Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Brown, black and Red- a love story

I don't know about you guys but I spotted a definite "trend" in my scrapbook pages for the last 10 years.
I love Red.
And I definitely prefer Kraft over white.
Black, Brown and Red make for striking imagery.

I have a whole socio-political theory for this preference.
There is a time and space for those ramblings but this ain't it.
I have no real way to articulate them properly.

I'll just show you my pages.
I love this Pink Paisley clear acetate alphabet so much I managed to buy it THREE times without noticing. Luckily it was 3 bucks a pop at Tuesday Morning my new favorite scrap haunt. I'd love to keep up with the latest lines but I simply can't justify the expense anymore. The background paper is another holdover from 2016 Crate Paper. 

I ended up stitching the danged letters into the page- a process that took TWO whole assed hours because this clear plastic alphabet doesn't like any glue that I had on hand- it either popped out of showed through- a big no no.
When we moved to Utah I didn't bring any furniture. I didn't pack much clothing. I didn't bring my Mac- something I deeply regret. 
I put my favorite paper bits, my negatives, photos and home decorations into 4x4 boxes and sent them over via railroad.
The stuff stayed boxed up for 4 years. 
We left everything behind. 
It took 4 years just to come back to a spot that felt familiar. We lived in a basement. Then the world's awfullest rental. 
Then we FINALLY bought a home.

I cannot put into words just how amazing it is to become a home owner.

Yes the taxes and the neighbors and the plumbing issue which is now your problem not the "Super's" - these are all hella stressful.
But I am an advocate for moving the HELL outta of cities. 
Find a place that speaks to you- a place with nature. A place with DIVERSITY- something Salt Lake deeply lacks but which can be found if you look. 
West ValleyCity is where it's my gente.
I have Temples to at least 5 different religions just blocks away from my home.
I found a Puerto Rican Plena group. We plan to learn. In Salt Lake City y'all.
Seek and find the "other".
We take up space everywhere.

Another page:
When living in a basement apartment you need to seek light or you WILL go crazy. We took road trips.
We saw many things and took up space in areas we were told we would meet with prejudice. Not so.
This is on the way to Great Basin National Park on one of the loneliest roads in America. Make sure your gas tank is full. Bring plenty of water and food. Watch for Butterflies. We spooked a flock of thousands and watched them take off in a cloud of yellow. Everyday magic.

The circles came from a Gauche Alchemy kit. The store is
 gone but I love the focus on using things that are already found.
Pretty sure the window privacy film is "non archival" but hey so is the color photo. 

I have no real answers. I'm not sure why I stick to this instead of expanding to Painting or Crochet or a dozen other cooler crafts.
Some people just love paper.
Some people just like to be outliers.
Join us or let us be.

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