Friday, January 31, 2014

Aha! A new post. On friday! About scrapbooking.

This post comes to you via the HTML screen because the "compose" function doesn't work on PCs. ????
Fun times. 
The wonders of modern blogging. 
As you know I've dissapeared from this space for a while. 

Mostly because the sound of my pathetic whining was getting on my own nerves. 
Also writing on a ipod SUCKS. Prolonged suckage. 

So I'm testing this method out to see if it's gonna work.
So far no- I'm back on the ipod editing the huge block of text the html became.

Perhaps you missed me?
 (aha ha, just kidding!) 
Perhaps you find blogs terribly passé?
How rude!
But you can also find me on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. 

What I do:
Pinterest- pin salads, quilts and inspiration for pages I'll never make 
IG- post photos of Lola at home as I still lack a driver's license (laaaame)
Facebook- be reliably puzzled by my lefty political posts (and the occasional non controversial scrapbook page) 

But you're here so let's just hang.

This week I managed to finish a couple of pages. 

I forgot to mention I'm the guest designer for January over at Jennifer Bowlin Mercantile. Doh!! It's a great kit. Feb's kit is already up. So buy both. Lol.

I didn't think I would like this year's fancy name for purple "Radiant Orchid". But anything looks awesome with black and white. Sorry for uncropped pix- workng off my ipod here.

And I finally scrapped this photo of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in full cherry blossom glory. Never thought I would use up those felt flowers but they look great here. Thanks for busting thd orejudice Jenny B. Lol.

This weekend I will be going to my first crop EVER. Crossing my fingers I don't annoy anyone by singing out loud or focusing too much and not listening.
I'm not the chat and scrap type- my brain isn't big enough to do both. 

I'm bringing my paper, washi tape, glitter, some punches and lots of paint. 
Fingers crossed! 
I'll update you on how it went Monday. 

Sneak peek of my next Inspiration Elevator challenge.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. wait..what??? You hit me with too much! Awesome layouts, a first crop? and Jenni Bowlin?? Dang girl, you rock!! ps-the hat looks adorable on you; you are on my bucket list to meet for sure! xoxo Kat

  2. I'm impressed and amazed that you can overcome technology and still blog about your amazing creations! Your photos and designs always tell the important story and I'm inspired every. single. time.

  3. Just this past week, I was wondering "where is that girl and is she settled in to her new digs?" So yes, I missed you. But your first crop!! I am so excited for you. You might find that some people are very social at these things and others quietly go about their work, never looking up. I like to flit around at least once a day, to see what everyone else is working on. And I like to snack on cookies and home baking until I near diabetic coma sugar levels. Crops are a good place to ask people about the tool(s) they are using, what they like, don't like. You know, research.


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