Monday, September 2, 2013

A simple page for Scrap FX

Hello and happy Labor Day folks!

The last couple of weeks I've been trawling galleries looking for inspiration.

I felt my pages were starting to get a little repetitive.

I came across CFlattop's gallery over at and was incredibly inspired.
I  love how she reduces details to the essential and how she uses flashes of color to focus attention on her photos.

I decided to stop trying to make technique fireworks happen and start focusing on editing again.

Here is the resulting page:
Please excuse the grease stain. I laid the page down on the table after
I was done only to find half a peanut underneath.

Foiled in my quest for perfection yet again!

I used Scrap FX Fern Flourish and mini wings chipboard.
I also used Home 2 and Big Words flair from A Flair For Buttons.
The card stock is from American Crafts and the stencil from
Stencil1. The feathers were cut from an Echo Park print.

It's funny what we sacrifice in search of "progress".
My definition of forward motion doesn't include material things.
It's time with my family, being a Mom. 

Have a great day off!!!


  1. I've followed your blog for awhile and love your normal, but this is an amazing page, simple and stunning!

  2. What a wonderful family photo and the flashes of color in your embellishing is utter this page.


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