button info. I don't want to buy the 250 page booklet explaining all the things my camera can do. My husband- sweet thing- simplified my life by getting me the new iTouch so I could download 1 app- the Hipstamatic.
I haven't looked back since.

Hipstamatic prints using John S Lens, Blanco film 
There is nothing else on my iTouch except for 1 Hipstamatic app, 1 Tetris app and 1 home made video showing Lola looking at the other video: Beyonce's "Single Ladies". Beyonce and her fabulous back-ups are the only thing that shuts Miss Thang up mid cry- it goes something like like this:
AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!    AA-- (music ALL The Single Ladies!) 
*** silence***

My favorite camera ever was also my first- a Pentax K 1000. It set the standard. K and I- we went everywhere. Then I lent it to my sister who took it to the beach and gunked up the gears with sand-
So I used a Nikon N80 till I got my first digi- the Leica. The Leica scares me because it cost several paychecks worth of savings and I'm the type of person who drops her camera to catch her baby so it's an iTouch- now if they would ONLY GET A FLASH ON IT- I would be a VERY HAPPY LADY.
Is she BLOGGING????
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. You're having a blast with your new gear huh?? :) Love this lo!

  2. Such a fun page! Love the twine and doodling! You are so lucky to have a hubby who gets you techy presents!!

  3. love hipstamatic! love your layout! x

  4. great app!! Love the Polaroid too!


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