Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How do you follow? And a Sneaky Peek my latest Scrap FX post

Hello peeps.

I just wanted to give you another heads up that Google reader- that fabulous run down of all the blogs you follow will be going away July 1st.

I just wanted to know- how DO you follow you fave blogs now?

I have several ways you can keep track of me-

  • You can follow via email (most reliable)
  • You can follow via facebook using the app Networked Blogs
  • You can follow using BlogLovin' which sends you an emailed run down of all the blogs you follow AND which you can import your full reading list into (I did this last week- super easy)
  • You can click links I send via Twitter or just check out my latest photos on Instagram


Julie Fei Fan Balzer suggests another option called Old Reader  It's still in Beta stage but it looks promising.

I'm trying to figure out how to import my blogger list but it's asking for some "OPML file" so I'll need a few more days to figure out What The What that means before I join in.

Right now I'm getting email updates from bloglovin' but those are super easy to ignore.

Random tech news! 

Flickr has expanded it's storage space to 1TB!!
If you- like me- tend to take 50 to 100 photos every 2 days consider using Flickr as a second back-up option.

Oh yes. You DO need that!

In my former life as a photo editor, I had 2 professional photographers lose years worth of photos from their archives when their back up external hard drives crashed.

One guy had 3 back ups- all failed when his computer contracted a nasty virus via an email a friend sent (not on purpose).

Back up yer files!

Michelle mayhem news!!!
I am recording a new Paper Clipping Roundtable today with Shimelle and personal craft goddess Dina Wakely.
I'm getting the willies just thinking all the outrageous things I'll be saying.
I don't have full control of my lips when I'm in awe.
Crossing my fingers writing my answers down NOW will help curtail my usual blathering THEN.
Tune in for the madness this week.

And last but not least
SNEAK PEEK at my latest Scrap FX post!
A 30 minute last minute "Oh my goodness I LOVE it" page.
A struggle for a week and I STILL hate it but whatever it's done and
I learned from the experience" page.
Have a great week.
Let's all keep Oklahoma- all our friends in the midwest- in our thoughts and actions this week.



  1. I've been using Feedly as a replacement for G-Reader and it imported ALL of my subscriptions with no problem. As much as I'll miss Reader, I think I might like Feedly even better, now! Shocking!

  2. just listened to the roundtable and you were great. i swapped over to bloglovin, it seems to be the simplest way and i actually enjoy getting the daily email.

  3. I use bloglovin too but I really liked reader better. SIgh. Love the sneaky peeks.

  4. I'm using Feedly, too. They are able to suck in all your subscriptions from Google Reader. (At this point, Feedly maintains a link with Google Reader -- at some point before GR ends its service, they'll be independent of GR.)

    If you're currently using Google Reader and need to export your feed list to use something other than Feedly, go to "Google Takeout" which allows you to export your data from any of Google's services.

    Hope that helps! :)

    1. Thank you Laura- that is great advice indeed! Following up on it now.


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